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Craps is a dice game in which players place wagers on the outcome of the roll, or a series of rolls, of a pair of dice. Players may wager money against each other (street craps, also known as shooting dice or rolling dice) or a bank (casino craps, also known as table craps).

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These are MyOddz, there are many like them, but these Oddz are mine.

MyOddz.bet, Sports Betting, Casino, and *real* p2p all on the block chain

The Lucky 76 has all you need to forget about the worries of the wasteland and relax in the fine establishment. On the first floor it has your basic workbenches and on second we have a lounge. Underneath in a nuclear vault we have a secure casino which protects our customers!! (PS4)

The Lucky 76 has all you need to forget about the worries of the wasteland and relax in the fine establishment. On the first floor it has your basic workbenches and on second we have a lounge. Underneath in a nuclear vault we have a secure casino which protects our customers!! (PS4) submitted by RussianCapo to fallout76settlements [link] [comments]

[Politics] - Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot spent months working both sides of the aisle in Springfield to secure casino votes | Chicago Tribune

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[Politics] - Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot spent months working both sides of the aisle in Springfield to secure casino votes

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Vice Network: Providing Decentralized Solutions for Safe and Secure Casino and Sport Betting - The Bitcoin News

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Vice Network: Providing Decentralized Solutions for Safe and Secure Casino and Sport Betting - Crypto Shib

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Vice Network: Providing Decentralized Solutions for Safe and Secure Casino and Sport Betting - MeetCrypto.net

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FunFair (FUN) Secures Casino License, Prepares for Launch in September

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“Extra security” casino heist

If I did big con, silent and sneaky, and big con again, Lester says that there will be extra security and a red skull on the photo. Does this actually matter?
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Las Vegas Staff Sue Casinos Over Covid-19 Security #casinos #covid19 #las #safety #sue #vegas #workers

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Las Vegas Staff Sue Casinos Over Covid-19 Security #casinos #covid19 #las #safety #sue #vegas #workers

Las Vegas Staff Sue Casinos Over Covid-19 Security #casinos #covid19 #las #safety #sue #vegas #workers submitted by instadw to u/instadw [link] [comments]

Red’s journal, Day 4-5: High Security Casino Basement

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Secure Online Casinos Portal

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SecureOnlineCasinos.uk, Best UK Online Casinos, Top Rated Casino Reviews, Ranked UK Secure Gambling Sites, Best Online Casino Bonuses For UK Players
secure online casinos, uk secure casinos, uk casino reviews, UK Secure Gambling Sites
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POV: You only bought the casino penthouse for the security intel

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Scratch Cards Guide - How to Play.

Scratch cards, also known as scratches, are one of the simplest games of chance around . With them everything is a matter of luck. It is a very easy game of chance and with which you can win big prizes playing with very little money . Everyone has ever played these types of cards: they are usually given as promotional material for some brands and often they also serve to raise charity funds. The mechanism of these is very simple, it consists of scratching with a coin the indicated areas of a card. Scratching them will reveal certain images. To win you will have to get 3 or more images of the same type or a special combination of these. Its operation is very simple but in this guide we will explain step by step how to play.
With the advent of the Internet, scratch cards have also jumped into the digital sphere . With this change, the currency has stopped being physical and has been replaced by a virtual currency or a simple mouse click, in addition the game has become somewhat more sophisticated. Today, it is common to find this type of game in online casinos and online gaming platforms. In fact, there are portals that have specialized in scratch cards . This is the case of Scratchmania, where you can find a great variety of scratches of different formats and themes. For example, scratch cards related to animals are very popular.
However, one of the disadvantages for Spanish players is that the offer of scratch cards available in secure casinos (those licensed by the DGOJ) is quite limited.
Scratch Cards Online - Types and How to Play
Scratch cards are a very simple game, although depending on the software provider that developed them there may be some variations between them. In this article in the form of a guide we wanted to classify them by type to later explain in a practical way and with examples how to play the different types of slot machines that we can find.
Depending on their design, we can classify online scratch cards into two main types :
Depending on how to get the prizes, we can classify the scratch cards into two other large groups :
We will build on this classification to explain with real examples how to play the different types of scratch cards online.
1. Scratch cards similar to the traditional ones
Scratch Cards Guide - Crazy Fruits
These types of games are the ones that most resemble traditional scratch cards , that is, cardboard. A good example to explain them is the game Crazy Fruits, developed by the provider Gamesys.
As in the traditional game, you will have to go to a store to buy your cards. In this case it will not be a physical store (don't worry), but you will only have to go to the 'scratch card store' of the online casino . In this store you will find the different cards available and their prices.
You can purchase the same number of cards as you need! Its operation is very simple. You will only have to get 3 icons of the same type to win.
2. Scratch Cards similar to slot machines
Scratch Cards Guide - Star Raiders
Not all scracht cards are that simple. The proof of this is the scratch cards of this second group. These differ from the rest by their similarity to online slots . They have a much more elaborate design and graphics and can sometimes also include videos and animations. In addition, some of them also have wild symbols and scatter symbols , which will allow you to increase your winnings.
The example we have chosen to represent this second type is the Star Raiders card, developed by the provider Pariplay. However, many software companies have similar creations. Among the best known we can highlight Microgaming, Playtech or NextGen.
The operation of this game is very similar to the previous one. However, this time you will not have to go to a store to buy your card and the price of this card will not be fixed either. In this case, you can choose the amount of money you want to play each time and the prizes will vary depending on the bet made. Of course, as in the previous example, to win you will need to obtain 3 icons of the same type anywhere on the card.
3. Scratch Cards with prizes associated with the number of symbols
The two examples that we have seen above belong to the group of scratch cards where the prizes are associated with a number of symbols of the same type, without these having to occupy a certain position. To win, you only need X symbols of the same type to appear on the screen, no matter where . Another good example of this type of card is The Godfather game, developed by the provider GextGen.
In The Godfather scratch card you will have to choose how much money you want to play each time and the prizes will vary depending on the amount wagered. As we can see, the position of the symbols does not influence the prize at all , since in this type of cards only the number matters.
4. Scratch Cards with prizes associated with the ranks
In this type of Scratch Cards, each row will be associated with a prize or win . Next we will focus on the Scratch King slot to make a brief explanation of its operation.
The Scratch King Game is made up of 4 rows: the first 3 hide 5 different images and the last row is made up of 3 treasure chests. Each of the rows is associated with a prize, which will change with each spin. The award will be visible in each of the boxes to the right of the rows.
Wild symbols may appear in this game that will be replaced by other icons to help you complete the winning combination. If you get 4 equal symbols, your prize will be multiplied x3 and if you get 5 equal icons the prize will be multiplied x5. In addition to wilds, you can also enjoy scatter symbols. In this game the scatter symbols are represented by keys. These keys will be used to open the chests located at the bottom of the screen. You will need to get 3 keys in the same roll to open the treasure chests and win the prize associated with this last row.
5. Scratch Cards with progressive jackpots or jackpots
Finally, we couldn't finish this article without first mentioning jackpot scratch cards . As in slots, there are some scratch cards that are associated with a large jackpot or progressive jackpot , it grows as users play and only stops when a player wins the prize. Then you start over from scratch. These types of scratch cards have an added thrill, because you never know who will be the lucky one to take home the grand prize.
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Gratowin Casino €7 gratuit bonus de bienvenue sans dépôt

Gratowin Casino €7 gratuit bonus de bienvenue sans dépôt

Gratowin Casino Free Bonus & Gratis Spins
You have just win 7 EUR FREE (no deposit bonus) at Gratowin Casino! Click on the promo link below and collect your prize. This exclusive offer is for French players only. Play now and win big jackpots!
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GratoWin Casino review

GratoWin Casino is a new casino, established in 2019, that has only recently entered the casino market. The online casino website has a astonishing and mobile friendly design with a good selection of casino games. There are more then 200+ titles on the site from excellent game developers. At GratoWin Casino there is support for different languages including Turkish, Norwegian, Finnish, English, French, Spanish, Greek, German, Russian.

GratoWin Banking

All really good casino sites have fully understood that it is extremely important for all players with smooth payments.
For all players, it is important that it is quick and easy to deposit and withdraw money from the casino sites they choose to play on.
Some Casino sites have now also started to offer payments in crypto currency such as bitcoin and Bitcoin casino sites are becomming more common.
Deposits at GratoWin Casino can be submitted through Skrill, PaySafe Card, Maestro, Zimpler, Entropay and the casino site accepts the following currencies: Euro – EUR, US Dollar – USD. with a pending time of 48 hours.
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Is GratoWin Casino a secure casino?

GratoWin Casino takes players security seriously and SSL encryption to ensure that all communications between the casino and you as a player are secure.
Nowadays, you often hear about identity theft, passwords and / or profiles that have been hacked, malicious programs accidentally downloaded and more. In addition fake websites often look real and you can easily avoid many problems by just knowing what SSL and other security measures are. You know the green padlock that is on, for example, your bank’s left side of the URL? This is an indication that the website has SSL. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and is the standard security technology used to create an encrypted link between a web server and your web browser. It will protect your information when sent from your computer to GratoWin Casino.
The casino website has an official license under Cyprus.

GratoWin Casino games

The casino site has a really great selection of games with over 200+ titles on the website from great game studios such as NetoPlay.
With most casinos, you can play a diverse variety of casino games, from table games to slots and even casino game with live dealers. Visit GratoWin Casino and check out their well structured sortment of casino games.
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GratoWin Support

Excellent support is vitally crucial on all casino sites. For players to flourish in the long run, a easily accessible and accommodating supports is required when they meet the players requests and questions.
The casino comes with a live chat which may assist you straight away with all your own questions.
To file a complaint, the players can also contact the casino directly – Mail: [email protected]

GratoWin Casino mobile

It’s getting more and more popular to play with casino from the mobile phone and GratoWin Casino obiously hooked onto that trend.
You can reach the mobile site in your browser and play most of the games, whether you have an iPhone or Android. You do not need to download any app or external client to be able to entertain you with casino games when you have a moment over, but you can bring with you GratoWin Casino in your pocket.
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Winspark Casino - free spins, no deposit bonus, promotion

Winspark Casino - free spins, no deposit bonus, promotion

Winspark Casino Review and Free Bonuses
Here comes Winspark Casino with exclusive welcome bonuses! First off, get 50 free spins or $5 free chips to play without deposit. Test your luck with free money and check if you like it or not. Later, you can claim a 100% up to $200 welcome bonus and other rewards. Check it out.
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About Winspark Casino [REVIEW]

WinsPark Casino is licensed by the Government of Curacao which means that it accepts Filipino players. It offers players a wealth of games from NetoPlay.

Winspark Software

It’s not very common to find online casinos that are powered y a single casino software provider today, but WinsPark Casino belongs to this category of sites. They are powered by NetoPlay, a modern software developer that has a portfolio that consists of over 100 games. This provider is focused on instant win games, slots, and scratch cards. They are present with their games in a handful of casinos and WinsPark Casino is among them. As a NetoPlay-powered casino, WinsPark uses HTML5 software that works well with all major operating systems and devices.
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Winspark Games

Players can find more than 100 casino games at WinsPark Casino including the latest titles revealed by NetoPlay. Registered players have access to games that are categorized in four groups – virtual sports games, slots, casino scratch games, and fun scratch games.
With more than 70 slot games, WinsPark has a decent slot offer. The games that belong to this category are focused on different themes and usually come with special features including free spins and mini-games. Titles like Lucky Cauldron, Star Fruit, Cash Cruise, Wizard Fortune, and Wild Leprechaun are among the most popular slot games here.
This site has a collection of scratch cards too. They represent easy-to-play games. Scratch N Roll, Pirates Scratch, Mermaid Scratch, Vegas Cash, and Forex Scratch are examples of popular scratch cards found at WinsPark Casino. It’s worth mentioning that a few other instant win games are placed under scratch card sections including bingo and keno games.
There are seven virtual sports games at WinsPark Casino.

Winspark Devices

There’s HTML5 interface on this casino site and thanks to this technology players can use this website without the need to download any additional software. WinsPark Casino works equally well on desktop computers, laptop computers, smartphones, and tablets. This mobile-friendly site supports all popular operating systems including iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows. It works on the most popular browsers – Opera, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.
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Winspark Offers

WinsPark Casino is offering a few different bonuses and promos to their players. There are a few offers, mostly related to the first deposit, available to newly registered players. On the other hand, existing players have access to a few bonuses as well.
For the most loyal players, this online casino has created a VIP program based on points. To find out more about the wagering requirements, minimum deposits, maximum cashout and other things related to the bonuses offered at WinsPark, it’s highly recommended to check their terms and conditions page.

Winspark Deposits

Players can choose from many different fiat currencies at Winspark Casino including US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, British Pounds and Euros. Most of them can be used with all deposit methods, but some deposit methods are linked with certain currencies. There are around 20 deposit methods as this casino site. Some of the most popular deposit methods include Skrill, NETELLER, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, Diners Club, Paysafecard, and direct bank transfer. The deposit requests are processed immediately which means that players can start playing their favorite games right away.
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Winspark Security

With a GPDR-compliant operator based in the EU and a license issued by the Government of Curacao, WinsPark Casino represents a secure casino site. They are using SSL encryption delivered by VeriSign to protect the personal information shared by their users. This casino site is constantly upgrading its security system to meet the latest standards.

Winspark Support

Every player can get help in two different ways when they are using WinsPark Casino. First of all, there is a specially designed help section. This is the place where players can read answers to the most commonly asked questions.
If the answer is not present on these pages, players are free to contact customer support agents. There are three contact methods available to all players – live chat feature, callback feature and email. Email queries are answered within 24 hours. The live chat feature is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It should not take more than a few hours to complete a callback request at WinsPark Casino.
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Vegas Casinos India’s First Premium Gambling Website

Vegas Casinos India’s First Premium Gambling Website
Vegas Casinos is your one-stop, online guide to help you navigate the world of online gambling. Whether you want to play table casino games or spin the reels on the slots, we will assist you in finding the best and most secure casino to play in.
Playing casino games is very thrilling, especially when you win big. With exciting high definition Live dealer games, where you can interact with dealers and other players, and play the game in real-time, the fun just got a whole lot bigger. There are hundreds of casinos where all these games can be played. The team at Vegas Casinos is there to recommend the best online casinos on which to play your favourite games.

Featuring hand-picked games, curated by specialists, we bring to you a network that emphasizes on educating new players with the knowledge of not only how casino games are played but also providing information for their online safety.
We offer a comprehensive collection of easy to understand guides, that will help you to learn to play the table casino games. The guides feature games like Blackjack, Sic Bo, Baccarat, Roulette, Teen Patti and Poker and also all the different versions of these games in their many Avatars which are available at all the top casinos.
The website features quick video guides for the games which simplify the process of learning how to play the online games. These are short videos that highlight the basics of how table games like Blackjack, Teen Patti, Baccarat, Roulette and poker are played. There are also videos showcasing slot games. The video Guide will also show you how to sign up at casinos and how to make payments from the options on offer.

Vegas Casinos offers a collection of slot games that you can try for free before going to play at a casino. Playing these games in their Demo version will help you familiarize yourself to the gameplay and boost your confidence at the online slots with real money at the casinos.
Contact Us:
Email Id: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Website: https://vegascasinos.in/
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Jackpot City Casino 50 free chances on MEGA DIAMOND (no deposit bonus)

Jackpot City Casino 50 free chances on MEGA DIAMOND (no deposit bonus)

Jackpot City Casino Free Play Bonus
Get 50 Free Spins on MEGA DIAMOND slot now! Register account with Jackpot City Casino and enjoy a no deposit bonus. Next, get a 400% up to $1600 welcome bonus. No bonus codes needed!
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Jackpot City Mobile App

Just log in to your account like you do on desktop when you want to play on mobile. There’s no need to download an app. Real money mobile gambling is protected using the same SSL data encryption technology that makes the main online casino safe and secure.
The game selection is still large on mobile, and several of the big progressive jackpots that help the casino live up to its name are available to play on Android and iOS. Most slots, table games and some mobile video poker games are also included. These can all be found in the lobby when visiting the site from your mobile or tablet.
The graphics effortlessly adapt to your mobile screen regardless of make or model. We tried playing on iPhone 7s, Samsung Galaxy s10 and Huawei p30 without any issues. The navigation menu on the bottom of the screen is great for easy access to games, chat functions and live support.Compatible devices

Jackpot City Bonus Offers

All new players can take advantage of the eye-catching $1,600 sign up bonus offered at Jackpot City. The 50x wagering requirement is high, but on the plus side only the bonus, not your deposit, is considered in determining the playthrough.
Once the required wagering is complete, the deposit, bonus, and any winnings are all yours to keep. The players getting the most out of this deal are by far the slots players, as all slots contribute 100% to the wagering requirements.
Jackpot City is known to update its bonuses regularly, so make sure you check out the casino site for the most up-to-date information. If you’re an avid player you can take advantage of the midweekly and weekend match bonuses that Jackpot City give out. These promotions are based on how much and how often you gamble, so they’re custom made to suit each player.
You can also find other prize-packed promotions at Jackpot City, where you can win anything from exotic holidays to 5-star cruises and cool gadgets.
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VIP Program

How to join the VIP program

As soon as you join Jackpot City you’re rewarded with 2,500 loyalty points and added as a bronze-level member of the VIP program. You earn one loyalty point for every €/£/$1 you bet on the site and this is how you increase your points. Just remember that only cash wagers contribute towards the loyalty points- bonus credits don’t.
You can use the points to claim bonuses, free spins, free credits and wagering cash as you play. You’re also free to use your loyalty points in Jackpot City’s sister casinos Spin Palace, Ruby Fortune and Mummy’s Gold Casino.

What benefits do you get?

As a member of the VIP program you’ll get access to exclusive bonuses, free spins, a personal VIP host who’s available 24/7, free spins, and many other benefits. You can see all the details in the table below, including how many points you need to reach each level.
The default bonuses could be higher for the first levels of the program, but Jackpot City’s VIP program is great as it gives all players a chance to enter, and you get other excellent bonuses and daily specials.
To be able to stay as a VIP, and to reach the higher levels, you have to continue betting on the site. You also have to keep the minimum loyalty points required to stay within your points bracket, and if you don’t have enough points by the end of the month, you’ll go down a level.

Best Games at Jackpot City

Jackpot City casino has over 630 casino games, including more than 430 slots to choose from. The casino even offers regional and country-specific games such as Australian pokies and UK style pub fruit machines.
You can enjoy over 70 different table games, and Jackpot City has an exceptional selection of 34 blackjack games with many varieties such as multiplayer or European blackjack. Of course there’s baccarat, poker, roulette, and many more for you to play. They’re all listed in the table below, and you’ll also find the most played games at Jackpot City.
Your latest games and your most played are automatically saved in the casino lobby, so you’re able to play in an instant. With such a wide range of games it’s easy for both new and seasoned players to find a game to suit their level and preference.
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Live Dealer Games

The live dealer games at Jackpot City casino are powered by multiple award-winning Evolution Gaming. You can easily interact with the friendly live dealers via HD video streaming, or you can chat with other players around the table using the live chat function. The sound quality is crisp and without any unnecessary background noise, and the 3D animations are well-defined and clear. Evolution Gaming’s live dealers are true professionals who make sure there’s a nice atmosphere around the table while the game is in play.
When playing live roulette and baccarat you can enjoy an immersive and dynamic feeling with the use of multiple cameras, one for the live dealer and three, or more, just around the wheel/table. If you like to multitask you can play multiple live games at the same time by clicking the +tables button.
The live casino is fully optimised for mobile play and the live mobile games are supported by all iPhone and iPad devices, as well as most Android phones and tablets.

Software Providers

Microgaming, one of the world’s most awarded software providers, powers the casino games at Jackpot City. They are well known for creating the latest developments in online casino technology and won the EGR Awards 2019 for their ‘constant innovation with very high-quality software’. The company is held in high regard for safety, being well respected for continuously building new safety measures to keep the casinos and players safe.
You can download the user-friendly software for full access to all of the games. Downloading and setting up your account should take just a few minutes. The downloadable version also offers plenty of options for customizing speed, audio, and more.
An alternative is to play in no-download mode, which has fewer games but offers flexibility in that you can use any browser to play.
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Safety & Fair Play

Jackpot City is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, EU regulated and eCOGRA certified. These credentials confirm that the casino is safe and secure, takes care of its players and complies with laws and regulations. Your gaming is protected using the same SSL data encryption technology that makes the main online casino safe and secure. This means that no third party can access any information you’ve shared with the casino.
The eCOGRA certification proves that the casino offers players fair gaming opportunities. Jackpot City always ensures a fair chance of winning through the use of a random number generator. The most recent eCOGRA report noted that the payouts on all casino games averaged 96%.

Deposit & Withdrawal Options

Banking at Jackpot City Casino is safe, secure, and super-fast. Most withdrawals at Jackpot City casino are processed within 24-48 hours, which is outstanding and makes the casino one of the fastest amongst its competitors. The minimum deposit and withdrawal are $10, and there’s no maximum withdrawal limit.
From testing the casino, speaking with our players and looking at the previously mentioned eCOGRA report, it’s clear that the casino has improved from a few years ago, when it received some negative feedback regarding payout times. The casino is paying out on time, and you now have more withdrawal options than ever to choose from.

Customer Support at Jackpot City Casino

Jackpot City’s average response time for emails is 48 hours, which is good for any issues that are not time-sensitive. You can talk to the customer service reps in several languages, all listed below, 24/7.
If you call you will first have to go through the standard steps of getting to the right department, which can take a few minutes. When we spoke to the reps they were all very friendly, and they managed to solve our issues right away. That’s definitely a plus in our book. The live chat is quick and hassle-free. You only have to confirm your account and then they can help you out with your issues.


If you love playing slot games you should definitely check out Jackpot City. There are over 430 excellent titles to choose from and a very generous welcome bonus to get you started playing. With licenses and credentials from MGA and eCogra you know this is a safe and secure casino to play at.
You also have more than 100 other casino games to play, including live dealer games from Evolution Gaming. And of course, the best progressive jackpots – it’s called Jackpot City for a reason.
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Gaming Club Casino 30 gratis spins and 100% free bonus (Exclusive)

Gaming Club Casino 30 gratis spins and 100% free bonus (Exclusive)

Gaming Club Casino Gratis Spins Bonus
This is exclusive landing page with 30 gratis spins on Immortal Romance slot to play at Gaming Club Casino! Additionally, you can trigger $350 welcome bonus just by making your first deposit! Good luck!
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Gaming Club Casino Overview

Gaming Club online casino is one of the oldest casinos that entered the online gambling industry. It is run by one of the biggest companies in the virtual world of online gambling, the Belle Rock Entertain group. It has been growing ever since it opened its doors in 1995 and has been gaining quite a good reputation for being a well-managed, safe and a secure casino that gives players the best online gambling experience of their lives.
It has acquired the seal of approval by the eCOGRA which guarantees the players a safe and a fair gambling environment as the eCOGRA regularly tests the software and the games to make sure that all of the rolled dice, cards drawn and wheel spins are completely random and fair. The casino has acquired the needed licenses by the gambling authorities of jurisdiction of Gibraltar. It operates under the terms and condition of the Interactive gaming Council.
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Bonuses and Promotions

Gaming Club offers a very lucrative pack of rewarding promotions and bonuses. These promotions and bonuses are available to new players in the form of welcome bonuses on their deposits and to existing players in the form of monthly promotions and competitions.
Welcome Bonus
The new players who decide to register and sign up to Gaming Club casino will be able to take full advantage of the welcome bonus that the casino offers. This welcome bonus is a one hundred percent match bonus on the first deposit done by the players and also a 30 free spin offer.
Monthly Promotions
Gaming Club offers the players a monthly promotion called All Players. This promotion hands out thousands of dollar each and every month. This money is given to the player in the form of cash backs that are awarded to the players each time they place wagers on a game. All of these promotions abide by the rules and the regulation of The Gaming Club.
Loyalty Program
Gaming Club shows its appreciation to the loyal players by providing them with one of the best loyalty programs available on the internet. This Loyalty Program is very rewarding and lucrative. The players earn more loyalty points as they play more games and place more wagers. These loyalty points can then be redeemed for credit that can be used to wager on games available at the casino.
By taking a look at the welcome bonus, the monthly promotions and the loyalty program, it is clear that Gaming Club online casino does its best to attract new players to the casino and to pay back the loyal and existing players who decided to make Gaming Club a top online casino.
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Gaming Content and Software

The software and the gaming content of Gaming Club are both powered by one of the leading names in the world of software developing for online casino, Microgaming. This ensures a very user friendly and an easy interface and an amazing collection of games. All games that are provided by Microgaming are known for having razor sharp graphics, amazing sound effects and rewarding features.
Gaming Club online casino is known for covering all kinds of gambling games, this ensures the satisfaction of the different tastes of the different gamblers. It does not focus on one kind of gambling games and ignores another, unlike other online casinos. This is why Gaming Club casino became famous of the versatility and variety of its gaming content.
The casino has an amazingly huge gaming suite that contains more than two hundred and fifty games from the best games that are offered by Microgaming. It offers a wide collection of the best slot machines, video slots and progressive slot games. The list of slot machines includes Hitman, The Osbournes and Tomb Raider. The total sum of the progressive jackpots available at Gaming Club online casino reached more than 7 million American dollars. The list of progressive slot machines includes titles like Fruit Fiesta, Cash Splash and Major Millions.
The Casino also has a wide collection of Table games such as Roulette, Baccarat, Pai Gow poker and Craps among other games. It also offers the players a good collection of card games such as Poker, Blackjack and more. The casino also takes pride in its collection of video poker games that contains many poker variations.
Software Playability
The software of the online casino is very simple and easy to navigate through. This makes it one of the most user friendly software and interface online. It is flashy and eye grabbing.
The casino is powered by Microgaming which makes it a Microgaming casino and the rule concerning the players from the United States is not clear. It states that existing players from the United States are accepted but the casino is not accepting new players and new registrations from the United States. This can be looked upon as an advantage and a disadvantage according to the situation the player is in.
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Banking options

Gaming Club internet casino offers a great variety in the banking options that the players can use in order to make deposits or withdrawals. For instance, the casino supports Instadebit, Moneybookers (also known as Skrill), Ecocard, Neteller, eCheck, Paysafe Card, Direct Bank Transfer, EZIPay, UKash, Visa and MasterCard and Firepay among other methods.
The players can also make some extra cash by using specific payment methods while doing their deposits. For instance, players who choose to deposit money using Neteller or Firepay will be eligible to take advantage of a twenty percent match bonus on their deposit that can reach up to two hundred American dollars. In order for a player to become eligible for this bonus, the player will have to make a deposit of twenty dollars at least using Firepay or Neteller. The wagering requirement for this bonus states that the players will have to wager the deposit and the bonus at least twenty times on slot machines and Video slots in order to be able to withdraw it.
All banking transactions are done in a timely manner and all transactions are protected against thieves and hackers by using a 128 bit encryption system.

Customer Support

Gaming Club online casino provides the players with a customer support team that is available around the clock, 24/7. This way whenever the players are faced with any problems, they can contact the team through e-mail or by phone in order to get the problem resolved. The team is patient, friendly and willing to address any kind of problem that might occur.
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"Casino got robbed, they had our uniforms. So got fired from Gruppe 6, but, just landed a new security job on a private island. I start on the 15th, wish me better luck guys!"

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Slots.lv Casino $10 no deposit and $5,000 free welcome bonus

Slots.lv Casino $10 no deposit and $5,000 free welcome bonus

Slots.LV Free Spins & Welcome Bonus
Welcome to Slots.lv Casino Review. Today, we are giving away $10 free chip bonuses to all new players who register with the casino. In addition, new punters qualify for a 200% first deposit bonus and a total of $5,000 free credits in welcome bonus !!!!
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Slots.lv Casino Review: Our Verdict

Slots.lv is an exciting online casino that is home to games from some of the best software providers on earth. With mouthwatering bonuses and a wide variety of titles, players of all stripes will find all their hearts’ desires at Slots.lv.
This site also boasts a stellar reputation thanks to great customer service, full licensing and multiple banking methods.
Hurry! Get yourself down to Slots.lv casino and take full advantage of their fabulous welcome offer.

Slots.lv Casino Bonuses and Promotions

While reviewing Slots.lv casino, we found that this online site is home to some enticing welcome offers are guaranteed to attract many new players. The offers at this casino may change frequently in terms of specifics, but the quality and generosity they provide never falters.
Our Slots.lv casino review saw that this casino site offers current members some great free spins and match bonuses on a regular basis. So you’re fun at Slots.lv doesn’t stop at the welcome bonus and you’ll find plenty of fresh offers on the promotions page.
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Software and Other Games

Slots.lv casino is extremely popular with players from across North America, and this is partly down to the excellent quality of software here. Providers include RTG and Proprietary Games, with a wide variety of titles providing an all-round diverse and high-end gaming experience. Our review of Slots.lv casino found that this site retains many players as a result of its deluxe software and games.
Slots.lv casino boasts an extensive range of games that are sure to appeal to all types of player. Our Slots.lv casino review found that table games such as roulette and blackjack are in plentiful supply, while live dealer games are also offered onsite. Add to this a stellar line-up of video poker titles and it’s clear that Slots.lv is a casino paradise.

Banking and Cashout

Throughout our Slots.lv casino review, we saw that the financial side of things at this online site provides members with a trouble-free experience. There is a range of options available for deposit methods , such as Bitcoin, MasterCard and Visa. With rapid withdrawal times and a low minimum Slots.lv removes any stress from the casino banking experience.
Our Slots.lv casino reviewers discovered that this site possesses licensing from the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. This ensures that you can play here knowing that this will be a safe and secure casino gaming experience.
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Customer Support at Slots.lv Casino

During our review of Slots.lv casino, we found that this online site provides all members with a stellar customer support package. With email, telephone and live chat on offer, those coming to play at this online site can rest assured that their issues will be dealt with efficiently.
Our Slots.lv casino reviewers were happy to see that the 24/7 live chat service at Slots.lv works well on every mobile device, so you can get your queries answered while out on the go. Our team can also confirm that the support agents are friendly, reliable and professional.

Our Verdict of Slots.lv Casino

Throughout our review of Slots.lv casino, we were happy to discover that this online site is first-class across the board. Not only is the software high-end, but the smooth financial system and attentive customer support make Slots.lv a dream to operate.
The titles at Slots.lv are wide reaching and first-rate in terms of quality. Whether you are into slots, table games, live dealer games or video poker, Slots.lv will have something to whet your appetite.
Our Slots.lv casino reviewers were delighted to see that there is a fully functioning mobile casino offered at this site. The live chat feature is also optimized for mobile, so you can get answers at any time and from any place.
The welcome offers at Slots.lv casino are great value for money, with newcomers sure to receive a powerful boost to kickstart their time at this thrilling online gaming site.
Head over to Slots.lv today to take advantage of amazing table games and slots of every kind. You’re guaranteed to enjoy their fabulous welcome bonus in the process.
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Casino Lab 300 gratis spins and 1500 EUR/USD free bonus

Casino Lab 300 gratis spins and 1500 EUUSD free bonus

Casino Lab Review
Join Casino Lab today and receive 300 gratis spins! Plus, get up to 1500 EUUSD free money in welcome bonuses. Exclusive promotional codes apply.
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Casino Lab Full Review

It’s true. You’ve just stumbled upon a casino that’s uncommon in the casino world. Welcome to Casino Lab, an online casino offering various sized glass flasks to mix together your very own potions and elixirs, to create your very personal entertainment recipe. This casino offers a gaming experience that cannot be found elsewhere because nobody has the secret recipe.
Casino Lab is fully dedicated to giving each customer the best online casino experience possible. We have a huge collection of games from the classics such as poker, blackjack and roulette, swinging all the way to state-of-the-art online slots and a live casino sector. This wide variety offers endless entertainment for players in a multitude of ways and can be played on any device. All games are fully responsive and can be played on the move or from home, as long as you have an internet connection. Games at Casino Lab are available to be played in fun or demo mode or in real mode using real money. Maybe you find a game in the Casino Lab selection and you’ve never given it a spin, the try mode allows you to try them out without having to deposit any real money. And then when you decide you’re ready to play for real, simply make a deposit and boom, you’re ready to spin or place a bet.

Bonuses & Promotions:

The casino laboratory has an entire page devoted to the various promotions that are available at this online casino. This page will include the Welcome Offer as well as other promotions that occur weekly, monthly and even some surprise bonuses that will pop up here and there. Check out the ‘promotions’ page where you can find science boosts, extra ingredients and other essential concoctions. All details will be explained in the Terms and Conditions.

Premium Customer Service:

Philomena and her assistant, Prof. Slot are always around to help you as you create your own favourite elixirs and concoctions. It’s certain that they will be sharing the excitement with you! Having said that, they have a close-knit support team that works around the clock to help any and all (casino) scientists with any difficulties they may face. This wonderful team of science helpers are fluent in English, Finnish, German and Norwegian. Additionally, they are available around the clock and ready to help in any way that they can. You can reach these potion-mixing enthusiasts via three channels:
  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Live Chat
We also want to mention that, at Casino Lab, you can find an extensive FAQ section which has several answers to many already asked questions including topics regarding security, deposits, withdrawals, responsible gaming and more. It’s always worth giving these a review because you never know, the answer you’re searching for may already be there!
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Slot Machines & Online Casino Games:

Casino Lab offers the best online gaming experience, offering some of the most popular slots available in the market from game providers that are top-notch. The game selection here is packed with online video slots with choices from classic fruit slots, retro-fashioned slots, to full-fledged animated online slots with themes ranging of all types.
Casino card games, scratch card games, table games and live dealer games, you name it, Casino Lab has it. If it is variety you’re after, you can be sure to find it here. With thousands of games to choose from, there will never be a dull moment at Casino Lab as you mix and match different ingredients to create your own entertainment. Customers (scientists) are first here, that’s how our scientists and laboratory operates.
Jump over to the live casino lab, grab a seat at the live blackjack, poker or roulette tables, all happening in real time with dealers joining you along the way. The games stream direct to your screen bringing you as close to the action as possible, just as if you were in a land-based casino. At Casino Lab, tailor your experience how you like it by mixing different extra ingredients, science boosts recommended elixirs, and lab results to tailor your specific preferences!

Get Gaming on the Go with Our Mobile Casino:

Casino Lab is a casino that provides one of the fastest and most advanced online mobile gaming experiences in the industry. Hop into the science lab on your desktop or on your mobile device. You can deposit, withdraw, and play any game that’s available on your smartphone or tablet, and get the same quality experience you would from your desktop.
The mobile experience is also filled with promotion and bonus offers, like the welcome offer, to ensure you don’t miss out when you’re playing on your mobile device. Our mobile platform is optimised to feature the finest games with the exact same quality graphics. Wherever you are, key in www.casinolab.com in your search engine and then get ready to play any of the games you want to choose from!
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Deposits & Payments:

Safe casinos are the best casinos, especially when they are online casinos. At the one and only, Casino Lab, you can deposit with a wide range of payment methods. You can also be sure that with the SSL security on our site that depositing is safe.
At Casino Lab, you’ll have a number of deposit and withdrawal methods to choose from. Some are more traditional while there’s a wonderful range of quick and easy methods including several e-wallets. There are deposit minimum and maximum limits per transaction which can all be found on the payment methods page of the Casino Lab site. There are also some details attached to each payment method which are useful to read through before depositing and withdrawing.

Safe & Secure:

Casino Lab takes security and safety as a priority. We’re fully licensed and regulated to offer real money casino games to our players. With several years of experience in the industry, we ensure your safety is at the top of the list.
We encourage Responsible Gaming, so you’re always in safe hands. We work daily to raise the bar to bring you the best security, advanced technology, and guaranteed protection of your personal information.
Feel free to read through our security and privacy policies for more information. Our customers are at the core of what we do, and so the integrity of your personal information is important to us. Casino Lab is compliant with global gaming standards in safety, security, transparency and privacy protection.
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