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The Use of Rolling Chips in North America. Attached to June’s eBlast is a link to a report I just finished. Over the past spring, it has come to my attention that a number of North American casino operators are searching for information on the use of non-negotiable chips in conjunction with a marketing program known in other parts of the world as “rolling chip” or “dead chip Rolling chip drop or volume is the amount of rolling chips wagered and dropped at the table (like cash is dropped). Winnings are paid out in cash-equivalent chips. A casino records revenue based This casino does exactly what it claims and pays their customers in lightning quick time, in many cases un under ten minutes! Now Rolling Chips Casino that is fast pay! 100% Match Bonus + 100 Free Spins! The FastPay welcome bonus is exclusive to new players only. A minimum deposit of €/$20 Rolling Chips Casino is required to claim each bonus The moment the rolling chips are purchased, the casino already knows that customer’s theoretical win by multiplying the buy-in by the rolling chip mathematical house advantage, or $10,000 X 2.52% = $252. From this point onward, any subsequent rolling chip buy-ins, usually made with casino value chips, are subject to the same process and mathematical calculation as the original buy-in Many casino operators around the world are not familiar with the terminology of rolling chips or this type of gambling. Let’s break it down to the basics: A “non-negotiable chip” is a chip which cannot be cashed out at the casino cage for currency, versus a “live chip” or negotiable chip, which may be cashed out for currency. How the casino VIP rolling back system works There’s a system called Rolling Back that is one of the services casino VIP members can receive. Rolling Back is a system where punters get a 1% cash back for their total spend regardless of the result, it’s currently used at Macau casinos, Singapore casinos and Korean casinos. * This may not be available at Las Vegas casinos. Let’s say, you Rolling What is 'Rolling'? In dice games like craps, 'rolling' is the act of throwing a die or several dice at the same time, in order to land a score.The person rolling the dice in craps is known as the shooter.In the casino, 'rolling' chips are those given to high rollers instead of cash chips, usually when the player is using credit lines to play. Foxwoods Casino’s Rolling Chips. This is not the first time American casinos have used rolling chip programs, though most experiments have been outside Las Vegas. In 2009, Foxwoods Casino began a rolling chips program under its then-president, Michael Speller. It was said that Tan Sri T.K. Kim, the CEO of Genting Group, flew to Connecticut to confer with the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Dead Chips, Rolling Program, Non-Negotiable Chip Program are but a few of the variant names given to a casino incentive program that rewards volume of play in lieu of discounts on losses and other The casino subtracts the NN chips returned from the NN chips purchased to determine the chips lost. The player is then given a cash rebate which is a fixed percentage of the total cash value of the number of NN chips played and lost. The following image illustrates the flow of NN rolling chip programs: As an example of a player using a rolling chip program, consider a player who is using

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