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New name for the baseball team. Cleveland Casinos

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Questions about mid-Ohio (Columbus/Cleveland) casinos

My wife and I have been spoiled living in SW Michigan over the last 10 years. We have 3 casinos within 40 minutes of us and another 2 just over an hour if we drive to the MI/IN line. Most of them have $5 dollar tables at some point during the week/weekend and some all of the time.
I'm deep into an interview that would put me between Columbus and Cleveland. I like that Ohio has no smoking in their casinos. I've been to a Hollywood Casino before in Toledo. Seemed like during the week there were $5 tables before 5 and they go up to $10 or higher at night. I've never been not he weekend.
I read that when Columbus opened their tables were 15/25 most of the time, but that seems to have died down. What are their table minimums like and do they ever have $5 tables?
I haven't been to any of the casinos (Jack Cleveland, or the racinos) so I know nothing about them. What can you tell me?
I looked at the drives from where we would be living. We might look at going to Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh (a city that I love and miss living in). Don't know much about that place as it was built after I moved away. We also could look at Moutaineer RaceTrack in northern WV.
If all else fails, we will look at driving to Wheeling, WV to go to Wheeling Island as we know they always have lower minimums.
Thanks for your information and I look forward to rolling the dice with you.
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Cleveland Casinos

Does any of the Casinos have video blackjack?
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Horseshoe Cleveland to become JACK Cleveland Casino as part of Rock Gaming's rebranding

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Jack Cleveland Casino January revenue falls below Cincinnati, Columbus

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Cleveland Casino Cuts Ties with Caesars

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Cleveland, Ohio – Two women are assaulted at the Jack Cleveland Casino

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Jack Cleveland Casino rolls out hi-tech club, DJ-themed gaming area

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Cleveland, Ohio – A drunk and disorderly police officer is arrested at Jack Cleveland Casino

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First phase of Cleveland casino in Higbee building [within the year]|Cleveland.com

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Mark Wahlberg’s Wahlburgers restaurant to open across from the Jack Cleveland Casino

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Gambler, 60, Arrested On Felony Charge For Ebola Joke Inside Cleveland Casino

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How a nine-fingered card dealer at the Horseshoe Cleveland Casino lost his livelihood over a can of Red Bull

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Cleveland, Ohio – Horseshoe Cleveland Casino will soon become JACK Casino Cleveland

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Flats group proposes straightening the crooked Cuyahoga River for Dan Gilbert's Cleveland casino

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Amazing 3D light show at Cleveland casino opening

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Jack Casino - C0VID-19

I was curious to see how Jack Cleveland Casino was handling operations for the COVID-19 pandemic, so I took a visit against my better judgement, but wore my N95 mask.
I'm aware of how restaurants/bars have lots of restrictions in place such as, no alcohol sales past 10pm, social distancing guidelines for tables 6+ feet apart, and employees being required to wear masks, but I wanted to share what I observed at JACK Casino.
  1. Employees were wearing masks
  2. There were no alcohol sales past 10 and an announcement was made on their loudspeaker for last call around 9:30
  3. Hand Sanitizer stations were placed at various areas around the casino
  4. Blackjack and other table games that normally sit 5-6 players precovid only were seating a max of 3 players with one seat between each player. Is this a joke? I mean I get it's an attempt at social distancing, so it's better than nothing, but at the end of the day if you are sitting in the middle of the table or are the dealer, you are definitely not 6 feet away from another person. And sure.... you are supposed to be wearing a mask, but if you are drinking a beverage at the table like others were then you don't have a face covering while drinking. How is this allowed to happen when restaurants/bars are supposed to have 6+ feet of spacing between tables? Are casino rules really that different and should they be? This just seems irresponsible as a city. And this isn't even considering the fact that everyone is potentially touching the same chips that they win/lose, give to the dealer, and then take back, prior to lowering their mask to take a sip of their drink.
  5. Craps tables are even worse with 6+ people crowded around the same table WITHOUT spacing between people. The casino did have some sort of sign on the table, where you would place your chips with some sort of safety warning sign, but this still seems like just a cesspool for spreading the virus. Everyone is touching the same die, is close together etc.
  6. Elderly being pushed around in wheelchairs/remote wheel chairs (I don't even know what to say about this)
  7. Lots of people with their masks below their nose and most staff and police officers not even attempting to enforce it. I noticed some dealers/pit posses would tell a player to raise their mask above their nose and others would just ignore it.
Just wanted to get people's opinions on this. One dealer told me they had already heard there were 16+ dealers who were sick this year traced back to the Craps tables, but somehow JACK is still allowed to operate?
I think this casino and the regulators are a joke. Small restaurants are going out of business, but the casino is allowed to function like normal with some mask wearing and inadequate social distancing?
Just wanted to rant and get others thoughts on this.
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Jack Casino, Cleveland, OH (OC)

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Moving to Ohio, looking for a new casino

Got a promotion and being moved to another location in Ohio, near Ashland. My wife and I have enjoyed smaller casinos in SW Michigan. We've had the ability to bet low limits most of the time or drive an hour to Indiana were we can consistently find $5 tables.
I compiled a list of casinos within a 2 1/2 hour drive of us. Any information you can give would be helpful. If they don't have 5 dollar tables, do they have bubble craps? My wife mostly plays slots and carnival games.
MGM Northfield Park (slots only) - does this location have bubble craps? 1 hour drive
Jack Cleveland Casino. - Heard their minimums are $10, doesn't drop to 5. Do they have bubble craps? 1:05 drive.
Hollywood Casino Columbus - Heard their minimums are $10, doesn't drop to 5. Do they have bubble craps? 1:20 drive
Hollywood Casino Toldeo - I've been there on a weekday before 5 and seen $5 tables for poker and others. Wasn't a craps player then. What are their options? 1:47 drive
Mountaineer Casino - I haven't been to this place in 20 years. I don't remember much about it. 2:09 drive.
Wheeling Island Casino - I know they always have $5 craps with a firebet. I didn't get to look around much so I don't remember if there are bubble craps machines as well. 2:30 drive.
Greektown Casino - her parents live close to here. I think I've only been here to eat and play slots. Never played table games here. 2:38 drive.
Rivers Casino Pittsburgh - Heard their minimums are $10, doesn't drop to 5. Do they have bubble craps? 2:30 drive.
MGM Detroit - We thought about driving here to see her parents frequently and playing. We usually get offers from MGM to stay in Vegas (stayed at Luxor last time) and want to keep on their mailing list. I assume it's a $10 an up place. Maybe they have bubble craps? 2:30 drive.
Thanks for all of your help. I really enjoy craps, but my budget is usually $100, sometimes $200, so a $10 table doesn't work for me.
Thanks for all of the responses! Anything on Mountaineer Casino?
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Moons can fly.

Heidy ho everyone. Long time lurker first time posting here.
The Cast
Me/Burrito: Asian. 13 almost 14 years of age. 5’3” and 135lbs. A little chubby, BMI 23.9. Really hates when people are annoying on planes.
Bro/BurritoBro: Asian. 3 almost 4 years of age. 2’8” and 35lbs. Shorter than average but that can be said about our family, BMI 24. Hates loud people in general.
Mom/BurritoMom: Asian of course. 44 years of age. 5’2” and 130lbs. Amazing mother, BMI 23.8. Hates lazy people and slobs in general.
Dad/BurritoDad: You guessed it. Asian. 48 years of age. 5’4” and 146lbs. Technically overweight but not really, BMI 25.1. Really hates planes because some people are retarded.
Phobos: Middle Eastern. XY moon, appearance of college student. Due to curvature of spine because of a marvelous force called gravity that affects weight hanging in his abdominal region, it is hard to estimate height. In addition, weight cannot be measured without contacting the marine biology centre. Smells like burnt lamb for some reason. Lives in Vegas and came to Cleveland to gamble which made no sense.
Deimos: White. XX moon and likes to joke that her husband is Al-Qaeda sleeper cell. Makes everyone uncomfortable for many reasons one of which included the fact that she got stuck in the isle while making her way to the two seats that she had to book in order to accommodate her “LUSCIOUS CURRRRRRVES.” Weight: IDK fam. There isn’t a marine biology centre near me. Accompanied Phobos to Cleveland casino scene which is kind of boring compared to her home of Vegas.
FA: Latina. Unfortunate flight attendant. Around 5’6” and looks like a string bean hourglass which works for a flight attendant. Holding back the urge tell the moons to get off the plane.
The Scene
CLE airport, about to board flight to LAS. You see the usual type of people going to Vegas: middle aged white men who just got a divorce. Mid-20s college students, and the lone prostitute that you could point out because of the dead look in her eyes. Families with children, a lot of Asians (we’ve got a thing for Vegas. Don’t ask) and Phobos and Deimos.
Featured Presentation
Having “Medikal kundiahuns,” Phobos and Deimos board next to first and get pissed when active duty Marine gets to board in front of them. Cue Marine telling Phobos and Deimos that he fought for their freedom to become McBeetus Deluxe Hams and that he has the right because he’s military.
Because BurritoBro is 3, we get to board with business class. Cue Phobos and Deimos getting stuck in the isle (“Its not my fault that these isles don’t accommodate my LUSCIOUS CURRVESSS”) and shimmying her large behind to try to get loose. Unfortunately there are many children because of the under-3 rule and Deimos gets yelled at by both parents, FA, and the Marine.
As Deimos finally gets loose, she finds her seat and we find ours...and with our luck, it’s a Burrito sandwich between so hams. Phobos was in front of us and we could smell what he had for lunch (lamb kebab) and Deimos was pigging our behind us on a bottle of Vodka (how did TSA miss that? Oh right she hid it in her LUSCIOUS CURRRRRRRRVES). Unfortunately we couldn’t move because nobody wanted to be in the ham sandwich. BurritoMom says, “it’s going to be OK. Just don’t think about it” and promptly falls asleep because that’s what Asian parents do on planes. BurritoDad also falls asleep, and BurritoBro, being 3, joins them in blissful slumber.
However I cannot sleep we on planes so I plug in my Beats into the TV in front of me and try not to smell the lingering scent of lamb kebab and the souls of innocent goats.
Mid-flight, FA and her team start dishing out snacks and drinks. In front of us, Phobos begins to belittle FA because she doesn’t have lamb kebabs and begins fuming.
Behind us Deimos complains that she should get double portions because she paid for two seats (I guess she couldn’t feel the folded armrest because of those LUSCIOUS CURRRRRRRRVES) and she needs sugar so her blood sugar doesn’t slip. Ignoring Deimos, FA asked me what I wanted so I handed her a Hamilton and she gave me 5 back in change for a soda and a pack of M&Ms.
Meanwhile Deimos is shouting and when FA finally gets to her, she hands her a soggy one dollar bill and wants a little of everything. Seeing the horror on FA’s face, I could tell that she didn’t want to mention that $1 isn’t enough. FA bravely says this as a side comment but Deimos exploded, demanding that she be fired for “sizeism” and then finally telling FA that I had gotten a Sprite and M&Ms on one dollar.
Cue FA looking at the woman like she was crazy and FA said “Burrito over there gave me a 10 and I gave him 5 back in change.”
Now she demands my 5 dollar bill to get everything on the cart. I refuse because honestly I couldn’t be bothered to help make this woman fatter than she is. Just to make her annoyed I buy a protein bar and a pack of Skittles for BurritoBro.
Now she starts bawling and claiming that she was poor and couldn’t afford airplane food and promptly dropped her purse which burst open, revealing five (!) Big Macs from the airport food court and a bottle of vodka, as well as a few Benjamins. She immediately downs the vodka and acts like nothing happens. When asked where she got the money, she was so intoxicated that she admitted to robbing a casino dealer and hiding the money in those LUSCIOUS CURRRRRRRRVES of hers.
FA moves on and calls the police, who had to chain two handcuffs together to detain her at LAS. Meanwhile Phobos, who she admitted to as her accomplice in crime, ran away and was charged with resisting arrest
The rest of BurritoFam finally wake up.
TL;DR Moons wreak havoc on a plane and get arrested
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Sex offender tries to rape 19-year-old inside downtown Cleveland Chipotle, police say

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 60%. (I'm a bot)
CLEVELAND, Ohio - A convicted child sex offender held a woman against her will and tried to rape her inside the bathroom of the Chipotle in downtown Cleveland, police say.
The 19-year-old woman was inside the restaurant's bathroom when Ebose blocked her from leaving and tried to rape her, according to Cleveland police spokeswoman Sgt. Jennifer Ciaccia, and police and court records.
The victim later told police that Ebose was carrying a black guitar case when he tried to attack her, Ciaccia said.
The witness said Ebose tried to disappear into a large crowd that was downtown for a concert that night.
Ebose eventually ran toward Tower City, then walked in and out of Jack Cleveland Casino three times before officers arrived and took him into custody outside near Public Square, according to Ciaccia and the witness.
Ebose is a convicted sexual predator who must register as such in the state of Ohio, according to the Ohio Attorney General's sex offender registry.
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Post found in /news.
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Speed Feed Diabeto, impossible.....

More of a gripe and i know , preaching to the choir......but.... Ok so I've been legitimately working my butt off to complete the tasks and earn mob rep..... I was already on the 3rd part of the 3 star casino quest....when speed feed diabeto came up... Been doing nothing but making luchadors and goons to try to complete this quest in 24 hours.....now i read somewhere that you need to already have had the 3 star casino done and work on the optional 1st raid after that to complete this quest...this requires 16 luchadors total......really??? wtf tiny! so much for theextra mob rep and the casino sign >:-(
Edit: wait a minute!!!! it originally said Take Down Fight Promoter Clevelands Casino......not it says Take Down Fight Promoter Clevelands 1st Optional Casino Raid.....did they change it overnight to make it even more difficult?
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Cleveland Casino - YouTube Upgraded gaming experience at Jack Cleveland Casino Cleveland's casino update - YouTube Collapse of Cleveland casino citations - YouTube Gambling For A Living At Jack Casino Cleveland By ... Prosecutor explains dice-sliding scheme at Cleveland casino JACK Cleveland Casino - YouTube Cleveland Horseshoe Casino Buffet - YouTube Accused Cleveland casino cheaters - YouTube

JACK Cleveland Casino opened in May 2012 as Ohio’s first full-service casino and welcomes millions of guests each year. Located inside the historic Higbee Building in the heart of downtown Cleveland, the $500-million gaming and entertainment destination employs approximately 1,500 team members... JACK Cleveland Casino and JACK Thistledown Racino will re-open Friday at 6 a.m., resuming 24-hour operations. Find out more about coronavirus safety precautions that will be in place. 200 days ago ... Horseshoe Casino Cleveland opened in May, 2012. In January, Caesars Entertainment Operating Company, a subsidiary of Caesars Entertainment, voluntarily filed for reorganization under Chapter 11 of ... JACK Cleveland Casino. 7,334 reviews #2 of 2 Casinos & Gambling in Cleveland "The buffet in the lower level is always brimming with excellent choices, cooked to your liking, shrimp, chicken, turkey, beef or pork, all waiting for you to choose whatever suits your appetite, along with a wide..." "We come to Cleveland from New York at least 3 times a year and always stop at Jack's Casino the ... JACK Cleveland Casino. 316. Casinos. Seven Chefs Buffet at this location. (216) 297-4777. 100 Public Square. Tower City “Not interested in doing a interview. The bottom line is, your casino is a popcorn operation!! The security people that wear their Halloween costums and I guess Cleveland police talk to people and order the players around like” more. 2. MGM Northfield. 36 $$ Hotels ... At JACK Cleveland Casino, gamblers will discover over 1,300 of the newest, hottest slots, in a variety of denominations from penny games to our $100 slot machine in the High Limit area. Learn More. TABLE GAMES. JACK Cleveland Casino is the downtown playground for serious gamblers with nearly 100 table games. Learn More . ClubJACK is your exclusive opportunity to earn points faster than ever ... JACK Cleveland Casino opened in May 2012 in the historic Higbee Building in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. The property features approximately 96,000 square feet of gaming space, 1,300 gaming machines ... Jack Cleveland Casino’s dining options range from upscale dining options to Wahlburgers. I don’t know about you, but I know where I’m headed on this one. Anyway, let’s discuss each option in depth so you have a bit of an idea of what you may be after before you step into this great land based casino. If you’re looking for an all-you-can-eat, then Seven Chefs Buffet is your key ... Why has Cleveland forgotten the a new casino was to be built and the Higbee building was temporary til that happened? Read more. Date of experience: July 2020. Helpful. Share. Dirtymax wrote a review Nov 2020. Xenia, Ohio 83 contributions 32 helpful votes. The Jack. Nice to find a casino within walking distance of our hotel. Now we are used to Vegas casinos, so we were a little disappointed ... Patrons at JACK Cleveland Casino range from high rollers to the mildly curious on their way to or from sporting events, concerts or dinner downtown. JACK Cleveland Casino has nearly 1,700 slot machines featuring the most popular themes, as well as 125 table games spread over three floors.

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Cleveland Casino - YouTube

Jack Cleveland Casino hopes younger demographic will come more often and play longer with its high-energy, social atmosphere. Cleveland Horseshoe Casino update The grand opening for Cleveland's Horseshoe Casino is still not known. Citations given after Cleveland Horseshoe Casino collapse in December 2011. New Cleveland Horseshoe Casino buffet. Assistant Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Jonathan Block explains how three men, including Lonnie Bridges and Kenneth Young, used a method known as dice sliding t... Gambling For A Living At Jack Casino Cleveland By Professional Gambler Christopher Mitchell. You can see all of my published books on Amazon by clicking here... John Kosich reports Dan Gilbert believes work on the casino can likely resume shortly. www.jackentertainment.com/cleveland Accused Cleveland casino cheaters