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Patch Notes for Cayo Perico Heist Update 1.52

[December 15, 2020] – New Content in Grand Theft Auto Online

GTA Online Fixes

Game Stability and Performance

Matchmaking & Networking


Awards and Daily Objectives





Story Mode

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Patch notes and changes [PSA]

Patch Notes for Cayo Perico Heist Update 1.52
[December 15, 2020] – New Content in Grand Theft Auto Online

GTA Online Fixes

Game Stability and Performance

Matchmaking & Networking


Awards and Daily Objectives





Story Mode

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Los Santos Summer Special FAQ, Links and Discounts!

Rockstar has released their brand new Summer Special DLC including a ton of brand-new vehicles, missions and clothing items available for purchase.
Some previous links to get you sped up on the DLC:
This thread will become a host for all the further official announcements by Rockstar, reputable datamines and user-made content by our very own members such as R* Editor clips, screenshots, guides and the like! FAQ will be included here as well. So if you're busy at work and can't play yet anyway, give these links a look!

General Information

As of about 10AM UTC the update is out now on consoles - it seems to be about 2GBs in size. Will update soon! Edit: Now available on all platforms from what I can tell.
Feature Updates & Improvements

New Content and Discounts

New Content:
Legendary Motorsports:
Southern San Andreas Super Autos:
Benny's Original Motorworks:
Kudos to klegnut for the upgrade costs.
Thank you to Cpt_Foresight and Azarenas for the new clothing info!
Podium Vehicle:
Double GTA$ and RP Activities:
Discounted Content:
Time Trial:
RC Bandito Time Trial:
Thanks to Biomixels for the time trials.
Premium Race:
Twitch Prime Bonuses:



When will the DLC drop?
Soon. Rockstar usually pushes updates around 3:30AM EST or 9:30AM UTC. Check this helpful map showing all the timezones.
Does the DLC cost money, how can I get the DLC?
The DLC will be made automatically available through whatever launchestore you have the game on. Those using the Rockstar Launcher can expect to see their games updated first, so be ready for that.
What can we expect?
Judging by Rockstar's announcements and timelines, this DLC won't be massive. They've confirmed new business battles and yacht missions, probably comparable to the previous client jobs we've gotten with the Terrorbyte.
Additionally they've teased some cars, of which we've gotten images of a new supercar, a musclecar and an F-1 car. Some new race modes have been mentioned as well. It's safe to assume that the content will be dripfed in stages, especially the more interesting items might be left for later.
Have the Acura NSX and new Toyota Supra been added?
Some images of the Toyota Supra and Acura NSX being converted at Benny's have been floating around - these are fake and have been put into circulation by a clickbaity asshole who shall not be named.
Are weekly updates on Tuesdays starting now?
Probably not. Rockstar always goes a little off their usual schedule with DLC drops and this is probably the same thing. It's hard to say if the sales will already change this Thursday, but I'd recommend y'all reek the benefits of the sales before you regret it.
What's going to be on sale next? / When will the next sale be up? / What's going to be in the next DLC?
If any Rockstar employees are on this sub, we'll let you know.

User Submitted Content

We're also hosting a Summer Special DLC Discussion Megathread which will be unlocked once the DLC has dropped to keep discussions related to the release of the DLC and first wave of content in one place. Have fun playing everyone!
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Grand Theft Auto VI (My Concept) (Part 1)

Hello people of gta6, this is something I've been working on for a while now, it's my ideal concept for Rockstar Games' future title, Grand Theft Auto VI.
This is a long post however, you have been forewarned.
So, with all that being said, hope you guys enjoy it!
Let's begin with an overview:
Grand Theft Auto VI is the biggest Rockstar title yet, approached with the most advanced systems ever. GTA VI will be released on Xbox Series X, PS5, and PC only, with the online mode (more on that in the next part) releasing a month after release. The game itself takes place in 3 key locations (technically 4):
  1. Vice City (Expanded and Enhanced), in the fictional state of Flores (based off Florida)
  2. Carcer City, in the fictional state of Garrison (based off Detroit, Philadelphia, and Chicago)
  3. The People's Republic of Del Castillo (Based off of Cuba and Brazil, respectively)
  4. Liberty City (VERY linear, certain portions of story playable)

Vice City:

Vice City has been greatly expanded, and now includes 2 other key locations based off of Orlando and Tampa: Mamba and Paxville. Paxville is based off of Orlando, and includes 2 different theme parks: Fun-World & AnimalDome (both based off Disney World/Universal Studios and SeaWorld).
Fun-World is a one-stop shop for having the most fun you can have. From fun-rides to the weird candy the man near the entrance sells, players can ride rollercoasters, take pictures with mascots, and do side-missions from the management and employees of Fun-World.
AnimalDome is a bit more based on SeaWorld and appeals to players that want animals in the game, whether in hunting, fishing, or even exploring. A new side-activity you can do is hunt for legendary animals (all across the map) and donate them to AnimalDome for rewards. It ranges from lost fish in lakes and oceans near untouched waterfalls, all the way to rare birds in forests alike.
The landscapes such as the marshlands are similar to Bayou N.W.A from RDR2, with alligators and crocodiles alike in wetlands, with many other secrets to uncover.
One key icon is the Gator Chain, which is based off the real life Florida Keys, 8 islands pulled together by a single highway.
Another key icon is the Green Pastures, which is based off of the real life Everglades, a subtropical wetland in the heart of south Florida, filled with all kinds of natural society.
A new air force base, Fort Kayak, is also included within the state as well.

Carcer City:

The newest addition to the series, Carcer City is supposed to be gloomy and dark, that of rivaling Vice City's vibrant feeling with the lights shining at night. The roads are narrow and sleek, and are very easy to get lost in because of the grid zig-zag layout. At day, you find old factories blowing out dark smoke, with lower class people getting ready to go work in their old crusty cars. The feeling heavily changes at night when you find the darker parts of the city emerged. Get yourself downtown and on rooftops of buildings, you'll find yourself feeling like Batman looking down at all of Gotham City.

The People's Republic of Del Castillo:

This is solely an island based on the likes of Guarma. On one side, you have favelas in a small, compact, linear city with a mini-airstrip for an airport, while it slowly moves onto tropical forests on the other side of the island. Free roaming is fine, but be careful as there are others who are watching you. Be aware at all times no matter what.
As for Liberty City, a small portion is only playable for certain missions only, incredibly linear.


The gameplay is similar to that of a mix between IV/V (realism and arcadey-ness). The car feeling is similar to IV when crashing and whatnot, but also contains elements of V's driving. Interaction with NPCs is more realistic and grounded. Walk around in a suit and people ask if you have somewhere important to be, walk around in punk clothing and get trash thrown at you. Red Dead Redemption 2's interaction system with NPCs returns with a new change: multiple dialogue options. Say you choose to greet an NPC and ask if they need help with anything. They might say yes and you could be given with two choices: a) "Sure, I'll help out!" or b) "Alright, well, hope it gets done then!".
You can choose the way the characters are. Aside from antagonizing NPCs, you can pave a path for these characters depending on the way you want.
Wanted levels return, as well as the 6th star. Here is the new way the wanted system would react when given stars:
A new gameplay experience that is added is backpacks or duffel bags. This will not be realistic in the sense where it will weigh down your character and slow them down. You can store different things in either one now, whether it be snacks for refilling health, armor, or other materials you can find. You can find collectibles across the map and store them in there.
Another returning feature is the stats: energy, driving, and flying. Energy encompasses the other stats such as stamina, strength, etc. The more energy you can max out, the more stamina and more health you have. Driving and flying are the same as before.


In terms of story, I think Project Americas' narrative based off of the leaks seem very interesting, and also makes for interesting scenarios gameplay-wise during the smuggling missions. Another feature I 100% want back is heists. They were done amazingly in V with their setups and then finales where you had somewhat of a variety was fun for the replay ability. The same can also be said for the Diamond Casino And Resort Heist and its diverse offerings.
For characters, in terms of playable ones, I would enjoy seeing 2 protagonists this time around, maybe a male and female if possible.
The game could end with 3 endings, one where our characters become enemies, one where they remain neutral (friends), and one where they begin a relationship or something like that.
Other characters could be possibly a funny crooked lawyer (think Saul Goodman), maybe another Phil Cassidy-esque character as well if we're heading back to Vice (IF that is).

Last Topic, Time Period (?):

So, this is the big one. I'm having some trouble picking what time period might fit well for my ideal game.
Normally, I would say the 1980s, but even then some people wouldn't really enjoy it, so I decided to take a look at past games and see where this game might fit well in terms of time period:
  1. GTA lll (2001): 2000s (2001 specifically)
  2. Vice City (2002): 1980s (1986 specifically)
  3. San Andreas (2004): 1990s (1992 specifically)
  4. IV (2008): 2000s (2008 specifically)
  5. V (2013): 2010s (2013 specifically)
  6. Online (2013-2020): 2010s - 2020s (Specifically unknown, speculated 2020)
With this being said, I think one time period that could totally work is the 2000s, but instead of 2008 like IV or 2001, I say mid 2000s: somewhere around 2004 - 2006, with some flashback missions dating back to the 1980s (1984, 1987, or 1989).
Now, the internet as we know it wasn't fully developed like how it is today, but it was still actively rising. Funny internet videos and downloading was the norm during that time. Rockstar, with its satire can actively parody the internet as it did with IV and V.
Instead of using the internet to buy cars, players now actively have to go to dealerships, each with their own specific kind of cars (legendary motorsport with their fancy cars, warstock with heavy vehicles, etc).
Now, for the flashback missions. Thinking realistically, it's almost impossible for Rockstar to create different models and whatnot for two different eras.
Now, what I PERSONALLY can see Rockstar doing, if they do decide to go down the flashback route, I can definitely see them create a VERY linear mission-design for a small portion of the map where a mission takes place, and changing some of the buildings and billboards to fit the era (in this case, the 1980s).
For example, take Vice City for example. There could be a portion of the city where the buildings are abandoned, roads are cracked up, etc. There could be a story mission where it takes place in 1984, in that exact portion of the city, where the roads are freshly paved, and the buildings are lively and booming.
RDR2's jump from 1899 to 1907 is justified, in the sense that most of the map is just environments without as many buildings as GTA.
So yeah, that's about it. Hopefully you guys enjoyed it, I have some more stuff on the way!
If you like to add some new ideas to the existing ones or add on ideas in general, please do so.
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Las Venturas + an Albuquerque based city for GTA 6

Everyone and their mother knows GTA 6 will be set in Vice City, but if they do change their minds and try to do another city, I would love for it to be set in Las Venturas. Las Venturas was always cooler to me than San Fierro in San Andreas because of its unique architecture and desert surrounding it. If they decide to make it this is how I would like the map to be.
Las Venturas: A city full of greed with casinos and fancy hotels.
Grand Canyon + hundreds of miles of open desert: A famous tourists locations and hundreds of miles of untouched desert where you can cook meth in or kill somebody without the rest of the world noticing.
An Albuquerque inspired city: A large city with a drug and gang problem, perfect for GTA. Also would be awesome if you are a breaking bad or better call saul fan.
Highway towns: Small towns with gas stations and motels dotted along the major highways.
Also another Idea: The map should not be an island instead if you drive too far a cut scene plays where you car breaks down and a towtruck tows it to the nearest Car shop.
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„I downloaded GTA for free“ – Guide – GTA Online Guide for Epic Games Launcher Players

GTA 5 Online Premium Edition: What's in Epic Games Store Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack?

Get yourself everything you „Starter Pack“ contains, you get properties, vehicles, weapons and clothes for free in a worth of $9.000.000 GTA Dollars. You also get extra $1.000.000 in cash, but this could take up to 7-10 days to get it. All the sales you have will be shown with a dollar sign! Here’s what and how:
For property and vehicles open your phone (arrow key up) and go to Internet (arrow key done>enter)
Property: (In the internet go to „Money and Services“)
Maze Bank West Executive Office (on Dynasty 8)
Paleto Forest Gunrunning Bunker (on Maze Bank Foreclosure)
Great Chaparral Biker Clubhouse (on Maze Bank Foreclosure)
>Senora Desert Counterfeit Cash Factory (if you own the clubhouse, go to the computer there and unlock this property)
1561 San Vitas Street Apartment (on Dynasty 8)
1337 Exceptionalists Way 10 Car Garage (on Dynasty 8)
Vehicles (in the internet go to „Travel and Transport“)
Enus Huntley S, Invetero Coquette Classic, Grotti Turismo R, Bravado Banshee, Enus Windsor, (Annis Elegy RH8) (on Legendary Motorsports click „Sort by Price“ once)
Western Zombie Chopper, Obey Omnis, Pegassi Vortex (on „“ click „Sort by Price“ once)
Frogger (on Elitas Travel click „Sort by Price“ once) you can request any aircraft vehicle you own by calling Pegasus on your phone (you can do that in your contacts). The helicopter are an essential vehicle in the game to travel from A to B
Dune FAV (on Warstock click "Sort by Price" once)
Weapons, Clothing & Tattoos (not on your phone but on the map)
Compact Grenade Launcher, Marksman Rifle, Compact Rife are avaliable at every Ammu Nation Gun Shop (Pistole sign at the map)
(Stunt Race & Import / Export Outfits, Biker Tattoos)

Some more tipps:

Solo Public Lobby: really worth it if you wan’t a online session for your own/friends and don’t want to be killed by other players randomly. Press ESC + CONTROL and look up for „resmon“ in your search line. You will find a sort of Task Manager. Find GTA5.exe > right click > hold on the process > wait for like 7sec > right click > continue the process. Now all players will be kicked.
How to turn off your car radio: Yes, I have been asked about this. If you want to change your radio channel or turn your radio off press Q.
What weapons to use as a beginner: Buy the Mikro SMG to shoot out of your car and the Special Carabine to fight NPCs and equip them unconditionally with a silencer and an extended clip as quick as possible. It costs about $40.000 with extensions each. The Homing Rocket Launcher ($75.000) is also an important investment if you need to shoot down helicopters. Also buy Sticky Bombs, they will be really useful.
Learn to fly! On the map is a plane sign, which is a flying school. Flying is a really important part in the game and you have to get known with the controlls of it. You also get a bonus of $230.000 Cash if you complete all flying lessons with a gold medal.
How do I find people to play heists with: If you have no friends who want to play GTA with you there are of course other opportunities. On specific subreddits like HeistTeams or gtafriends you will find people who are solo players too and need heist members. There are also GTA community discord servers like the one from the youtuber TGG: here. You will never be alone!
Weekly Discounts/Bonuses: really worth to look for that. It changes every Thursday at 10 CET. On gtaonline it will be pinned on top of the subreddit. There may be huge sales for cool vehicles and properties (for example 40% off). Sometimes there are double or triple $ and RP events, which is extreme worth grinding. Like for this week 2x for bunker sell (during an 2x money event on the stock of your business the value is already doubled!). Do the Time Trial which you can do once a week to get a $100.000 each. How to drive these races "the right way" and where to find them can you look up on the pinned discount posts on gtaonline.
Lucky Wheel: In the casino you can spin the Lucky Wheel every 24h. Prices are Money, RP, sales, clothes and the podium car. The podium car changes with the Weekly Discounts every Thursday and you can with the car every week (Tipp: When it says S to spin the wheel count to 1,2 ,3 in your head to have a higher chancer to get the car).
Best investments: For absolute beginners for sure invest in the cheapest High End Apartment Del Perro Heights Apartment 7 ($200.000) on the Dynasty 8 website where you get the opportunity to play your first heists. Play the Fleeca Job then (about $80.000 earnings), where you unlock the sale for a Kuruma ($525.000) which is a must have car for beginners. It’s fully armored and you can literally do every missoins with it because the NPC’s can’t shoot you in there. It can be bought on SouthernSanAndreasAutos**.com.** And if you want to upgrade your helicopter get the Buzzard Attack Chopper for $1.750.000 with machine guns and the essential missiles. In my opinion the best investment you can make to grind for money. It can be requested everywhere for free instead of $25.000 if you are registered as CEO (open shortcut menu with M>SecuroServ>CEO Vehicles>Buzzard).
Fast Money: There are plenty of guides on Reddit how to make quick cash in grinding. (Money Grinding) My recommendation: Play Heists with friends who are high level. If you are alone or new with your friends go for Contact Missions (How: ESC >Online>Jobs>Rockstar Created> Missions) Every Contact Mission gives you about $10.000-15.000. The longer you play a Contact Mission, the more money you will get. But on the long run it's more worth it to play the job as quick as possible (in 4-6min $115.000/h and remember with double $ and RP event $230.000/h) Each player in the mission increases the payout by 10%, so best is to play in a full round. (Payouts and other questions for Contact Missions here).


There are plenty of businesses you can run. You own the Bunker business and one M(otorcycle)C(lub) Business . Go to the location of your business, do the setup missions and refill your supplies regualary. In each of this businesses you can improve your production by buying equipment upgrades and staff upgrades (first buy the cheaper staff upgrade then equiment upgrade). You can also buy security upgrades because your business will be raided by NPCs (like Police) and trough this you can minimize the probability of raids. The security upgrades doesn't affect your production! (but in my opinion not really worth it because you still can be raided). You can steal or buy supplies. If you didn't bought the upgrades yet, steal the supplies. If you have all upgrades who improve the production of your business buy the supplies for $75.000. The businesses stock will fill in a certain time, but you have to be online in the game! If you have good stock you can sell your products (invite friends for that). Always sell to the best priced location. (Los Santos most of the time) And go in a public solo session, you don't want your products destroyed by some idiot, random player. If your vehicle gets destroyed or you was not able to deliver everything you will lose money. Business is easy money for doing close to nothing + during the time your business fills up you can grind on other Missions or the Special Cargo Crate Missions, whatever you like. Choosing the right location for you business is very important! Look that your businesses are as close together as possible. You will drive crazy going 7 miles all the way up on the map just to look how many supplies you have left. Here's a map for all properties there are, so you can choose the best locations for yourself!
Don’t buy the nightclub business as a beginner! You will need the other businesses first to play missions in the nightclub + to get in running you need to pay millions for the 5 mechanics who will farm the money for you.
You can switch between beeing a CEO or MC President: Open your shortcut menu with M. .To retire as a CEO go to SecuroServ>Retire. To retire as a MC President go to Motorcycle Club>Disband MC.
You can add somebody to your CEO Organization or your Motorcycle Club: to add someone as CEO go to SecuroServ>Hire associates and select who you want to add. As a MC President go to Motorcycle Club>Find prospects and select who want to add. With this function your friends can help you do to deliver your products.
Bunker Business: In the bunker you can decide between Manufacturing, Research or both. For money do Manufacturing only. On Research you don't get money, you will unlock weapon upgrades for particular vehicles which also costs money to be customized on your vehicle (Research takes a lot of time and their 51 different weapon upgrades which takes about 7 days if you run it non stop) Doing both may sound smart, but it takes twice as much of the time it would normally take. So doing both is not worth it. If you sell solo sell your stock at $125.000 with no upgrades and at $175.000 with upgrades for one vehicle. For higher stocks invite friends to help you. If you're interested in the number of production, supplies and time it takes: Read it up here.
MC Business (Motor Club Business): Your sort of command center for all the businesses will be your clubhouse. The best clubhouse is the Grand Chapparal Clubhouse. It's the cheapest and will be located near your businesses. You can own 5 different MC Businesses ($/hr with staff- and equipement upgrade + recommended location): Cocaine Lockup in Alamo Sea ($46.500/hr); Methamphetamine Lab in Grand Senora Desert ($29.500/hour); Counterfeit Cash Factory in Grand Senora Desert ($27.000/hr); Weed Farm in San Chianski Mountain Range ($24.000/hr); Document Forgery Office in Grapeseed ($12.000/hr). If you're interested in the number of production, supplies and time it takes: Read it up here and the "nerd" version here.
Special Cargo Missions: In your CEO Office which is directly located next to your High-End apartment (if you bought the one for 200k) you can grind the Special Cargo Missions. You have to buy a warehouse and source crates. There are three kinds of warehouses: small, medium and large warehouses. The bigger it gets, the more money will it costs but the more you can store in there. You can choose between stealing 1, 2 or 3 crates. Always go for 3 crates. It is the expensivst but you will get the most money out of it in the long run. There is a 5min cooldown between every mission, so people buy a second warehouse to instantly start the next mission when they arrived at the Office (Yes, it's annoys to always wait). Cheapest small warehouse $250.000 (16 crates space, full stock sale $144.000 profit), cheapest medium ware house $880.000 (42 crates space, full stock sale $483,000 ) and cheapest large warehouse $1.900.000 (111 crates space, full stock sale $1,554,000 ). (table of profits and time it needs to fill) If you do solo, sell every 9 crates stored to get only 1 vehicle!
Import/Export Business: A CEO Mission (on your Office Computer "Vehicle Cargo"), where you steal cars and source them into a garage. The cheapest garage is $1.500.000 and you can buy in on your Office Computer. There are three catergories of cars: Standard, Mid- and Toprange. The top range cars are the one you want to sell. You can always tune them up for $20.000 and for delivering you get $100.000 which means about $80.000 Profit if you not damage the car. (Sometimes you will be attacked while you steal/deliver the car) There is an algorithm that if you have 10 Standard- and 10 Midrange cars in your garage, you will only get Toprange cars. Always tune them up before you sell and never sell Standard or Midrange cars except you really need the money. You always want to go for the Toprange cars to get the most money out.

Final word

These are just some recommendations in how the game works and what variations there are to make fast money. You can still choose your business locations for yourself, but I recommended the best and effectivst (in my opinion). The most important part is to have fun in playing the game. There are pretty good guides on Reddit and also on Youtube. It’s really worth reading/watching these if you want money. The Guides on Reddit are much more precise. But keep in mind, you have to invest plenty of time to get rich. It’s not done tomorrow.
And please, don’t be an asshole in the lobbies. Be a friendly and nice player and do not kill players and destroy their cargos. Every GTA Player hates this kind of people and remember, high level players are stronger and will go for revenge. They will target the shit out of you until you just want to quit the game.
Have fun playing the game and I hope I could help some new players with my information!
I’m sure if there are anymore questions Reddit will help you.
Here are useful links to other guides on Youtube or Reddit
Please send, maybe better, Youtube and Reddit Guides under this post so I can add the links, thanks. I'm open for improvement on this guide!
Youtube Guides:
(Playlist) GTA Online Solo Beginner Guide - TGG
My personal playlist which helped me a lot
Bunker Beginner Guide
MC Business Beginner Guide
Best Business Guide
Best and Worst Business locations - TheProfessional
Reddit Guides:
GTA Online Mega Guide and Weekly Simple Question Thread - May 14, 2020 <-- is the best with the most information about grinding and different variations to get fast money.
The complete CEO/MC solo Guide
Special Crate Guide
Offices, Warehouses & Crate Missions: CEO FAQ & Guide Index
Thanks for reading.
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05/12/2019 Weekly GTA Online Bonuses

(doing this for the first time ever)
New Content:
Double GTA$ and RP Activities:
Discounted Content:
Time Trial:
RC Bandito Time Trial:
Premium Race:
Twitch Prime Bonuses:
Targeted Sales:
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Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto is without a doubt one of the most successful video game series of all time. I have started the series with the original game back in the day, playing for days with my friend. GTA 2 followed, providing a more focused and polished experience. GTA 3 (along with Vice City and San Andreas) brought Rockstar Games into a new territory, making them one of the biggest video game publishers in the world. GTA 4 (similar to GTA 3) was one of the best-looking games when it came out and introduced arguably the best story and most well-developed characters in any GTA.
I jumped into the GTA V bandwagon with the Epic giveaway and based on all the “perfect scores” by the so-called game critics I was hyped. Unfortunately, this was the first GTA that disappointed me.
Technically speaking, the game is perfect. It looks and sounds stunning and is quite bug free for such a large-scale game. Overlapping narrative is a brilliant idea and for the most part, implemented well. But it is hard to form that special connection with GTA V. Gameplay is way too scripted, indoor locations that can be explored are almost non-existent and dates with girlfriends are taken out. GTA V is also full of juvenile (and not very clever) jokes; characters are quite forgettable (except maybe Trevor), especially in comparison to Niko Bellic. Michael and Franklin are both interesting characters but they had the potential to be developed much more. Trevor, on the other hand, is unforgettable. He is the “hell walking on earth”, but the problem with Trevor is that he goes to extremes in so many different ways that he just feels artificial. Also, he is responsible for 90% of the juvenile humor. I am not talking about political correctness here, a character can be the opposite of politically correct but still funny, if done smartly. Trevor is not that character.
The single-player experience for me was just a dumbed down GTA IV. If this is your first GTA, you may nevertheless still love it.
After beating the campaign, I dived right into GTA Online, one of the most popular online games. You start in a casino, with a long cutscene showing off different parts of the casino. This would have not bothered me if you cannot purchase in-game cash. GTA V has one of the most exploitative transactions in the history of video games. Rockstar Games took greed to a level that all lootboxes in any game feel innocent in comparison. Whether or not a good game is hidden behind that wall of exploitative game mechanics, I do not know. I felt utterly disgusted and logged off…
Single-Player: 7.5/10
Online: 1/10
Overall: 4.5/10
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The possibility of a new location

So there's alot of speculation as to what "a new location" actually means. Some are speculating that's its a new building and others speculating it's a new location. There are things people really aren't considering when it comes to this and I wanted to throw some arguments on the table rather than blindly agree or disagree with any of the current speculation.
GTA becoming standalone This could mean a few things. Firstly, Rockstar could simply be doing this to avoid any potential backlash from forcing players to pay full price for a third time. It could also mean that they're looking at turning GTA Online into its own independent title, where they eventually connect the entire GTA universe under one title. It's important to note that only 3 locations (technically) exist in the HD universe; Los Santos, Liberty City and North Yankton.
Development time Given that there was only 5 years between the two latest titles, 7 years is a considerable amount of time. If it's their intention to connect the existing HD universe, then it's plausible they've managed to remaster Liberty City in that time.
A new location The chances of them creating an entirely new location for GTA Online alone? Not very likely. When they create maps, I'd imagine their focus is solely on the next title. Releasing a new location into online would kill some interest for the next title.
North Yankton This is a common theory "because it's already in the game." Personally, I don't see them fleshing this out at all. Being realistic, where would you pull off a heist in a small Midwestern town? The same depository from single player? No.
Las Venturas and San Fierro Other common theories. There are reasons I doubt these locations. Firstly, Las Venturas is the gambling capital of the world. We've already had a casino heist, it's unlikely they'll focus another update around this. As for San Fierro, I feel the reason these locations weren't included in the HD San Andreas is because of the realistic reimagining of locations they've been doing. Considering they've primarily focused on the same few locations within their games, they've probably seen potential in San Fierro and Las Venturas as their own locations. Maybe I'm wrong and they've saved them for this.
Liberty City As I've said above, if it's their intention to use GTA Online to connect the HD universe, then this is the most plausible of all theories. There are drawbacks that I'd like to point out below.
The dual city problem The main issue with two cities is neglect. As it currently stands the updates for Online are infrequent with only two a year. When producing updates, they'd probably have to focus on one city or the other. You could argue that Los Santos had enough meat on the bone, but why would you bother with this location if it's no longer being updated?
An empty world Let's say hypothetically that they did add a new location, the focus would be around heists. Outside of that, then what? There could be potentially nothing to do. Sure, it's unlikely they'd release it as a bare bones playground, but expecting a new location, new heists and enough activities to keep you occupied in a new location is a bit much.
Progression What about everything you own in Los Santos? Will everything stay there and remain exclusive to that location? Or will some things carry over? There are benefits and downsides to both.
Heisting in Los Santos Now for a different perspective. Let's say we're not going anywhere, where exactly would be pull off a heist? Many things in Los Santos are now out of the question. This doesn't leave them with much room for creativity unless they go for a doomsday part 2 approach.
What are your guys thoughts? Do you feel that there are other points for or against the current speculation?
In conclusion, don't set your expectations too high. It's better to be pleasantly surprised than extremely disappointed
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Yet another map expansion theory...

Yet another map expansion theory...
I've spent most of the last couple of days reading through interviews and compiling information and comments from various heads of Rockstar and Take two. I've boiled it down into this post that doesn't break any of the subreddits rules and hopefully can spark fun discussion.
What we know was going to happen:
-GTA V was supposed to receive a massive undead nightmare style DLC that overhauled the map %80-%90.
-This DLC was cancelled between 2014 and 2016 when all the rest of the SP DLC was cancelled. Was likely deemed unsuitable for multiplayer being a different version of the same map.
-Leslie Benzies spoke candidly about his dream of putting every GTA city into the map, and mentioning that the engine could easily handle it, before he left the company in 2016.
What we can assume
-Rockstar / Take Two are pretty unlikely to have reduced the scope of what they were planning as far as additional content go. With the cancellation of the Zombie DLC they very likely started in on some other equally large project that is more suitable for multiplayer.
-R* & TT are not just going to let their golden goose go stale with 10+ of relatively small updates. Even the biggest update, the casino, is kinda small and could have been made in a relatively short period of time by basically a skeleton crew of developers.
-Its very likely that the budget for GTA online productions increased from 2014 onward as the game made more and more money. Especially since rockstar games itself has continued to expand through that time.
-Both companies would have been aware from the outset how long they would have until their next slate of games. At the time red dead was ~4 years out and the next GTA game was ?? years off. GTAO was not originally meant to last forever but at this point it definitely seems like they intend to keep it around indefinitely. Especially with the mention that Online is being split off into its own seperate game file for the next gen release.
-The next gen version will almost definitely be a port of GTAO from the GTAV engine to the GTAVI engine.
What we can all reasonably expect:
-Most people will be very tired of Las Santos after 10+ years of only that map
-When R* and TT decided that GTAOnline was forever, likely somewhere around 2016/2017, they would have started coming up with plans to bridge the lengthy gap between then and the next game.
-Since Online is (basically) forever now it sounds like Benzies dream is going to pan out, despite his departure from the company, and the game will eventually get more maps worked into it. At the very least it sounds like it'll eventually merge with the GTAVI map which is rumoured to involve multiple islands.
What I expect (not necessarily hope):
-The last update for GTA Online Classic, the version from the ps4 and xbox one, will receive its final update which will include some new map to begin the process of bridging Las Santos with the rest of the grand theft auto cities.
-There will be no more updates to Classic after that but it will remain how it is for the foreseeable future.
-GTAO Enhanced will somehow act as a hard or soft reset of our characters. Either offering us a trade value transfer for all of our GTAO Classic purchases or just flat out starting again.
-It will come along with more or less a complete overhaul to the entire vehicle, weapon, phone system to modernize the whole thing.
-It would make the most sense to connect it to the San Fierro landmass first since that part of the map is relatively unchanged from the transition from San Andreas to GTAV. Only a little bit of shore would be replaced and it would slot in perfectly. Whereas adding Las Venturas would require a substantial alteration of its map to accommodate the additions the GTAV map made to Las Santos.
Where I talk about the map I've attached below, which I crudely placed together.
On the less optimistic and less awesome side we could just get section A as somewhat of a teaser for whats to come down the road.
I like to dream though and I'm dreaming of San Fierro being an entire doubling of the current size of the map. Complete with apartments, houses, CEO and MC club locations, arcades, nightclubs, garages the whole works.
Just look how nicely it slots in there beside Los Santos, almost like it was meant to be.
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New Spider-Man player here. Anybody else wish the game had more enterable buildings/environments?

First of all, I just wanna say I'm absolutely in love with this game. I've been away from gaming since the 360/ps3 era due to money, but with my work from home extended likely through the end of this year I went ahead and got a PS4 and this was the first game I wanted to play.
It's incredible for sure, the past few days I've been in a trance because it's so fun. The nostalgia from my Spider-man 2 days on the original Xbox is very real! This is at this point in time the best video game I've ever played. I'm sure once I go through all the PS4 exclusives that might change but yeah this game is magical.
Still, it's funny but my biggest complaint so far is really specific and probably not something other people would care about much. An underrated aspect of open world games to me has always been the ability to enter buildings and environments that aren't just tied to main or side missions during free roam. In my opinion this makes an open world game feel a lot more real than just existing in the outside world, not being able to really interact at all with the environment if that makes sense. A good example of this in my past is San Andreas. I loved being able to go to the restaurants, gyms, casinos, airports etc. whenever I wanted in free roam. I feel like GTA started phasing this out after San Andreas.
That's not to say there isn't enough to do outside of the missions, there's obviously a ton in this game. But one thing I love, as small as it is, is going into Otto's lab whenever I want to listen to his voice recordings and work on the puzzles in there. One thing I really liked in Spider-Man 2 was going to the Daily Bugle and sneaking in through the roof, then you go through the bathroom over to where Jameson is. In Otto's lab you do this too which I thought was great! I love the research stations too for this reason, but outside of that I don't notice many enterable buildings (forgive me if there are more examples later in the game, I'm about 50% complete right now).
I think the decision to craft, change and upgrade suits and gadgets at any point is a smart decision because it would be a pain having to go to specific locations to do so. But I can't help but wish there was some sort of safe house or home base to craft or do other activities periodically. I don't necessarily mean more puzzles because I know those get boring, but maybe some place to do more research that will add little bits of info to the backstory the way the backpacks did could be cool. Again it just helps my immersion in open world games even if it functionally doesn't make a lot of sense. I was actually a little bummed you couldn't work on the suit more in Otto's lab but that's just because you can do it anyway which like I said is a smart decision. Is it possible Insomniac adds more enterable buildings in future games? Do enough people even care about this like I do haha.
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[TIMELINE] Analyzing The Past to Predict the Future - Everything We Should Consider on the Road to GTA VI

[TIMELINE] Analyzing The Past to Predict the Future - Everything We Should Consider on the Road to GTA VI
[QUICK MOD NOTE] This post was originally posted by Lenlfc on GTAforums, original post here. ALL CREDIT GOES TO HIM FOR ALLOWING ME TO DO THIS. It's extremely detailed and extensive, but it also gives a full look at previous leaks and speculation about GTA V, RDR 2, and the upcoming GTA VI. It's well worth your read if you're at all interested in speculation and leaks for GTA VI, considering it has a lot of information about how Rockstar has done things in the past, and how they may do things with GTA VI. It also has all of the confirmed information we have for GTA VI, like everyone has been asking for. Enjoy!
LENLFC will also be updating his original GTAForum's post often when new, reliable information comes out that is worth adding to his timeline.
TL:DR: This is very long. Please don't be mean if you think I went too far. I just wanted to be as detailed as possible, and compile as much evidence and proof as possible, so we can work out the most accurate and likely scenario. I've never done anything like this before. So please be kind.
Hi. So, Red Dead Redemption 2 has come and gone. Feels like forever we waited for it. Hard to believe it released almost 4 months ago. It's that time when many of us will start looking forward to the next Rockstar game. I have been on this site since the first leaks for GTA V popped up online. In that time, I have watched fairly quietly, barely getting involved. I've read a lot, and enjoyed it all, but never actively helped out. I want to warn you all that this post will be pretty lengthy, and as I'm not a regular poster, my formating or writing may not be the best. But I'm a big fan of Rockstar Games, and have a weird fascination with remembering small things. So I wanted to try my best to compile everything we know about how Rockstar go about making their games, what they have done in the past and do some crazy conspiracy theory like deducing to try to predict when, where and how we can find clues to GTA VI, and when they may announce or release it.
Firstly, I'd like to credit and thank Dan Dawkins. Many of you may not know who he is, but long story short, he's a journalist, and back in July 2011 he wrote an article in the magazine PSM3. In the article he predicted many things about GTA V (some correct, some incorrect) he researched all the available data and pooled it together, and used that to speculate about GTA V. That was a massive influence on me growing up, on how to speculate responsibly and use common sense to work out where a game or series may go next. So thank you, Dan!


Now, onto the main topic. What do we know about GTA VI? Not a lot. Dan Houser recently said that they're thankful they're not releasing GTA VI while Trump is in office. While he's never actually quoted as saying they won't release it while Trump is in office, I think journalists used that for a catchy headline. But the point remains. GTA is heavily based on British satire of USA. The current political climate makes it very difficult for them to do this. If we take it literally, GTA VI won't release until 2021 or 2025, depending on how long he is in office. Unless I have my dates wrong. I'd be willing to bet they had 2021 in mind. However, my personal take on this was that Dan simply meant "thank god we're not releasing GTA VI in 2018" And knowing it'l take them years to even release their next game, Trump will no longer be President.
We also know Rockstar Games will make another GTA. And that is about it. If there is anything else concrete, that we know, that I have missed please let me know.


Here's where we start digging and look to the past, what Rockstar has done before and try our best to work out their timelines and how they go about things. Now, in order to do this, I'd like to begin with GTA V, as that is when Rockstar Games transitioned into the one big game every 5 years, as opposed to the game every year studio.
April 20th 2009 the first ever build for GTA V was created. I'm not sure if this is when development officially began, or just the date of the first build. Either way, I doubt there is much difference. They were busy working on TBoGT at that point, having just released TLaD 2 months prior. This was discovered from the Build Log. I will go into detail on this later. However this wasn't discovered until 2014, I just thought it was worth putting here to stamp the timeline.
The earliest rumors for GTA V began on July 26th 2010, with reports of Rockstar researching locations in and around Hollywood. Rockstar declined to comment on this, saying they don't comment on "rumors and speculation". To this day we still don't know if this was legit, or otherwise. However the game did end up being set in Los Santos. So it was either true or coincidentally correct.
Next came the domain name leaks on February 25th 2011. That date might be off by a couple of days, but the original GTA V Leak Topic has it dated to the 25th. (Fun fact, this is the leak and topic where I signed up to GTAForums!) Very GTA sounding website names. After GTA IV introduced the internet to us, it was no surprise to think GTA V would expand on that, and the domain names registered sounded right out of a GTA game. This was proven true, as the websites did appear in game.
On March 8th 2011 more fuel was added to the GTA V fire, when the codenamed "Rush" casting call was leaked online. Like the website, they sounded like something out of a GTA game.
This was further expanded on the 29th of March when Take Two put out a private casting call, further hinting at development on GTA V being well underway.
October 5th 2011 In an Asked & Answered article, 2 users asked about the next GTA, with Rockstar replying with the following
“When are we going to see a new GTA????? #bestgameever” - received via Twitter“When's the new grand theft auto coming out?” - received via Twitter
Big, big shout to all Grand Theft Auto fans worldwide who we know are anxious to hear about what’s next for the franchise but we don’t have any news at this time.All we can say is, right now, we’re focused on our next upcoming releases which are Max Payne 3 as well as L.A. Noire for PC, Red Dead Redemption Game of the Year Edition and Max Payne for mobile devices. When and if we have anything to report regarding the Grand Theft Auto franchise, you know that we’ll do so here at the Newswire or on our Twitter or Facebook.
And then it happened. GTA V was officially announced on October 25th 2011 at 12pm BST, linked below.
This announcement came only 20 days after saying the above on October 5th 2011
This goes to show that Rockstar can say one thing, then surprise us weeks later.
The first trailer then debuted on November 2nd 2011
Everything past this point, until release I feel is not relevant to this discussion. It is more to do with post announce schedules and marketing, and when to expect news or updates or trailers for an already announced major game. If this topic does well, I could add it, or put it in a spoiler box so it's optional detail. Otherwise the next points worth talking about come into play upon release, and where Rockstar go after this.
September 17th 2013 GTA V finally releases. We rejoice.
October 1st 2013, two weeks after the launch of GTA V GTA Online launches.
This is where it gets interesting and complicated. We know now that their next game was Red Dead Redemption 2. However, Rockstar weren't finished with GTA V. Many people claim that Rockstar stopped caring about their fans and gamers, citing images like these
You can actually pinpoint the year Rockstar discovered microtransactions.
Now, I bring these up, as it is important to understand just how Rockstar now operate. Love it or hate it, but GTA Online has allowed Rockstar to not release games as often. Allowing them to work on one game as Rockstar Studios, where they all work together, instead of separate teams, like Rockstar North (GTA) and Rockstar San Diego (RDR) for example. The income from GTA Online has seemingly allowed them to spend 5 years working on Red Dead Redemption 2, perfecting a masterpiece. Allowing them to make the game they wanted, and allowing them to take all the time necessary to innovate and make a living breathing world even more so than GTA V did.
Some time in January 2014 the GTA V Build Log was found. Apparently it was on the game disc, and dedicated fans dug into the files and found it. I bring this up, as it reveals some key interesting details. such as the date of the first GTA V build/when GTA V development began. This is important as we can use this information later to try to work out when they may start their next project.
Throughout 2014 Rockstar were hard at work developing the PC, PS4 & Xbox One versions of the game. I don't know how much work that would be, but they weren't simple upres versions of the game. They included new features and plenty of big enhancements. The PC version was delayed into 2015 for added polish. And leslie Benzies took a sabbatical on September 1st, for 17 months.
The next key detail to note is from January 2016, I think. Leslie Benzies leaves Rockstar North. I feel this is important to note, as it could have delayed a lot of Rockstars plans, as a lot of staff left with him, Rockstar would go on to deal with a lawsuit which could only be an unnecessary distraction. There was a topic here on GTAForums discussing it. Needless to say the whole situation was pretty shady and the details don't really matter too much.
Rockstar had also planned single player DLC for GTA V, multiple datamines suggested 3 packs, as well as Ash735 on Neogaf confirming this. We can take this with a grain of salt, but if it were made up, then it's a pretty dull and uninteresting thing to make up.
They had also promised Heists for GTA Online, which was quickly becoming very popular. I personally believe (And this is where speculation begins) that the SP DLC was the unfortunate victim in all of this. They HAD to get the next gen versions out, as if you're launching an online game, you can't rely on players sticking with old consoles when the next gen consoles launch only 2 months after GTA Online launches. They had to get Heists out, which were promised before the entire game even released. More so than the SP DLC, which was just a closing line on a Newswire article, albeit multiple times. And development on their next game ramping up, going into full production, combined with the restructuring of Rockstar North due to Leslie Benzies leaving... SP DLC may have been an unfortunate victim.
Article 1
Article 2
Article 3
GTA V launches on PS4 & Xbox One on November 18th 2014
PC version launched on April 14th 2015
Rockstar Games are now done with development on GTA V, now solely focusing on GTA Online updates, in terms of Grand Theft Auto
April 3rd 2014 Thanks to @EVOLUT7ON for bringing this to my attention. In a Q&A with DJ Whoo on BallerStatus, he allegedly reveals he will be in the next GTA, which will be in Liberty City again. BallerStatus. And thanks to iNero for his topic.


August 2013 Roger Clark's first day on set, for Red Dead Redemption 2
Roger Clark: "My first day on the project was in August of 2013. With the context of this particular installment, I was the first to come on, apart from Rob and Ben who worked on the previous chapter."
4th September 2014 Rockstar San Diego start hiring for next gen consoles. They allegedly went on a hiring spree for an upcoming project. Which we would later find out to be Red Dead Redemption 2.
December 11th 2014 Actor Jorge Consejo posts a selfie on Instagram, wearing a typical mocap or performance capture suit. However it doesn't match the one used in GTA V
September 2015, [Original Source] Rockstar started hiring for more jobs. They seem to relate to a stealth based game, but so far they haven't released anything that would indicate what they were hired for.
Then the leaks start happening...
November 29th 2015 An ex Rockstar employee hints that RDR2 is their next project. The infamous “Really, Dumbass. Really? Two“ comment by Danny Ross, on Reddit. Archive of actual post
April 13th 2016 the map for RDR 2 leaks on NeoGaf. This was unprecedented. The map for a huge open world Rockstar Games game has never leaked online 6 month before the game was even announced. Link to the map.
October 18th 2016 Rockstar finally announce Red Dead Redemption 2, after teasing in the days leading up to the 18th.
July 27th 2017 Stuntman, Tim Neff's online resume leaks that he worked on RDR2 and GTA VI. He denied involvement in RDR2, but claimed he worked on GTA V, and that it was a mistake. He also had personal instagram photos from Rockstar San Diego, with captions strongly suggesting he was there for work. He denied it, saying it was just a photo taken outside that anyone could take. He quickly removed them. He was not credited in GTA V, but by RDR2's release he is indeed credited in RDR2.
Friday September 29th 2017 A reddit user posted a thread mentioning a recent leak which had been deleted. I do not know the date that it was originally posted. But it was over a year before the game released. And was entirely accurate. these leaks will serve a purpose later on.
December 25th 2017 GTAForums User @Jabalous brings to our Attention the actor Jorge Consejo, his previously mentioned Instagram selfie, and his CV/Resume. Which mentions min being in GTA 6, playing the role "The Mexican" (Featured).
CGI meaning motion capture work, etc.
In April of 2018, I'm not sure of the date, maybe the 18th? The article has since been removed. But I copied the article into a notepad file. published an article based of a memo and some notes about the game. They claimed to have received this information in August 2017, but didn't post it due to fears it was fake. It wasn't until Rockstar released a screenshot that matched one that they had also received that they decided to publish this information, now believing it to be genuine. Here is an image of the text copy of the article (reddit formatting issues)
November 1st 2018 Rockstar sue TrustedReviews for £1M Essentially proving the leak to be true. Although the game itself proves it to be true, it's interesting that Rockstar sued for that much. Or sued at all.
January 6th 2019 Rockstar start hiring for next generation
Rockstar's career opening page - Credit to @el carlitos for that one!
-----------------------------------------------Unconfirmed Speculation-----------------------------------------------
January 30th (Specific date still debatable) Film Florida have guest Leah Sokolowsky on their podcast. She briefly mentions a recent change in her work
Recently as you're aware we've had a change in the types of productions that are coming to our state. So I've also been very fortunate to get a large client that has hired me to arrange basically site tours and visits. It's uh digital media company. And I've signed an NDA so I can't disclose who it is. But they've been exploring various areas of our state, and of other states in the south east. And I've been planning and arranging those visits for their personnel and that's been kind of a very interesting expansion of what I normally do, as well.
Here's the link to that quote.
It's suggested this is Take Two Interactive/Rockstar Games, as a reddit user claimed on October 6th 2019 scouts were looking around his area, and asked for permission to take photographs of the building. Which was later followed up by a photograph of an alledged document/contract as proof on October 8th 2019
-----------------------------------------------End of Unconfirmed Speculation-----------------------------------------------
February 13th 2019 VP of product development Jeronimo Barrera departs Rockstar Games after 20 years. This might not seem anything significant, but it's one of his quotes that I think it very important.
"If I had stayed at Rockstar it would have been more GTAs, more RDRs and less of this other stuff going on out there right now." While that is nothing concrete. It does indicate that Rockstar will be working on Red Dead and GTA for the foreseeable future. That won't surprise many of us, but it's just a little detail that gives us hope that GTA is next, and not another franchise like Bully, L.A. Noire or Max Payne, for example.
April 18th 2019 a former Rockstar India employee has mention of creating vehicles for GTA V and upcoming GTA 6 in his artstation resume Thanks to ApolloThunder's post.
Now those are the most important details I feel. Now I may have missed some other details people might find important. In August of 2017 the stunt actor Tim Neff was involved in a alleged leak for RDR2 & GTA 6. It was quickly 'debunked' Although many believed there were holes in the methods used to debunk it. And his removal of Instagram photos taken at Rockstar San Diego was suspicious to many users. I do not believe it holds enough water to use it as any evidence. But we can use it to speculate.
July 9th 2019 Jorge Consejo likes and quotes a tweet about him being in GTA 6

Now We Use All This Information to Speculate

The first clues we should look for are reports of Rockstar scouting locations. We know from articles and or interviews that Rockstar take thousands of photographs when creating their worlds, so any reports of Rockstar Staff i researching locations should be a very good indication. However, they can be very secretive.
Same goes for Rockstar or Take Two registering domain names or sending out casting calls. So far we've heard nothing of the sort. again, we don't always hear these things. I don't recall hearing anything about casting for RDR2 at any point between 2012 & 2016.
Combined with the fact that Rockstar only just released RDR2 4 months ago. I think it's pretty safe to sat development on their next game hasn't fully begun yet, or will do very soon. If we look back to the build log for GTA V, they created the first build on April 20th 2009. pretty much one year after GTA IV released. By that logic the first build for GTA VI would have been created in September 2014, right? Well, considering they had to work on the next gen and PC versions for so long. I'd wager they started much, much later. We know that these days Rockstar operate as Rockstar Studios, all working together on one game at a time. But if the NeoGaf user is to be believed, pre production for GTA VI began in 2012, which is actually entirely believable. As Rockstar began work on RDR2 almost immediately after RDR1. "In early 2011, Dan began chatting with Rockstar San Diego about how Red Dead Redemption 2 would look and who the characters would be. Late that summer, he says, he had a “broad outline and rough flow of the game defined.” By fall 2012, his team had completed rough scripts for many of the game’s missions and started doing read-throughs on video conference calls with directors of game play, art design, and animation from Rockstar offices around the world. " Source
Now, unlike Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto is not a game about specific characters, like RDR is with John and Dutch's gang. So It's safe to say after GTA V, the Housers did not sit down and come up with scripts or ideas for GTA 6 revolving around those characters. But never say never. They could use this as an opportunity to bring back Michael Franklin & Trevor, working of some of the ideas for the Story DLC for GTA V, instead of scrapping it entirely. For the first time ever, GTA could be a direct sequel using the same protagonists. This however, I believe to be incredibly unlikely. But I thought it was worth mentioning.
So, they've finished RDR2. What Are Rockstar doing now? I believe they're hard at work on the PC version of the game. Many people don't believe it will release on PC, citing the fact that RDR1 never released on PC as evidence. I don't believe that is fair, as we know RDR1 was a mess, and was in such a bad state that they were lucky to release it at all. Rumours and alleged leaks stated the game was a coded mess, and they weren't willing to go through all the hassle of porting it to PC. We also know PC games typically have a high paracy rate, and Rockstar aren't fond of spending all that development time and cost on such an effort for little reward. Here's a clip of Lazlow talking about releasing their games on PC, and joking wanting to make their money back first. It's from 2010, right before RDR1 released. I think he was making a joke, but hiding the truth in there. Which leads me to believe that RDR2 could come to PC, but in order to make their money on that, also release it on PS5 & the Next Xbox, like they did for GTA V. Considering the gap between GTA V on PS3 & 360 and GTA V on PC (19 months) we could see a similar gap with RDR2 on PC. If that is the case, we could see a PC release in May 2020. At which point next gen consoles would likely have been announced, assuming Sony repeat their February reveal as they did with PS4. Or soon to be revealed at E3 a month later. It's not beyond the realms of possibility that they re release on Next gen with native 4K on PS5, higher frame rates, or other enhanced features. Next gen consoles will be backwards compatible, but if they want to keep RD Online going, a newer version with higher player counts could be a good option.
Speaking of next gen consoles, until specs are set in stone, I don't think Rockstar will announce anything. Dev Kits are allegedly being sent to some developers right now. Sony first party studios are already working on PS5 games. Guerilla, for example. I'd wager Sony's relationship with Rockstar is a good bet to think they have them, too. So, what does this mean?
Well, let's look at when Rockstar announced RDR2. 18th October 2016. 18 months after the PC release of GTA V, 3 years, 1 month after the initial release of GTA V. Lets assume they stick to a similar pattern, both GTA V & RDR2 were announced in October. It could be a good bet for what month to expect an announcement. However, GTA IV was announced in May 2006, with Peter Moore's infamous Tattoo. So...
Now let's look at when Rockstar started hiring for RDR2, which was September 2014. It took them 2 years to announce their next game. And they had the base map planned out within 19 months. We just don't know when the photo of the map was taken, just when it was leaked to the public (april 2016). But we do know Rockstar always start with the world. For GTA V, that discussion started as GTA IV was wrapping up – almost five years ago – although the latest game has been in full production for just three years.
“It comes from the idea first,” Benzies tells us in his office at the studio.
Where is it going to be set is the first question. Then that defines the missions; you’re doing different things in LA than in New York or Miami. The map and story get worked up together, and the story is a basic flow of how it works out so you can layer the missions in. Source
I think we can safely say that Rockstar already know where the game will be set, and Aaron Garbut is already hard at work at creating a concept of a map. If he hasn't already.
Based of that information, I'd say Rockstar are hiring for their next game, which will be PS5 and Next Xbox exclusive, Likely to be GTA 6, and will need 2 - 3 years of development before they are able to reveal it with a trailer. Putting the game at a 2021 - 22 reveal, with a 2023 - 24 release. I do believe the upcoming generation, and Rockstars desire to outdo themselves every time will only slow them down. Their games take so long to develop, and I can't see them putting out GTA 6 in the same timeframe as GTA V, from GTA IV. More likely to be similar, if not longer than GTA V to RDR2.

The Leaks

Remember when I said the leaks would serve a purpose later on? I find it highly suspicious that Rockstar had leaks as substantial as they had for RDR2, when they never had anything to that level before. They are usually incredibly watertight. So let's speculate as to why...

The Benz.

Isn't it strange how such a long time influential figure at Rockstar North was fired, and then leaks start popping up for their next game? It's no secret that there was more to his firing that we initially thought. Things went really bad between The Benz and The Housers. I think when he left the company, and many of his staff left, too. A lot of disgruntled employees may has decided to spill the beans on their next game out of spite. The entire game map leaking 6 months before the game was even announced, Epilogue spoilers down to finite details such as building a house or birthing a foal? Way too specific, and that's never happened for a Rockstar game before. I just find that suspicious.
So, why is that relevant to GTA 6? Well, it may end up not being relevant at all. But then I remembered the leak from last year, that stated GTA 6 was set in Vice City. Back then, I didn't believe it at all, as it was way too detailed for a game that wasn't even announced, and wouldn't be announced for at least 2 more years. Likely double that. Plus why did they choose The Know? And an anonymous source is always suspicious. But hey, nobody would be dumb enough to give their actual identity if it were legit.
But then I started thinking a while ago, at how detailed the RDR2 leaks were, and maybe, just maybe the person who tipped off The Know was legit, and the info was based of what was in pre production from 2012 [Unofficial Source]. The more I thought about it, I realized that Vice City, with the concept of crossing the border to South America is a simple enough concept that could have been decided upon during pre production (the world is the first thing they decide, remember?)

Why Vice City

2 reasons why it's starting to feel like a likely location. Reason one, GTA Online. They introduced businesses and gunrunning into GTA Online, and a lot of people enjoy that stuff. Vice City would be a great location to create content around that concept. I don't believe Rockstar would pick a location based on what would make Online popular, but after GTA Online's huge popularity after GTA V, they'd be stupid to ignore it. Reason 2 was the quote Dan Houser gave about not releasing GTA 6 during Trumps presidency. Again, I believe it's taken a little out of context, but it's his words about satirising America is what caught my eye.
"Both intense liberal progression and intense conservatism are both very militant, and very angry. It is scary but it’s also strange, and yet both of them seem occasionally to veer towards the absurd," Houser said. "It’s hard to satirize for those reasons. Some of the stuff you see is straightforwardly beyond satire. It would be out of date within two minutes, everything is changing so fast." Source
Then there was this quote from Leslie Benzies, also covered in The Knows video:
IGN Source
Any chance that Vice City might return in a future GTA?
It is always a possibility. There are a few references to the city in our current-gen GTAs so it is part of that HD universe, and it is certainly somewhere we would love to revisit. However Vice City, perhaps more than any other GTA game, was as much about the era as the setting. Miami in the 1980’s is so iconic it would feel strange to revisit the city in a different time period.
exploring grand theft auto vice citys lasting impact on gamer culture with rockstars leslie benzies city cover. Of course at some point we would like to have one big world containing all our cities and let the player fly between them and revisit their favorite areas, and in that context reimagining Vice City would be very interesting.
So according to Rockstar, albeit someone who is no longer at Rockstar, it would be strange to go back to Vice City in a modern day setting. If you combine that with what Dan Houser said about parodying America today, and how difficult that would be, is it possible that the next game could be set in the past? Again, combining those quotes, with alleged leaks, and the possibility for fun and exciting gameplay and Online experiences... Vice City is an incredibly likely setting.
The only problem is GTA 6 going into pre production in 2012. If the location was decided upon then. It would either be a happy coincidence, or they may have changed the location. Or, it never was Vice City, and this speculation is clever, but ultimately wrong.
One key piece of information is the Neogaf user, who allegedly states that it WON'T be Vice City. Citing that production notes going around when he still worked there stated possible locations and concepts. And that it is likely one of the 4 options listed in the quoted thread.
Small town gta - tight stories, scheduled characters, ridiculous levels of ambience, every home interior modelled. Every building enterable. More realism - if your wanted you are on the run for a while.
Vegas 1970s- CASINO?
Somewhere snowy - chicago/detroit
Mexico City
You have to consider that what they may have decided in 2012 changed, due to the popularity of GTA Online. They could have chosen a smaller, more detailed interactive world. But due to Online, decided they needed a larger world. Or the location wasn't right due to modern politics and ability to satarise, etc.
I do think GTA could return to the past eventually. Sam Houser has an incredible knowledge of pop culture, and is very intelligent. It would work well for them to go back to an older setting for a GTA game again. That isn't proof of that, or even a solid reason for them to do a prior setting. His knowledge can be used in any setting, past or present. But it's an interesting piece of information to think about.
Another possibility is Dan's words were as simple as GTA 6 won't release while Trump is in office, and therefore GTA 6 will be set in the present day, but by then the political climate may have settled down, or they think/hope things will be different by then, and what they choose to parody will be easier. i don't know.

How about Las Venturas?

For the past few months, I've been thinking about the possibility of GTA 6 being set in Las Venturas. It's one of the locations mentioned as a possibility by @Ash_735 It's also a location that would be quite large, although not hugely diverse. However creative freedoms could solve that. If they return to a past setting as theorised. Then Las Venturas in the 70's or 80's could be seen as a pretty cool option. Like a lot of people, I'm a fan of Joe Rogan. Recently he had a guest on his podcast, Bob lazar. Whether you believe him or not is irrelevant. But he tells some interesting stories about working near Area 51, and working on alien UFO's. that really got me thinking... Wouldn't that be a perfect location for Rockstar to have some fun with? GTA V and RDR2 both featured UFO easter Eggs. There was a lot of mysteries tied to Mt. Chiuliad and Fort Zancudo. Can you imagine Area 69 returning, and what Rockstar may do with that? Now I fully understand that saying they may do a certain location, based of nothing other than easter eggs is a bit silly, but what else do we have? However, it does tie in with the notes (Vegas 1970's Casino?). Before RDR2 we never believed Rockstar would create a game, and build of a previous games map. After RDR2, we now know it's possible. I'm still not convinced they'd do it with GTA, as the GTA series is always an island, whereas RDR1 was a landlocked location. However, it is possible, however unlikely that they could build of Southern San Andreas and go east to Las venturas.
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Some ideas for GTA VI

  1. Lets start with the obvious one it should be set in vice city but in my opinion it shouldn't only be set in vice city but cities in the state of flordia as a whole much like how san andreas was set in the state of san andreas but the main city was los santos in gta 6 it should be set in the state of florida and the main city should be vice city
  2. It should be set in the 1970s and the 1980s it should be set in multiple timelines like for example chapter 1 is set in 1975 and chapter 6 is set in 1980
  3. It should have the empire building of vice city stories and it should add on to it. like for example if you have a prostitution business one of your girls gets attacked you could go save her or send one of your henchmen to save the girl
  4. You should have your own henchmen in the game. when your like at the point that your really successful and have a lot of money you should be able to get henchmen and each one of them should have a role one of them for example is your driver the other one is your bodyguard etc.
  5. it should have the drug dealing from chinatown wars and also add on to the already amazing drug dealing chinatown wars have. it also should have a complex prostitution, or gambling mechanic if your in the gambling business when you have enough money to buy a casino
  6. it should have a complex gang system for example you could join a gang and your rival gang will try to kill you everytime they see you so you go and run errands for your rival gang and their rival gang and their rival gang to get all of their respect
  7. it should have different types of tanks, idk it would be pretty cool
  8. it should have a lot of customization options. for example you should be able to customize your properties how ever you like or your cars how ever you like for example you should be able to make your car bullet proof and have guns on it and be super fast.
  9. you should be able to break in to anyone's house and rob them and there should be a homeless guy who comes to your restaurant when you bought one, once in a while and if you give him enough food for free he will tell you the locations of the houses that you can easily break into and have a lot of valuables and speaking of stealing valuables you should also be able to go set heists.
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My theory for GTA online

My theory for GTA online
So everyone is very much furious and annoyed that R* decided to show GTA 5 trailer at sony's PS5 event. Even if you've been living under a rock, if you just go to any of their social media pages you can see fans being very angry at the announcement. However at the very end if the trailer they mentioned "Expanded and enhanced" and thia is my theory on what i feel it means.
For GTA online we've been getting a DLC every year. We got heists update in 2015, bikers dlc in 2016, I/E, smuggler's run and doomsday in 2017, after hours and arena wars in 2018 and the diamond casino heist update in 2019. Needless to say looking at the pattern we can expect a new dlc update this year, also the fact that wendy is a contact on our phones but does nothing now proves the point that there is going to be a DLC involving her(speculation).
I think that the whole "Expanded and enhanced" thing means that we are going to get a map expansion. Now hear me out, the present map is okay but it's just one major city paired with a countryside area. If you just go online and look at the bucketlist fans want in GTA6 two most prominent thing that pops up is more locations to explore and more interiors to explore. There is this possibility that one sane person at R* would have mentioned that it's been 7 years and we are still playing with the same map, atleast expanding the current map and providing more interactive interiors for the online mode would be a good idea.
Now here's my theory of which map/city would be added to the current map in GTAO. I think they'd add Las venturas to the current map. For those of you who are too young to know what las venturas is, it was a major city in GTA San andreas, the only other game to have los santos. Las venturas is based on Las vegas and in GTA SA you had the option of going to multiple casinos and gambling your money away. GTAO has added the diamond casino feature and it has been amazing and almost everyone likes it. The fact that you could win a new car every week or make money through luck has been a n absolute pleasure. Not to forget the casino heist and agatha's missions. So it only makes sense that R* would add something more like it and what better place to add than a city where you can find more casinos than normal buildings.
What do you think? Which city do you think would be added to GTAO?
P. S:- Again this is just speculation and my theory of what i believe R* might do. I do not have access to any inside information nor do i have information from ex-R* employees.
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saints row 5 idea

so this is a my ideal saints row game in one post that really like to share with you guys. anyway with that out of the way lets get started shall we.
first of all the game will be set in a brand new sprawling metropolis called "new couira". second the game will be going back to the style of the first two games focusing on gang warfare and taking over the city. the game is set in an alternate universe where the events of 3 and 4 never happened. the city the game takes place is also much larger and diverse than the previous games.
the city itself:
new couira is divided into ten districts. the names of them are
the gangs:
whats a saints row game without gangs?
city takeover:
city takeover will work like just cause 3's liberation system. the player must conquer all illegal businesses within a territory owned by an enemy gang to take over that territory. taking over certain territories will also be required for unlocking story missions. once the player has taken over a territory they can buy stakes in all the shops and stores within that territory. players also gain income from the territories they own.
most of the activities from the first two games will be returning and two new ones will be added is well and these include,
gang customization:
like several of the previous games in the series the player can fully customize their gang from the cars they drive, how they dress, and more.
gang styles:
gang vehicles:
unlockable gang customizations:
after you defeat an enemy gang the can customize your gang to have the same appearances as that gang, pretty much giving you the ability to clone the gang you just took down. players can also visit a plastic surgeon later on and give their character the same personality as some of the members of the enemy gangs you take down.

other trivial features:
anyways that concludes this saints row 5 concept i wanted to share with you guys. please share your thoughts on this and keep criticism constructive as this took me several hours to make and i would appreciate some positivity in the comment section.
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GTA Online - Starting Over

GTA Online - Starting Over
Since the release of GTA for free on the Epic Games store, the sub is filled with so many “how to make money” questions, so I thought I’d compile a guide, since the old one is heavily outdated.
The first thing you see when loading onto Online for the first time is the tutorial. I skipped it for my first time as I already had some basic knowledge, but if you have never played a GTA game before, it’s worth it. And you get some decent rewards too.
When loading into a session, you should spawn outside of the casino or nearby. Inside, is a lucky wheel which rewards players, once a day, with RP, cash, chips, mystery items and the Podium Vehicle, which you can find as you enter the Casino. Go to the Diamond Casino website on your phone and sign up (will cost 500$) to get access to the wheel, as well as 1000 chips per day to gamble, at your own risk. Note that the wheel is not available in some countries due to gambling laws. You may get lucky with the podium vehicle or money. RP is also useful, and may get you to level 7-8 depending on how much you get. Buy the cheapest 2 car garage and set it as your spawn location.
From this point onwards, always play in Invite Only sessions. You won’t get blown up/griefed by anyone and is much more peaceful.
A great starter car is the Annis Elegy RH8, which you can pick up for free from Legendary Motorsport if you link your Social Club account to your respective Xbox or PSN accounts (PC players get it for free automatically.) Store it in your garage and practice driving it around corners. A good bike is the Bati 801, which you can pick up from Southern San Andreas Super Autos for 15k.
Your next point of action is to get money for weapons. You have 2 options here. One is to participate in the double or triple money events, ranging from races, jobs, adversary modes and businesses. If you are lucky and have a job with double money such as Contact Missions or Repo missions, grind these as much as you can while they’re double money. Once you have 50-100k from doing these, go to the nearest Ammu-Nation, and buy a Micro SMG, and Special Carbine, and attach both with extended magazines, and buy a Homing Launcher and maximum grenades and sticky bombs, as these can be useful in certain situations.
Once you have these, your next step is to complete the various easter eggs, rewarding around $1 million, and plenty of RP too. There are many guides online which are useful, especially GTA Series Videos. The easter eggs you can do are the Maude Bounties, Los Santos Slasher and Treasure Hunt, each rewarding 250k, and the Signal Jammers and Action Figures, each rewarding 150k. You should also enable 2FA on your account to earn 500k.
The next step is to buy a high-end apartment to unlock Heists. The cheapest and one of the best ones is Alta Street, costing a mere $200,000. Once you have done this, visit Lester (marked L on the map) and once you are Level 12, you can host The Fleeca Job. Use HeistTeams or the official GTA online Discord to find a partner for this. Upon completion, you will earn around 150k depending on cut, and the trade price for the Armored Kuruma, arguably one of the best vehicles for low level players, as it is pretty much bulletproof.
Your next step is to afford a CEO office and enter the world of Vehicle Cargo, one of the best paying active businesses, and it is quite fun too. If you have the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack, you will get the Maze Bank West CEO office for free, otherwise it costs $1 million. “How do I earn this?” you may ask. There is a feature in the game called VIP, which requires you to have 50k in your account. You can register as a VIP using the Interaction Menu. If you own a CEO office, you become a CEO instead, which is the same as a VIP, but you don’t have a cooldown. VIP jobs are fun and well paying, the best 2 ones are Headhunter and Sightseer, each paying 22-25k depending on how long it takes you. You should run these back to back, and rob a store/do a contact mission during the cooldown. Once you have enough for the CEO office, go to your computer in the office and buy a Vehicle Warehouse. The cheapest one is 1.5 million in La Mesa, which is the best price-performance one. It does have a gang hangout nearby so be careful when making the final turn into the warehouse as if you crash into them, they will shoot at you.
With Vehicle Cargo, you must be in a Public Lobby, meaning with other people. There is a method for each console which allows you to get a “solo public lobby”, so you can do Vehicle Cargo and business sell missions stress-free. There is a general rule of thumb for Vehicle Cargo, never sell standard or mid range cars. If you source 10 standard and 10 mid range car and don’t sell any, you will only source top range cars. If you source the 4 slow top range cars (the Roosevelt Valor, Z-Type, Stirling GT or Mamba, store them in your warehouse, and you’ll only source cars which are fast.
Overall then, here is the list of things, preferably in order, which are the most important to get:
Apart from that, everything else is completely up to you. If you want a challenge, you could go for the Criminal Mastermind, where you have to complete every heist and setup, on hard, with the same team, in order, without dying, rewarding 10 million dollars. If that’s too hard, try the Doomsday Heists (which requires a Facility) or the Casino Heist (which requires an Arcade). But most importantly, GTA is a game at the end of the day and just have fun :)
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My Grand Theft Auto 6 Concept

I tried to post this in the GTA6 subreddit but it got removed idk why :(
I've had these ideas about GTA VI for some time now and seeing how GTA Online has gotten I don't think it's too outlandish. When I say Vice City I also mean the complete state since I’m pretty sure Rockstar will not only add just one city but Florida as a whole, but we don’t know the state where VC is located.
Rockstar knows that we as fans wish to go back to the GTA Vice City times but for the sake of continuity and relatability with the current times making a modern GTA seems the right take. Now that doesn’t mean that we will not visit an 80’s-90’s Vice City. How I think that Rockstar could make a technically impressive game is by having jumps in time. We have already seen a little taste of this feature in Red Dead Redemption 2 with houses and structures being built as we progress through the story. With the technology of the oncoming Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 and obviously PC, having two or even three versions of the same map with modifications to buildings and streets don’t sound too crazy (also I’m pretty sure even GTA V has two maps since the structures like facilities, bunkers and the more recently added casino are not present in the single player portion of the game). Cars, guns and music have to also be changed, same with NPC’s clothing and behavior (for example when you commit a crime people would scream for police in the 80’s-90’s section, but call them with their smartphones in the modern section).
Now how could a story like this develop in different eras????? There are a couple of ways it could go. By using a younger character going to jail and being released decades later, or by using multiple characters like a father and a son. Firstly using the father and this one being killed by police or a rival organization and then being in the skin of the son trying to find revenge or to keep the father’s business going (like drugs or cars, basically illicit things that are commonly seen in the Florida and Miami areas). Rockstar can also bring back from RDR2 the little easter eggs with the random events, like the redhead kid that you meet with Arthur Morgan in the river wanting to be with a girl, and then meeting him again with John Marston saying that Arthur ruined his life by telling him that he should go and ask her out.
Now that’s the story mode, now let's go with Online. The new events of GTA Online should happen after the events of GTA 6 or in parallel with the modern portion because of characters that you meet in the story mode, meeting them again online like what happened with Lamar or Ron.
Grand theft Auto Online has a set of characters that are vital to the flow of the game, and the biggest one out of all of them is drum roll LESTER!!!!!!! He helps you evade police, makes them go “blind,” finds planes and boats, adds bounties, gives you heists and brings you to the hands of Agent 42 and the now deceased Avon Hertz. He is vital to Grand Theft Auto Online and your character. Finding somebody else to do all of that is really hard. We can think of somebody like Georgina Cheng to replace him, and that’s possible, but we would need to meet her more as a character since we don’t know almost anything about her.
This is a list of friendships and contacts that our characters have forged through their lives in GTA Online and if they would stay in Los Santos or go with us to Vice City.
Lamar: [STAYS IN LS] He is a really big gangster in South Central LS and as it says in the eight bullet point in the Trivia section of his Wiki, “both of them never plan to move out of their respective neighborhoods” (comparing him to Sweet from GTA San Andreas). His service to the player is second to none just offering a mugger option that almost nobody uses if it’s not a daily objective. So we can be pretty sure that he is not going anywhere.
Gerald: [STAYS IN LS] The same as Lamar, he is too into LS and the missions that he gives you can be replaced by other characters in GTA VI.
Agatha Baker: [MAY OR MAY NOT STAY IN LS] She is really concerned about her career and she is kind of trapped with Thornton Duggan being the owner of the casino. Also I’m sure she is pretty scared to quit her job because of any kind of reprisal from the Duggan crime family. But that doesn't mean that she may not just say fuck it and go to Vice City to have a new start since we obviously robbed the casino more than one time and I infer that the casino is pretty devalued so it’s a bad image for her.
Tony Prince: [MAY OR MAY NOT STAY IN LS] He is someone that came out of nowhere in the After Hours update and we have formed a really big relationship with him since we are the investors in his new nightclub. He may stay in LS and keep running his club or he may move to Vice City to make another club with our character or by himself.
Lazlow Jones: [MOVES TO VICE CITY] I mean it’s Lazlow he’s always gonna be there with us. He’s probably going to stop being the host in Fame or Shame and being the ASSISTANT TO THE HOST in Chattersphere and do another project that somehow it's gonna make him fail upwards.
Paige Harris, Dom Beasley, Brucie Kibbutz, etc: [MAY OR MAY NOT STAY IN LS] Those are characters that we barely see in a physical form and they may move between cities and give us their respective services.
Merryweather, Pegasus, etc: [ MAY OR MAY NOT STAY IN LS]: These are companies that give us their services and are really big companies so being centered in only one state doesn't seem right.
Johnny on the spot (Mechanic): please bring him back i miss him i don’t care that he crashes our cars please rockstar :( :( :( :(
Now how will the characters that I just mentioned and ourselves going to Vice City you may ask?????? By doing what I called THE FAILED HEIST. It’s pretty simple, Lester thinks that if he can hit the Diamond Casino and Resort, he can hit The Union Depository again (or not again, for the first time, because I think that the single player has nothing to do with online because you can deliver cars with the Import and Export dlc to people that are dead in the story mode like Jay Norris or Ms. M Schultz). So we do our setups and this would be the heist with the heftiest payout ever, like 18-20 million dollars in gold, bills, diamonds, etc. But as the title states, we fail the heist because of too much police force, or because someone betrays us or something like that, and we are forced to escape Los Santos and start again but this time in Vice City. We could end the heist escaping the police on a dinghy like the Pacific Standard Job or by a brand new armored boat added in the update like the Marvel 41C. When it comes to the actual game, like in GTA Online, you'll lose a lot of the money you gained through the heist and probably have to let go of a couple of bags just to be able to escape faster. After the mission itself is done you'll just respawn somewhere and a tutorial window appears up in the top left corner saying something along the lines of: “You have failed to rob the Union Depository and you had to escape the state, but you can still run your various businesses in Los Santos and Blaine County. Purchase Grand Theft Auto 6 to continue your adventures in Vice City.”
Now what about business or properties like cars and apartments? Well that mostly stays in Los Santos but some of them could be transported to Vice City by leveling up and getting money so you could transfer all of your cars to another garage this time in VC. Stuff like the bunker, facilities, nightclubs, Arena War, etc have to stay in LS because of obvious reasons (you can’t move a bunker or a facility, you could rebuild them but that would be doing the same thing again and it would feel repetitive and as far as I know you can’t take a couple of Cargobobs and move the Maze Bank Arena from one place to another). What about MOC’s, Avengers or Terrorbytes? Those stay in LS since they have to be stored in the interiors that I just mentioned that can’t be moved. Lazers, Khanjalis, Akulas, Oppressors, etc, may be added later into the Online mode (I wouldn't like that but it's inevitable that they will add something like that in the future.) but for the first year or so, they wouldn't be able to be transferred to VC because of airspace and the army not allowing that type of vehicles in the state or something like that.
If you have read all of this to the end thank you, again all of this is a concept that I have in my mind and not some type of leak. I spent a couple of hours putting all of this together and I hope I have put all of my ideas clearly. I hope Rockstar Announces GTA VI soon and more games in the future. What are your thoughts? How do you think Rockstar is making GTA VI and continuing GTA Online?
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Diamond Casino Heist Ultimate Guide

Diamond Casino Heist Ultimate Guide

Hello everybody!

The new Casino Heist has been out for over 2 weeks now and there is probably already plenty of guides about it on YT, but I've wanted to make my own guide for a while now and finally think that I have enough experience to make one. I have played the Casino Heist about 30 times now (lost count at 10) and played all the 3 different approaches with a friend, so anything I say about the finale in this guide will be doable with just 2 guys, unless I specifically say so.
Keep in mind this is not a completely flawless guide, I will keep improving and editing it whenever I learn something new. I hope this guide can help you fly through the Preps and have no problems doing the Finale.

1: The Basics
2: Vault contents
3: Approaches
4: Crew
5: General Prep Work
6: Approach specific prep
  1. Silent approach
  2. Big Con approach
  3. Aggressive approach
7: Silent Finale
8: Big Con Finale
9: Aggressive Finale
10: Tips and tricks

1: The Basics

  • First of all, do the Preps in a solo public lobby. Theres no reason not to do them in a solo public lobby since others can only affect your experience in a bad way, unlike selling MC stock where you will get a bonus for every player in the lobby. (Guide for making solo public lobbies here)
  • Of course you can do the prep missions with a friend, that way you can avoid having to go to a certain place twice in some prep missions, but it's not neccesary. If you and a friend both do your prep missions simultaneously, you will be able to do 2 Finales in 2 hours if you are experienced in doing the missions. If you don't have any friends to do the preps with, don't worry, they're all doable completely alone and shouldn't be a problem to a decent player.
  • Now for Arcade locations. Of course I have to talk about Pixel Pete's in Paleto Bay. If you plan on doing the Casino Heist multiple times for a good income of large amounts of money, invest the cash from your first couple of runs from Paleto Bay into a proper arcade. I own the Videogeddon arcade in La mesa (~1,8 million), which is the cheapest in LS, but imo the 8-bit arcade (~2,6 million) is the best since its basically on the same road as the Casino and its garage is way more accesible than the La Mesa one since over there you have to drive around to the back to get into the Garage (Always enter your arcade through the garage entrance, it saves a lot of time compared to going through the front door, into the management office and through the secret tunnel) Either way they are both viable choices, but you should forget about the other ones in LS.
  • Vehicle choice. Obviously the Oppressor Mk II is your best friend for most of the prep missions, but there are plenty other viable alternatives. The Buzzard can be spawned in directly in front of you via CEO vehicles (if you own one it's free, otherwise it costs 25k per spawn) The issue with the Buzzard is its armor. After taking a couple shots, and trust me, you will, your Buzzard will start to smoke and will then stop working within ~5 minutes. The Akula is another very viable choice, especially when looking at the fact that you will have to lose the cops a lot (the memes are true). It also has fast firing homing rockets (don't use the rocket barrage, it's useless for grinding purposes) which will also help (it has infinite (?) rockets so running out of them won't be an issue, unlike the Oppressor, which only has 20) The Hydra is another hidden gem for the prep missions, if you can fly it well that is. Keep in mind that when using bulky vehicles like Helicopters or jets, the La Mesa arcade will be even worse since you have to land on the road and walk around the back of the arcade, whilst with the oppressor you can just fly straight into the back alley.
  • Hard finales. After doing a certain approach, that approach will be locked for the next heist. After doing another heist with a different approach, the approach first used will become available again with a red skull signalizing it will be on hard. Choose your 2 favourite approaches (information about the approaches below) and do them back to back, as playing the heist on hard will of course result in the loot being worth more. Don't worry about the heist being to difficult on hard, the only differences for the 2 sneaky approaches is the amount of fingerprints during hacks and for the loud approach the improved armor will be more than enough to make the heisdt a cakewalk.
  • I recommend purchasing the keypad at the prep board and training your fingerprint hacking skills on there. Trust me, you'll want to be fast when it comes to hacking the keypads. I get the hacks done in about 15 seconds and that is usually fast enough to get all the loot I want.

2: Vault contents

Alright, now for the interesting part, the vault contents. You probably know by now that Cash is the worst option. The best option in terms of money is Gold, while artwork takes significantly less time to loot. If you plan on doing the heist as a 2-man team, aim for artwork, if you are more than 2, go for gold. Forget about Cash.
So how do you influence what loot the vault contains? When doing the scoping out the vault mission, you will be able to see what the vault contains. If it's what you want, then good for you, you may leave the casino and move on to selecting the approach and crew. If however the vault contains cash or whatever loot you don't want, you can "change" the vault contents like this:
  1. Leave the camera
  3. Cancel the Casino Heist
  4. Leave the Casino and go back to your arcade
  5. Pay another 25k to start the heist again
The vault content will already be revealed. If it however still contains the unwanted loot, leave your arcade, call Lester to cancel the heist again, re-enter your arcade, start the heist for 25k again. You will then have to do the vault content mission again and if it still isn't the wanted loot, you may repeat the tactic above.
Don't worry about the 25k that you'll pay each time you restart the heist, good compared to artwork is worth about 200k more so you will have plenty of chances before losing money.
The following describes a controversial glitch that may be used to gain more loot than you're meant to, if you don't want to do this glitch, then you don't have to, but some people will obviously want to do this.
For the glitch, you need the vault to contain Gold. I would usually write this in the finale section but this may influence your decision on what loot to pick so I see this as a more fitting place to write it.
When inside the vault, the gold will be stored on several carts across the vault.
  1. Go up to one and press E to start collecting the gold.
  2. Collect every bar but stop at the last one
  3. Press right click to stop the looting whilst there is still loot on the cart
  4. Wait 2-3 seconds infront of the cart
  5. Press E to start looting again
Voila, the cart will be full with gold again and you may now collect all the bars. This can only be done once for each cart, so after "filling up the cart" once you can collect all the loot off of it without losing anything. This way you can get up to ~3,7 million worth of gold. You will be able to collect more but the rest won't be added to your total, so you might aswell stop at that amount and leave the vault.

3: Different Approaches

1: Silent and sneaky
This approach involves you sneakily going into the casino with silenced weapons, sneaking your way to the vault and then getting out undetected again. I recommend playing this with people that are willing to communicate. I'm not saying you shouldn't pick this if you have to play with randoms, just make sure they are capable of cooperating before you start the heist.
The pros of this approach are that you will have ~3:25 minutes inside the vault and that you wont get shot (hopefully) so you wont lose any loot. This approach also lets you casually empty out the secondary vault opened via the security center (more about that in the finale section)
The obvious cons are that you need to have teammates capable of cooperating so they wont rush in, alert the guards and make you lose your sanity. The detection system is also very inconsistent and things that you might think wont alert the guards will turn out to do so, sometimes.
For this approach I recommend getting the artwork loot if you are just 2 players and gold (w/o glitch) if you are more than 2
The prep missions that may be skipped for this approach are:
  1. Power drills, since the lockboxes inside the vault don't pay that much and it takes time to drill them open that can be used to loot the main contents
2: Big Con
You enter the casino in disguise and get out in disguise, making you lose no loot from being shot like in the silent approach.
First of all, USE THE GRUPPE SECHS UNIFORMS. For the gruppe sechs uniforms to becaome available, you have to photograph the security tunnel of the casino (see image below) By using the gruppe sechs outfit, you can walk straight into the vault without needing to kill anyone.

Service tunnel location
This is in my opinion the best approach since you can easily stay undetected the whole time and it leaves very little chance of failure by stupidity and gives you the full 3:25 minutes inside the vault for looting.
Recommended loot is once again Artwork for 2 people, Gold for 3-4 people.
The prep missions that may be skipped are:
  1. Patrol Routes. You will only have to kill a maximum of 2 guards and they will be near enough to pop up on your radar anyway
  2. Duggan shipments. You will kill the 2 security guards with melee since your weapons don't have stabilizers and their armor doesn't save them from melee attacks.
  3. Power drills, again, since the effort of drilling the lockboxes is not worth it most of the time
3: Aggressive
The most barebones approach involves you shooting your way through the casino and blowing the vault open. This is the easiest approach to do with randoms and can even be done with level 10s who just got their first million.
I recommend photographing the sewer entrance to shorten the way that you have to fight your way through (see image below)

Sewer location
The recommended loot is always artwork since you won't have as mcuh time in the vualt, so the faster you get all the loot the better.
The prep missions that may be skipped for this approach are:
  1. Power drills, obviously since you have less time inside the vault.

4: Crew

Crew choice, seems like a hard decision, really isn't. You basically want to pick the cheapest crewmembers who give you the best hardware.
1: Gunman
Karl Abolaji. For every approach. This might seems like a stupid decision seeing as he only gives you a sawed-off shotgun or heavy revolver for the loud approach, but you will actually get an SMG aswell, which is very usuable for the loud approach. If you don't feel comfortable with just an SMG, Pick either Patrick McReary or Gustavo Mota. Packie will of course be very hard to unlock (Guide to unlocking Packie here) but he will give you a combat MG for only 8% of the cut, whilst Gustavo Mota will give you a Carbine OR Assault shotgun (with the SMG) for 9%
For Silent and Big Con, Karl will give you Micro-MPs, which are more than capable of doing their job, that being killing guards in the silent approach. For Big Con, you could actually play completely without weapons since you only need to melee 2 guards.
2: Driver
Probably the least important crewmember. Some people don't even use the getaway cars provided. So of course, pick Karim Denz. He will be able to source oyu the Sentinel Classic, which is a more than capable Car for getting to the needed places (more information about getaway in the finale section) for the smallest cut.
Of course you may choose other drivers if you want to unlock the trade price for any of the vehicles.
3: Hacker
The most important crewman. Really the only viable choice is Avi Schwartzman, who can be unlocked by destroying the 50 signal jammers spread around San Andreas (Guide for 50 jammers here) He will give you the most time in the vault (Paige is an "expert" hacker aswell but she will give you ~15 seconds less inside the vault) Don't even think about all the other hackers, the hacker is no place to cheap out.

Ideal crew layout

5: General Prep Work

Alright, in this section I'll go over all the prep missions and give some tips and hints on what to do and what not to do and what vehicles work best. First of all, don't buy any of these preps for 70k, they're all somewhat easy to do and shouldn't be a problem for a solo player.
1: Untraceable weapons
This mission is be annoying but also easy. There are lumtiple types of this mission, and whilst none of them are a true challenge, they can be annoying to do since you have to either fly/drive a slow vehicle or collect 2 crates.
  • Noose Vans: There will be 4 Noose vans around the map and you have to blow the back door off to check for the weapons. You cannot lock onto the vans with homing missiles, so you either have to have good aim or use stickybombs in a ground vehicle. After finding the right one, you have to take it back to your arcade, after losing a wanted level. The annoying thing is, you cannot call Lester to lose that wanted level and the Van is very slow, I recommend driving through a tunnel where the cops cannot go to lose them.
  • I/E crew: You have to fly to the shore and find A couple of guys exporting the weapons, just blow them up or murder them any way, get in the Tula and fly to Sandy Shores airfield. When taking off in the Tula, switch to VTOL mode and gain some forward speed and altitude before switching to normal flying.
  • Lost MC/Vagos: You have to go to the clubhouse of the Vagos or Lost, clear the hostiles, find the weapons inside the clubhouse and bring them to your arcade. You will probably die the first couple times you try this mission, but you'll get the hang of it eventually. If you get the Lost MC mission and you have an arcade in LS, I recommend just finding a new session if you're alone since flying to Paleto Bay twice can be very time consuming.

A weapons case inside the Lost MC clubhouse
2: Getaway cars
This mission is somewhat easy for all types, but of course it's much faster done with a friend since you will have to get 2 cars most of the time.
  • Police warehouse: You have to go to a vehicle warehouse of the police and get the 2 cars out of there, don't worry about the sounds of the engines when in the warehouse, the cops inside seem to be deaf. When driving outside, be careful not to alert the cops standing outside or you'll have to lose your wanted level first.
  • Valet: You go to a hotel, scare away some valets, dress up as one and wait for the cars to arrive. Nothing much can go wrong here. The only things you shouldn't do is shoot or knock out the valets and bump into somebody infront of the hotel. Just simply bring the cars to your arcade and you're done.
  • I/E crew: You have to take the cars off a crew who just imported them. Just go to the location, kill the goons and take the cars. Watch out however, the enemies have extremely good aim and even a single enemy can kill you in a couple of seconds. Just use your homing rockets (don't worry, the getaway cars can't be blown up) to kill them, get the cars and bring them to your arcade.
3: Hacking Device
Seems like a simple mission, and it is. There are only two types of this mission, and they are both somewhat easy.
  • FIB: Collect a security pass off an FIB agent by brutally slaughtering him and his fellows, go to the FIB office, find the briefcase with the hacking devise, get out, lose the cops and bring it to your arcade. When killing the FIB agent, an exploded vehicle may block the agent's corpse. Just get another car to push anything away. There is also a bug where the corpse will either always be considered as blocked or ont even appear, if that happens you have to find a new session and restart the mission.
  • Noose: The early part is pretty similar to the FIB type, you collect a keycard off of an agent, enter the Noose building and use your phone to find the hacking device. When you get out of the Noose building, the alarm will always automatically go off, just fly away with your OppressoAkula etc. and lose the cops before bringing the hack device to your arcade. You can also assassinate the agent silently when collecting the keycard by approaching him, waiting for him to go away from the other 2 agents and then bopping him in the head with a gun, but form my experience its faster to just blow him up since you'll most likely lose the cops on the way to the Noose building anyway.

The briefcase you're looking for
4: Vault Keycards
This one has 2 mission types. In one you just go to two guards who have the keycards, eliminate them silently by smacking them in the head with a weapon and then looting their keycards.
The other mission is a bit more complicated. It involves you getting a prison bus and entering the bolingbroke prison in that disguise tho then silently murder a guard there who has the keycards. You actually don't have to collect or even blow up the bus, you can fly straight to the prison, kill the guard and get the keycard. Keep in mind thatr you wil get 4 stars doing it this way and there are snipers on the 2 adjacent towers to where the keycard guard is, so you'll wnat to kill those first before looting the guard.
The recommended vehicle is the Oppressor Mk II just to get around faster, but the Akula is a very viable choice aswell to lose the cops more easily after flying to the prison.
5: Guard Patrols
Pretty straight-forward mission. You go to a Duggan security meeting, kill all the guards, find the correct car, photograph the plan and then get out.
This mission can be done stealthy, but it's basically impossible, you're better off juzst shooting them straight away.
The correct car will always be a Felon GT and there will always be 3 of them in the same positions, so you get the hang of where to go after doing it a couple of times.
Once again the Oppressor and Akula are your go-to vehicles for this mission, but DO NOT use the rockets to blow up the guards, the chance of accidentaly blowing up the car with the plans is not worth the risk, and I suggest you also dont use a Minigun since that can also bvlow up the car pretty quick.
6: Duggan Shipments
This is the most stressful prep. You need to destroy 10 of Duggans shipments in 10 minutes to weaken the guards inside the casino. The easiest way to do them is with any chopper with rockets (Akula, Hunter, Savage etc.) or the Oppressor Mk II (you may need to fly an optimal route so you have enough time to destroy all of them.
It is actually no neccesary to destroy all of them, for the silent approach destroying 2-4 is sufficient to make the guards not have helmets (you don't want to bodyshot them anyway, that might make them sound the alarm) but for the loud approach, it's best to destroy all 10 of them so that the guards only have Pistols and Micro SMGs.
If you fail to destroy all 10 in time, you can quickly leave the session before the time runs out and retry the mission.
7: Security Intel
This prep is unlocked after completing the 6 Casino missions unlocked by buying a Casino Penthouse. It can only be done once, so you won't have to replay it every heist.
The mission is simple, you go to a mall, meet Vincent, get the stolen car back for him (use a vehicle with drive-by weapons, helicopters and the Oppressor aren't good for this mission) and done, you can now see all the cameras inside the casino.
8: Power Drills
This mission also has 2 types, but the van one is much rarer. The common one involves going to a construction site and getting 2 power drills.
When you get to the cunstruction site, there will be a white icon on the map. Go there and equip the helmet (your character may remove the helmet shortly after equipping it but the disguise will still work) then just go and check the boxes for the power drills
YOU CAN CARRY BOTH DRILLS AT ONCE! That way you don't have to fly all the way to your arcade and back to collect the other drill.
The second type involves stealing a van with the drills inside and taking ti to your arcade. Simply use a vehicle with drive-by weapons (Once again no chopper or Oppressor), kill the driver AND passenger (he will get on the driver seat after the driver dies), collect the van and take it to your arcade.
9: Security Pass
First of all, ALWAYS get the level 2 security pass (the one showing a valet and croupier on the mission picture) The level 1 pass will only get you through the outside doors whilst the level 2 pass will open all doors except the level 3 ones inside the vault.
Once again, two types of this mission may occur. The first involves you stealing a hearse from a church parking lot. You will then have to lose a 2-star wanted level and drive to a hospital where you then have to find the corpse of a valet and get his security pass. When entering the hospital, your character may automatically have a weapon drawn, so pay attention to that before running through to the corpse.
The other type has you going to the party of a croupier, waiting until lester found the right guy and then take the security pass off him. When you get to the party, there will be a pavillon with people dancing, just go there and start dancing until lester has found the right guy. When you then search the croupier for the pass and it's not on him, just search for a small purple keycard (it can be somewhat hard to find but it will always be in the same locations) and collect it.
As for vehicles, anything goes. The Oppressor will probably get you where you want to go the fastest.

The pavillon that you can dance under

6: Approach Specific Preps

Silent approach:
1: Drones
You have to destroy 5 drones spread around LS and collect their parts. Pretty simple mission, use something with rockets (Oppressor will have better rockets than Helicopters) and blow up the drones. You can of course carry all 5 drone parts at once.
It can be tricky to lock on to the drones as you will also lock onto the cops if you have a wanted level, just swap from non-homing to homing rockets if you locked onto the wrong target.
2: Laser drills
This can be a difficult mission. You will either have to take the two drills off the military, which may be hard since they are very accurate and theres a lot of them, but you can use you Oppressor or Akula rockets without worrying about blowing up the drills, just be sure to stay far enough away, their aim is surprisingly good. Be careful when collecting the first laser drill, if the cops kill you your Oppressor may be impounded and you have to use a different one.
The second type will be to take the drills from a bunch of Cliffford soldiers (apparently they're still around) which is way harder than the military since the cliffford soldiers are EXTREMELY accurate and there will even be a juggernaut and snipers. I don't recommend using the Oppressor for this as you are very vulnerable when standing still, go with an Akula instead. Just kill all the soldiers, enter the warehouse, kill some more soldiers, take the drills and get to oyur arcade.
3: EMP
Another pretty easy and simple mission, you will have to collect a cargobob (with an extra long cable) from the airport, fly to the LS University and steal their EMP. Then just fly to the drop-off, lose a 3-star wanted level by evading the helicopters and drop off the EMP.
Some people skip this mission and the next one, but I use the EMP during the finale to casually do the last hard part so theres no risk of screwing anything up. If you are however coordinated enough to not need the EMP, then you may skip this and the next prep
4: Stealth Uniforms
I highly recommend paying for this mission, it can be very annoying and you get the 70k back from the finale anyway.
This mission involves you going to humane labs and assasinating guards silently (very similar to the infamous deliver EMP mission) and getting the uniforms from the garage where you would park the insurgent in the Humane Labs Heist. This mission can be done quickly if you have a buddy, if you don't, it's better to just skip it and pay the 70k (If you don't plan on using the EMP you don't need to do this mission anyway, it's only for the night-vision equipment)
Big Con approach:
For this one, I'll only talk about the group sechs uniforms, since this is the easiest method of doing the Casino Heist by far. If you want to use a different uniform to unlock it, go ahead, but do be warned that it will be significantly harder to fully stealth.
1: Group Sechs, part 1:
Simple mission, go to a mechanics repair shop, kill the mechanic after realizing the Stockade is locked, get the keys and drive away. You will get a wanted level, but you can call Lester to easily lose them.
2: Group Sechs, part 2:
A bit harder, but still pretty easy. This mission is similar to the Patrol routes mission, you have to go to a group sechs meeting, kill everyone (this can also be done stealthy, but its again almost impossible), photograph the license plate of the black stockade, send it to Lester and then get the equipment and bring it to your arcade. Again as with the Patrol routes mission, do not use explosives to kill the guards as you might accidentaly blow up the equipment. You can call Lester to get rid off your wanted level.
3: Vault drills
Yet another simple mission with two types
  • Fleeca: A crew of bankrobbers will be robbing a Fleeca-bank with the needed drills. Go there, kill em, get their drill, lose the cops, bring the drills to your arcade. Pretty simple, but you cant call Lester, so using an Oppressor or Akula is beneficial.
  • Heist crew: A bunch of heisting dudes are being arrested by the police. Go there, kill em, get their drills, lose the cops, bring the drills to oyur arcade. Pretty simple, but you can't call Lester, so using an Oppressor or Akula is, I'm having quite the Déjà vu.
4: Escape Outfits (Noose)
I'm choosing Noose outfits because they look better (and I'm sure they are in some way better than the Firefighter uniforms, I just don't know how, you seem to get spotted in the Noose uniforms aswell)
Simple (yet somewhat difficult) mission. Go to the mission row police station, kill all the cops there, find the Noose equipment, loose the cops and bring them back to your arcade. You can't call Lester to lose the cops so an Akula would be helpful. When collecting the second uniforms doing it solo, you will once again get 4 stars, so be ready to evade the cops again. Also, when you die at the police station, the cops will most likely impound your vehicle, so a careful approach would be better.
Aggressive approach
1: Thermal explosives
Loud has some pretty annoying mission, this being the first one. Once again, there are 2 types of this mission
  • You have to go to some rednecks and get the explsovies off of them. Just kill them all (once again no need to worry about blowing anything importnat up) and collect the boxes. They have a pretty big pickup distance so collecting them in a Helicopter should be no problem
  • SecuroServ Warehouse: Go to a warehouse, kill some people outside, kill some people inside, find the explosives, bring them to your arcade, no cops, pretty easy.
2: Vault explosives
This may be the most annoying mission of the entire heist. You have to go to a crash site of a plane, dive to the wreck and collect the explsovies. If you own one, put on a diving suit BEFORE starting the mision, you can't access the outfits during the mission.
When arriving at the crash site, you can dive straight to the plane if you have a scuba suit equipped, that saves you the killing and you won't get shot at instantly. Otherwise you have to kill some goons and equip a scuba suit nearby marked on your radar. When you collect the explosives, 3 helicopters will spawn. When you get out of the water, kill the gunners inside the helicopters, not the pilots. The helicopters would respawn and by only killing the gunners they will just follow you without shooting you.
3: Improved armor
You'll probably want to buy this prep, since this mission can also be very annoying. Two types of this mission, both are very unpleasant.
  • Humane Labs: Go to the beach at humane labs, get into a scuba suit, dive through the cooling tunnel into the facility, find the armor and bring it to your arcade. This mission may not be that hard, but the long swim and indoor fighting stretch out the mission and it quickly becomes repetetive and boring. There will atleast be a buzzard when you get out of the facility.
  • Merryweather bunker: Enter a bunker, kill the merryweather goons, find the armor and bring it to the arcade. Simple mission on paper, but the enemies will probably kill you atleast once and the armor sometimes can be tricky to find, I once spent 15 minutes searching the armor.
4: Drill
Simple mission and only needed if you plan on entering the casino through the sewers. Just go collect a truck with the drill loaded onto it, drive it through the water channel and into the sewers.The time you save by going into the casino through the sewers is probably negated by the time it takes for this mission, but having a more relaxed finale is certainly worth doing one more short prep mission.

7: Silent Finale

Alright, it's finally time for the big moneys, the finale. For this approach, you'll want to go in through either the garbage disposal or personnel room and go out through the personnel room. ALWAYS choose the high end buyer, he will give you the most money.
The finale starts very simple, you drive to the casino and enter through the door you chose. Careful, there will be a camera that you need to zap using your stun gun. When inside, there will be metal detectors that you need to disable by shooting the current box with the stun gun. Sometimes there will be guards watching the metal detectors, in that case you need to take them out before you go through.
When taking out guards, it's better for player guy to kill 2 guards facing eachother, as internet issues may cause in the alarm being raised even if the guards are killed simultaneously. You have more than enough time between shooting the first guard and the second guard raising the alarm that it shouldn't be a problem, just make sure your teammates stay back and don't interfere with the player killing the guards.
After clearing the first area (see picture below), you enter the security room through one of four doors (most of the time 2 of them are locked, can be seen by a red display on the keypad instead of the blue diamond) and then wait for the guard in the hallway to move out of the cameras sightline (Do not worry about the glass at the security room, for some reason guards can't see through it. The y can however see through the glass of the doors) Then you follow him (watch out for the camera) and shoot him in the head. Feel free to then clear the secondary vault by one play opening it for another player to loot (theres another button to open the vault inside, the player pressing the button only has to let him in) and then USE THE STAIRS to get to the vault floor.
When going down the stairs, a guard will walk up the stairs, shoot him in the head, disable the camera in the stairway and make your way all the way down.

Getting to the stairs undetected
On the vault floor, go out of the stairway and take out the 2 guards to the left. Then set off your EMP (this will also obviously disable the cameras) by having the host open their phone and using the securoserv-hack. The lights will then go out and you can rush into the main lobby and take out the 4 guards there. You can ignore the last guard inside the security room, just go to the keypads, swipe both at once and enter the mantrap.

Getting to the mantrap undetected
When at the vault door, 2 guys get out their laser drills and start drilling. The drilling is very simple, you just keep the drill as hot as possible whilst not overheating it. When inside the vault, take as much loot as you can but make sure to leave the vault before the time runs out (I recommend stopping the looting with 20-25 seconds remaining to ensure you have enough time to get out).
When getting back into the vault lobby, there will be 2 guards walking past the stairway, you can ignore those, just use the stairs to go up again (and don't forget to disable the camera in the stairway)
When back in the main floor, follow the route shown in the picture below whilst taking out any guards in the way (2 will be in the security room, you can ignore those) and leave the casino through the personnel door. Don't worry about the metal detectors whilst going out, they dont seem to alert the guards.

Getting out of the Casino undetected
When outside, again follow the route shown on the picture below to get to the getaway cars (locations may vary with different drivers) and drive into the sewers. Then spend some time in the sewers by either waiting or driving to another exit (I personally like to drive to the exit right at the highway so that the drive to the buyer is as fast as possible) Make sure not to drive too close to the Casino, as that will get you 5 wanted stars. I recommend avoiding the freeway next to the casino, you may however use the road to the north-west of the freeway.

Escape route with getaway car locations in pink (when choosing the 5% driver)
Then just casually drive to the buyer after you've lost the cops and there you go, fat loot.

8: Big Con Finale

This is the easiest finale by far. Choose the group Sechs entry uniform, noose escape uniform, the personnel rooms as the exit and of course the high end buyer.
Take the Group Sechs truck to the Casino and through the service tunnel, wait until the guard lets you through, park it on the yellow marker and use the elevator or stairs to get to the vault floor.
On the vault floor, just run to the keypads for the mantrap. The guards don't care if you're running or even jumping, just don't bump into anybody and don't draw your weapons.
The just casually loot the vault and again, make sure to get out before the time runs out (stop looting with about 25 seconds left to have enough time to get out safely.
Then just walk through the mantrap and the vault lobby again but USE THE STAIRS to get to the main floor (the camera will not raise the alarm, don't worry about it). Make sure you are all past the camera before going to the main floor, as anyone who didn't go past the camera will get detected due to the guards being alerted and a wanted level appearing. When at the main floor, use the route in the picture below to get to the Noose outfits and switch into them to walk past the last few guards without any problem.

Getting out of the Casino with the Noose uniforms
When outside, follow the same route as in the silent approach to get to the getaway cars. Drive into the sewers, lose the cops in there and then again casually drive to the buyer whilst avoiding driving to close to the casino.

Getting to the getaway cars and into the sewers undetected

9: Aggresive Finale

There really isn't any major explanation needed for this approach, as you won't have to worry about getting detected.
If you chose to enter through the sewers, drive there, enter the tunnel that was dug with the giant drill and plant explosives at the wall to gain entrance to the vault floor directly.
Then just shoot your way to the mantrap keypads and have the others protect the people opening the mantrap if you are playing with 3 or 4 players.
When looting the vault, you won't have to worry about getting out in time, and the nerve agent does very little damage, so don't be scared to take longer than the timer says.
Whilst shooting your way out of the casino, you may use either the elevator or the stairs to get to the main floor. Going through the security room allows you to evade any guards that may be in the south corridor.
When you get out of the casino, you may follow the same route as in the undetected approaches or run directly to the getaway vehicles, although you will probably get shot more doing that and therefor loose more money.
Get to your cars, drive into the sewers and lose the cops. Then you're just one casual drive away from making another bunch of cash. I highly recommend getting bulletproof tires for your getaway cars on this approach, and whilst you are spending that 10k per car, why not go big and get the 15k upgrade that laos makes the cars go much faster.

10: Tips and tricks

So in this section (which I will probably expand with additional tips, feel free to leave some in the comments) I'll go over some of the things I didn't mention that may save some effort or time when doing this heist.
  • You can lose the cops by going into the back of your Terrorbyte if you aren't carrying any equipment (useful during the untraceable weapon mission with the Noose van)

That about covers it for this heist. This has unexpectedly been quite the project for me, it took me 3 days of writing here and there and getting screenshots, so leaving a smol updoot would be appreciated. If you have any questions, of course feel free to leave a comment, I'll try my best to read every single one of them :)
Happy heisting! (and may your sessions be free of griefers!)
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Gta San Andreas (Conociendo el casino) - YouTube

Watch in High Quality NO CHEATS and no mods were used. This is a completely legitimate game. PC Version 1.... About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators ... SUBSKRYBUJ BY NIE PRZEGAPIĆ WSZYSTKIE ODCINKI ODZIE... Bethesda Bans Aris FIRST TRY from New Vegas' Casino for Winning Too Much Money - Duration: 17 ... GTA San Andreas - Duration: 17:29. Avoiding The Puddle 17,179 views. 17:29. Aris Streams Big Lunch ... Canal principal: Contacto/Negocios/Conferencias: [email protected] ¿Quieres una playera? Info acá https://www.faceb... First of all to have the gambling skill at max I advice you to have enough money to loose although there is a small chance to have more money after enhancing...