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Showerthoughts You can order Starbucks coffee with Alexa, just using your voice. Starbucks
mildlyinteresting New Boeing space suits look like LEGO spacemen from 1984 Boeing
AskReddit If Twitter existed during Biblical times, what are some sample tweets we would have seen? Twitter
AskReddit What would be a name that Starbucks can't misspell? Starbucks
Jokes Can a Toyota stretch? Toyota
pics Full wrap on brand new GMC Denali in Satin Black Avery Dennison GMC
AskReddit How can Facebook T&C's be legally binding when you can be as young as 13 to legally sign up ? Facebook
AskReddit If your current Facebook status was the name of a song, what would it be? Facebook
Jokes So I was at Target yesterday... Target
videos Teardown of an IKEA Koppla USB power supply. IKEA
worldnews Trump immigration ban puts $20 billion in Boeing aircraft sales to Iran. Boeing
explainlikeimfive ELI5: How does filibuster work in the United States Congress. United
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Chevron U.S.A., Inc. v. Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc. Chevron
aww Luna Likes To Chase Django's Tail As She Doesn't Quite Have One Chase
pics On the night November 6, 1984, I watched Ronald Reagan win re-election over Walter Mondale for the Presidency of the United States of America. This in the story is wrote in the following months. United
videos Louis CK - Walmart Destroys American Business Walmart
videos The Mighty Midgets! My very first lets play! Total War: Warhammer - Please leave constructive criticism so I can improve Total
listentothis Black Bird White Sky -- Lay You Down Alt Rock 2015 Sky
DIY Giving an old 1950s Philips Amplifier a new house! Philips
videos Funny Facebook Posts :D Facebook
funny My first taxidermy project - The Home Depot Associate The Home Depot
Futurology Facing rising e-commerce, UPS looks to automation, higher prices UPS
personalfinance Is there any way to get back a fraudulent Uber ride when their customer service department refuses to help? Uber
gaming Before Google or WebCrawler!, you had to search the mailbox to get your cheat codes. Google
mildlyinteresting The Starbucks logo in Saudi Arabia lacks the "mermaid woman" in order to fit in better with local culture Starbucks
Showerthoughts Do Yahoo and Hotmail executives have Gmail accounts? Yahoo
gaming Something seems weird about my bandwidth usage on my Xbox One. Xbox
Showerthoughts Minecraft is the same kind of creative outlet for kids today that Lego was for us Lego
todayilearned TIL that Family Guy creator Seth Macfarlane was scheduled to be on American Airlines Flight 11, that was hijacked and crashed into the World Trade Center, but missed the flight by only 10 minutes due to his travel agent giving the wrong time. American Airlines
funny Poor Ad Placement in BBC News BBC
nottheonion Livonia police briefs: Chase over stolen underwear Chase
AskReddit How do the touch buttons work on an Xbox One? Xbox
funny A small look inside the thought process of your average Taco Bell worker. Bell
personalfinance Why does ADP my workplace check issuer offer a debit card? ADP
explainlikeimfive ELI5: How do people avoid paying taxes? How is Apple only paying 2-3% tax? Apple
mildlyinteresting Personal Google doodle on my birthday Google
nottheonion Cocaine stash found in American Airlines plane's nose American Airlines
videos An aspiring food review channel on Youtube where fast food is shot into the host's face at slow motion Youtube
Art Unnamed design, Adobe Draw Illustrator Adobe
pics My project for the last couple days "outlaw" 1956 Porsche 356. Porsche
InternetIsBeautiful Piskel- Free Online Sprite Editor, Make Your Own Pixel Art! Sprite
AskReddit If your cat had a Facebook what would it post about you? Facebook
UpliftingNews Robert Kraft says after his wife died Trump called every week for a year to console him Kraft
LifeProTips LPT: Target marks down the clearance items in each department on a specific day. There are many guides online. Target
IAmA I am a fast food worker of nearing three years. I have worked at Arby's, Burger King and currently work for Subway. AMA! Burger King
AskReddit Historians, Educators, and interested people of reddit, what are the top 3 moments in the history of the United States? United
personalfinance Credit Card I have the Discover It card and I'm enrolled in "full balance payments" - but the payment occurs 5 days before minimum payment due date. Am I getting charged for purchases bought in those days? Discover
sports As ESPN gets all misty-eyed celebrating the retirement of Brent Musburger, let's not forget the dude compared John Carlos and Tommie Smith to Nazis for daring to stand up for their human rights. ESPN
todayilearned TIL The final words ever written by Walt Disney were “Kurt Russell.” Walt Disney
Showerthoughts There are some things that I have no trouble asking Google but wouldn't be able to with a straight face to anyone else. Google
worldnews Briton Ryan Lock 'killed himself' to avoid IS capture - BBC News BBC
videos How To Add Subscribe Button To All Your Videos - How To Add Subscribe Button In Youtube Videos Youtube
Art "Verglas", Canon T3i and Photoshop Canon
AskReddit Why Google celebrating Edmonia Lewis on Feb 1? Google
WritingPrompts WP It is the second coming of Christ. As he makes his way to the United States, He finds himself detained and stranded in JFK international Airport. United
AskReddit If you had all the Lego in the world right now, what would you build? Lego
worldnews Amnesty: Philippine police 'planned' drug war killings - BBC News BBC
WritingPrompts WP John has suspicions that his secretary is actually senior United States senator John McCain. United
sports Wall Street batters Under Armour for slower sales growth Under Armour
television It’s Dystopian Sci-Fi Total War. Also, The Expanse Is Back Total
Showerthoughts I'm going to build a Microsoft Clippy image library so I can paste them into collaborative Google docs and send my colleagues mental. Google
Showerthoughts I'm going to build a Microsoft Clippy image library so I can paste them into collaborative Google docs and send my colleagues mental. Microsoft
gaming Lego fnaf Parody - Lego Five Nights at Freddy's Funny Parody Lego
AskReddit what are the freakiest things you know of that Facebook and others are doing? Facebook
worldnews Ireland to get 'majority of Apple €13bn' Apple
history Elizabeth II, Queen of England the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth realms autobiography? United
Jokes Why can't Google maps hold down a solid relationship Google
WritingPrompts WP Burger King also enters the military weapons industry with its unveiling of the BK-1 Attack Whopper, a gunship specifically designed to hunt down and kill McCannons. Burger King
explainlikeimfive ELI5: How can alternative cellular service providers "borrow" Verizon or AT&T's infrastructure and offer lower prices but the same doesn't happen with cable and internet providers? Verizon
gaming The Order 1886 is cheap at Walmart now... Walmart
worldnews Trump immigration ban could jeopardize $20 billion in Boeing deals with Iran, Iraq Boeing
AskReddit What's it like to use Uber to go grocery shopping and come back home? Uber
videos This BBC video about chimp trafficking is a really interesting way to use vertical video BBC
AskReddit What do you think is going to happen in the final episode ever of Orange is the new black? Orange
worldnews The honorable and non-governmental International Council for Science ICSU calls on government of United States to rescind Executive Order United
todayilearned TIL Bill Gates was directly responsible for Microsoft Outlook mapping Ctrl + F to Forward instead of Find like other right-thinking programs Microsoft
Jokes How do you insult a Google employee? Google
sports Wayne Rooney will not be allowed to leave Manchester United this season United
OldSchoolCool Harrison Ford taking a break on the set of Return of the Jedi, 1982. Ford
AskReddit What is better in you opinion McDonald's or Burger King and why? McDonald's
AskReddit What is better in you opinion McDonald's or Burger King and why? Burger King
news Dakota pipeline: US Army to allow work on final section - BBC News BBC
videos OC Wonderful plating video from @paintingfood Youtube Channel. If you are a Foodie, homecook or chef, do not miss it. Youtube
science Nova Mazda 3 4 door 2017 Information. Mazda
worldnews Dakota pipeline: US Army to allow work on final section - BBC News BBC
Showerthoughts Since Alexa, Google Home and Siri are female, by default, the first evil AI will probably be a woman. Google
listentothis Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza -- IBM Lotus Night Vaporwave / Nu Disco IBM
worldnews 'Hostage situation' in Istanbul hospital - BBC News BBC
todayilearned TIL Cydia popular jailbreak app for Apple devices comes from the Cydia pomonella, or codling moth, a caterpillar that causes huge problems for fruit farmers, particularly apples, borrowing into the fruit and ruining it. Often known as “the worm in the apple”. Apple
IAmA IamA CAD Designer Working in a Bell Foundry AMA! Bell
mildlyinteresting The axil on the Jeep in front of me looks like Yin and Yang Jeep
Music TommyBangBeats - Target Instrumental\Trap 2017 Target
news Celerity Charter schools raided for chronic and criminal fiscal mismanagement Charter
photoshopbattles PsBattle: Original, no filter, Google Pixel snap, Ocean View Bahai Mar Yachting Hotel Google
science Study finds premature death rates diverge in the United States by race and ethnicity United
worldnews Sir Ivan Rogers: Brexit talks to be on humongous scale - BBC News BBC
worldnews United Arab Emirates Foreign Minister says President Donald Trump's travel ban imposed on citizens of seven mainly Muslim countries was a sovereign decision for the United States and not directed at any religion United
worldnews Saudi Arabia may increase its oil investments in the United States due to a more fossil fuel-oriented energy policy by the U.S. administration of President Donald Trump, the kingdom's energy minister said United
EarthPorn Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii, USA -- "A steady stream of lava exiting the episode 61g lava tube pours into the ocean at the Kamokuna ocean entry." Photo credit: Lil DeSmither, United States Geological Survey USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory 4000 x 6000 OS United
todayilearned TIL that in 2013 Starbucks pledged to hire 10,000 veterans by 2018. Starbucks
food Homemade Bacon-infused Saurkraut with Bratwurst and Chicken Apple Sausages Apple
mildlyinteresting This statue having a McDonald's Breakfast McDonald's
space Apollo 8 - Kerbal Space Program RSS/RO - ft. Walter Cronkite and CBS News CBS
DIY What is the water outlet pipe for on my new Bosch 2000 Condenser boiler? Does the tap feeding that pipe need to be switched on or off? Bosch
funny Women Shopping Likes The Attention Perfect Chest in United States Must Watch United
pics Overlooking Florence from Giotto's Bell Tower Bell
AskReddit How does reddit feel about the fact that every major post gets stolen and reposted by major Facebook pages and News pages and claimed as their own? Facebook
worldnews Modi plans $59 billion rail, road push as Bombardier, GE invest GE
aww Liberty Bell is skeptical... Bell
news VW, Robert Bosch agree to pay $1.55 billion to settle U.S. diesel claims Bosch
GetMotivated IMAGE I love this Mr. Rogers quote. don't worry if your influence seems less impactful than someone Else's, it may have more impact than you think. Rogers
Showerthoughts In a half hour I will start to drive to work and Apple will send me a message about how long it will take. How many accidents have they caused? Apple
videos Ended up on the weird part of Youtube again: Winny Puhh - "Korsakov went to Latvia" Youtube
Showerthoughts What is the Google doodle going to be to commemorate the day the Google doodle guy dies? Google
gaming When Overwatch Characters Discover Their Fan Art Discover
mildlyinteresting This Windows 10 branded phone charger with an Apple Lightning cable adapter. Apple
OldSchoolCool Two men who changed Florida forever, Walt Disney on the left and George Jenkins founder of Publix Supermarkets on the right, 1947. Walt Disney
OldSchoolCool Two men who changed Florida forever, Walt Disney on the left and George Jenkins founder of Publix Supermarkets on the right, 1947. Publix
worldnews African Union backs mass withdrawal from ICC - BBC News BBC
funny The official shoe of Reddit. The $11 Walmart OP's. Walmart
todayilearned TIL that as a form of rationing during WWII, the speed limit was lowered to 35 mph in the United States, but as more of an effort to save the rubber used to make tires than to save fuel. United
todayilearned TIL that Nissan couldn't get the domain name "" because of a $10 million lawsuit they lost against Nissan Computer for typos quatting. Nissan
nottheonion Mistaken identity: British man Steve Bannon included in official White House Twitter group message Twitter
AskReddit If Netflix / Hulu / Youtube gave out certificates after completing a video series, what would you be certified in? Youtube
Art Edmonia Lewis: Why Google celebrates her today Google
AskReddit Who should Google celebrate next? Google
Jokes To whoever stole my copy of Microsoft Office: I will find you.. Microsoft
movies 4 New 'The Lego Batman Movie' Clips playlist Lego
movies VIDEO Lego Batman Movie voice actors b-roll. Lego
mildlyinteresting The McDonald's kitchen staff mixed up the middle and bottom buns in my Big Mac. McDonald's
gifs This Mousse au Chocolat was really tasty! au
todayilearned TIL Walt Disney World was almost built in St. Louis Walt Disney
worldnews Quebec City mosque shooting: "What has been happening in the United States politically for some time seems to have had an impact" says Police translation in comment United
worldnews Brexit: Ex EU ambassador Sir Ivan Rogers warns of 'name-calling' and 'fist-fighting' in talks - The diplomat said he believed the EU would hit the UK with a bill likely to be up to 60 billion euros Rogers
AskReddit They're are Supercuts of Tom Cruise running, Brad Pitt eating, Harrison Ford waving his fingers, Samuel L. Jackson yelling, and Tom Hanks peeing. If you were a movie star what would be your thing? Ford
explainlikeimfive ELI5 why do South Korea's national grid and cities look so weird on Google Maps? Google
news New York's attorney general has filed a lawsuit against Charter Communications alleging that the cable and internet provider failed to deliver on promised internet speeds and reliability. Charter
AskReddit Never use Google again or never use YouTube again, what would you pick? Google
Showerthoughts No Mans Sky really is no mans sky now. Sky
videos 4K VIDEO Earl Grey Cream Puffs : Choux au Craquelin :Honeykki 꿀키 au
AskReddit What are some Youtube channels everyone should check out? Youtube
Music Dead Kennedys - California Uber Alles Political Punk Uber
Art The man who sold his back to an art dealer - BBC News, 2017 BBC
mildlyinteresting My Honey Dew receipt is printed on McDonald's paper McDonald's
explainlikeimfive ELI5:With the speculation of a coup on the horizon for the United States of America ticking up. Who would be starting a coup, who would it benefit, why, and who would be the most likely to suffer from it? United
videos How to save Facebook Chat Messages to Notepad or Ms Word Facebook
news Suspicious? Jogger wearing only shoes found near Microsoft at 3:30 a.m. Microsoft
mildlyinteresting I poured my Apple Juice too aggressively, now it looks like a weak beer. Apple
AskReddit People of Reddit who don't live in the United States, what are your thoughts on visiting this country? Where would you go? United
movies Joe Pesci in Casino is the best small tough guy in movie history Casino
dataisbeautiful Just how powerful Facebook likes can be. Facebook
photoshopbattles PsBattle: Xbox on the go Xbox
AskReddit Serious Travelers of reddit, what has been your worst experience at an airport? Travelers
mildlyinteresting This oyster sauce has the Shell oil company's logo on it Shell
mildlyinteresting This Apple branded cement sack Apple
personalfinance How to qualify for the Citi Double Cash Card? Citi
gifs When The Guy Said It's Apple Juice But Turns Out To Be Vodka And Meth Apple
todayilearned TIL of the "Black Belt" region of the Southern United States. The term was first used to designate a part of the country which was distinguished by the color of the soil, but after the American Civil War the term seems to be used to designate the counties where the black people outnumber the white. United
funny Boycott Starbucks hashtag backfires Starbucks
worldnews NHS staff trigger Google cyber-defences - BBC News Google
worldnews NHS staff trigger Google cyber-defences - BBC News BBC
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Dr. Dre sold beats to Apple for 3 billion dollars. Why did he only receive $500 million after taxes? Apple
funny Women Shopping Incredible Super Busted Look in United States United
AskReddit Why does CVS always play whiny teenage suburban girl music who is talking about such things as life and love ? CVS
EarthPorn Low tide Little Corona Del Mar - Newport Beach, CA 5112X3408OC Newport
worldnews UN chief calls for lifting US travel ban on travellers from seven Muslim-majority countries, saying the measures would not prevent terrorists from entering the United States. United
pics For Whom The Bell Tolls, Ernest Hemingway 1940. Bell
AskReddit If medieval leaders had access to Twitter during their time, what are some tweets we would see? Twitter
videos How Many Lego Bricks Does It Take To Get From London To LA? Lego
AskReddit What would be the benefits and disadvantages to structuring the United States in a European Union-like system, where each state is a different nation, but they are still connected economically? United
pics This would make a great Uber ride. Uber
gaming 2.5 million accounts hacked and personal data leaked on Xbox and PlayStation. Xbox
tifu TIFU bY engaging in a Facebook argument that addiction was a choice not a disease Facebook
personalfinance How do I split my Sprint family cell phone bill to get reimbursed by my company? Sprint
Showerthoughts The fact that Henry Ford didn't title his life story his auto-biography is enough to convince me not to read it. Ford
videos Sickest Bagged Audi A7 S-Line Audi
food HomemadeApple, Carrot, and Orange juice. Kale, Celery, Cucumber, Apple, and Ginger juice. Orange
Showerthoughts IKEA is just Lego for adults Lego
mildlyinteresting Not sure how many people have seen these certificates. Navy Golden Shell Back, I love the art. Shell
worldnews UK parliament backs Article 50 bill to leave EU- BBC News BBC
worldnews MPs back government's Article 50 bill - BBC News BBC
movies Shouldn't we be getting a more complete Ghost in a Shell trailer by now? Shell
gaming Are there any cross platform games out there that are any good, that people still play? PC vs Xbox vs PS vs Wii vs whatever else is out there Xbox
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YouTube 2021 Philippines - Bars, Casino and Karaoke in Manila ... ATERRIZAJES ESPELUZNANTES EN LA ISLA DE SAINT ... - YouTube Hotel & Casino Del Rey, San José, Costa Rica - YouTube Sonidos de la Naturaleza - Sonido del Mar y del Bosque ... GTA Online: The Diamond Casino & Resort - YouTube GIRLS GOT US KICKED OUT OF CASINO!! (ARGUMENT) - YouTube ATRACO FINAL AL CASINO! ABRO LA CAJA FUERTE! - GTA V ...

The Best 10 Casinos near Del Mar, CA 92014. Sort: Recommended. All. Price. Open Now. 1. Barona Resort & Casino. 1089 $$ Hotels, Casinos. Sage Cafe at this location. (888) 722-7662. 1932 Wildcat Canyon Rd “If someone would ever ask me which casino would they go to tenfold without a question have to say Barona. Just recently my house burned down from electrical fire. Never in my life would ... Largest Casinos in Del Mar. The largest casino in Del Mar, California according to gaming machines and table games put together, is Del Mar Thoroughbred Club. It has 0 gaming machines and 0 tables games. You will also find 9 restaurants. You can contact the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club at (858) 755 1141 . The Del Mar Thoroughbred Club is located at 2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd, Del Mar, CA 92014, USA ... Casino del Mar Poker Room Overview Part of Casino del Mar at La Concha Resort. Visitors will find daily live action Limit Texas Hold'em cash games at Casino del Mar, La Concha Resort in San Juan according to the casino. Some travelers have complained that the game is not always live, but there are plenty of other table games to play if that suits your fancy. We would suggest calling first if ... The only good ones are Pala and Pechanga. They are 25 miles or so from Carlsbad.. Pala Casino Resort Spa. 11154 Highway 76, Pala, CA (760) 510-5100. Pechanga Resort & Casino Juegos Localizados bajo las marcas Crown Casinos, Mundo Fortuna, Stars Casino Games y Fantasía Royal; de igual manera se tiene la operación de salas sin marca operadas con terceros en las principales ciudades del territorio nacional. b. Juegos Novedosos (Apuestas Deportivas y Casinos ONLINE) bajo la marca Codere Apuestas. En CODERE cambiamos el juego: Te invitamos a que nos conozcas para que ... Places near Del Mar with Recreation Centers Solana Beach (2 miles) Cardiff By The Sea (5 miles) Encinitas (6 miles) Rancho Santa Fe (6 miles) La Jolla (8 miles) Leucadia (8 miles) Carmel Mountain (11 miles) Poway (13 miles) San Marcos (14 miles) Carlsbad (15 miles) A map showing casinos and other gaming facilities located near Del Mar, located in Del Mar at 2260 Jimmy Durante Boulevard, in California, United States. L’Auberge Del Mar 1540 Camino Del Mar Del Mar, CA 92014 Map & Directions. NEWS & OFFERS LIST HOTEL DIRECT. 858-386-1336. ROOM RESERVATIONS. 844-875-5256. NEWS & OFFERS LIST AWARDS & PRESS. SEE ALL AWARDS. AWARDS & PRESS. Top Hotels in Southern California Condé Nast Traveler, 2019. Condé Nast Traveler #14 Hotel in Southern California: Readers’ Choice Awards 2020. SEE MORE. Facebook-f ... A Casino Concepts is located approximately 18 miles from Del Mar. Regarded as one of the best Casinos in Del Mar area, A Casino Concepts is located at 3085 Hidden Creek Ln. If you need more information, call them: (888) 302-2746. 3 reviews of Bingo Del Mar "Nice location-Proceeds go to worthy cause (children) Everything electronic or you can use paper too. Closed during fair and horse racing season. Caller all business , really not very friendly (never smiles) Everyone else is very friendly and helpful! Mostly a good time."

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"Casino" is a 1995 American epic crime drama film directed by "Martin Scorsese" and starring "Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci & Sharon Stone".Casino was released o... Experience Excellence. The Diamond Casino & Resort opens for your enjoyment in the heart of Los Santos this Tuesday, July 23rd.The massive construction proje... En una pequeña isla del Caribe llamada Saint Maarten se ubica el Aeropuerto Princesa Juliana, uno de los Aeropuertos más Atemorizantes del Mundo donde la gen... Nuevo video atraco final al casino en gta v online , porfin el atraco al casino gta 5 online ha sido completado SUSCRIBETE Hazte miemb... I start my night out on Del Pilar Stree in Ermita/Malate, Manila Philippines at Dusk Til Dawn Bar. After 2 beers at Dusk Til Dawn i move on to check out the ... Subscribe to the channel Del Rey - book now They were very angry with us! We got kicked out!GET THE NEW MERCH BEFORE ITS GONE: Subscribe to Danny! He is numb... Sonidos de la naturaleza para dormir, sonido del mar y del bosque para relajarse y calmar la mente, relajante vídeo HD con las olas del mar y la playa en la ... Disfruta los videos y la música que te encantan, sube contenido original y compártelo con tus amigos, familiares y el resto del mundo en YouTube. Daniel Santos (February 5, 1916 November 27, 1992) was a singer and composer of boleros, and an overall performer of multiple Caribbean music genres, including guaracha, plena and rumba. Over the ...