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I was going to post a map of the locations (in North America) all the major demigods are from (that are known) but I can't so instead I'm going to list them out

--PJO Half Blood gang-- Percy- Manhattan, New York (duh)
Annabeth- Richmond, Virginia and later San Francisco
Luke- Westport, Connecticut
Thalia- Pasadena, California
Clarisse- Phoenix, Arizona
Will Solace- Austin, Texas
Nico (& Bianca)- born in Venice, very temporary moved to a hotel in Washington D.C., and then stuck in Las Vegas for for 70 years in the Lotus Hotel and Casino
--Camp Jupiter crew--
Jason- born in Pasadena before getting yeeted out of the house and then raised by Lupa in the Wolfs House, which is in Glen Ellen, north of San Francisco by 1 hour and 46 minutes according to maps
Piper- Malibu, and also visited Tahlequah where her dad was from with decent frequency
Leo (best boy)- Houston, Texas
Hazel- New Orleans before getting owned and also owning the island in Seward, Alaska where she was forced to raise Alcyoneus
Frank(other best boy)- Vancouver, British Columbia
Reyna- San Juan, Puerto Rico before landing in C.C.s Spa and Resort, then obviously becoming the judge jury and executioner of Camp Jupiter
(It's not explicitly stated that he's from San Fran but worst boy Octavian is said to he from a long line of Camp Jupiter attendees)
Never realized before looking into this basically all of them are from the Northeast, the region surrounding Texas, or the West Coast minus Clarisse who's chillin' in mega hot world
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2020 r/baseball Power Rankings -- Week 4: Top 10 Has New NL West Members, Flying Fish Soar, Blue Jays Plummet, Houston We Have a Problem but Phoenix and DC, Too

Hey Sportsfans — it's time for Week 4 of baseball's 2020 Power Rankings — Four weeks into the season and we've learned a lot: some teams win, some teams lose, and some don't play baseball at all. We solider on, trying to make sense of a season best described as 'baseball as viewed by a drunk Jake Peavy through a broken kaleidoscope'.
You may notice the Cardinals are being treated differently this week.
There was one tie this week between the #22 and #23 teams -- our 2nd tiebreaker, run differential, was used to break. Difference of just two runs!
Every voter has their own style / system and the only voting instructions are these:
"To an extent determined individually, you must take into account how strong a team is right now and likely to be going forward. You must, to some degree, give weight to the events and games of the previous week."
The auxiliary post with added data / fun can be seen here.
TRANSPARENCY: this link will show you who voted each team where and has added neat statistics!
If something is a little messed up, feel free to pester me let me know.
Total Votes: 29 of 30. So close.
# Team Δ Comment Record
1 Dodgers +1 Ohhhhh Mooookieeee, when you caaame and you gaaave without taaakinnnng, and I need ya today ohhhh Mookie. I am in love. Hell, even AJ Pollock did the impossible, and won me over despite his 0 for everything playoffs last year. Now if only Cody could find himself... Here's the scary part: The Dodgers are rolling and they are nowhere near playing at their ceiling. If you can't beat this team while its firing on half its cylinders, how the hell do you beat them when they're firing on all of them? 11-5
2 Yankees -1 Bit of a rough week for the Yankees, but the bats are still alive and well against pitchers I've never heard of. Everyone knows Judge leads the league in HR, but did you know DJ leads the league in Singles? Great to see him having a bit of a repeat from last season's performance. Additionally, Britton and Green have been fantastic out of the pen, and Chapman is going to be back at some point. 10-6
3 Athletics +4 Mon. had a ten run W vs. the M's. Next was TEX- Piscotty hit the 2nd walk-off GS of our year then we finished a quick sweep. The HOU series opener was cursed- we had 15 LOBs, left a runner on 3rd with 0/1 outs 3 seperate times, but down to our last strike A. Allen hit a single and M. Semien sealed the game. Montas/Luzardo/Bassit were dynamic and our pen is the league's best. Our lineup might lead MLB in Ks, but we're second in BBs. Just before sweeping the cheats R. Laureano, worth 1 bWAR, got his 2nd HBP of the day. We lead the league in those. After jawing at the RP, he arrived at 1st base. Their batting coach, a human dirtbag, taunted our mvp into a brawl even if it was he worked for a club shamed by scandals and a HS JV quality bullpen. 12-4
4 Braves 0 Roller-coaster week for the Braves. We lost our ace for the season. We got Markakis back and Will Smith made his debut. Acuña quadrupled his homer total in one day and Freeman continues to hit. Still looking good for us, but we definitely need to make a move. Our bullpen is incredible, but this meme made by u/riseupidemic sums it up: Our bullpen is doing big things, but... 11-6
5 Twins -2 We capped off a six game winning streak with a 4 game losing streak. Some were pretty flukey, but we really need the bats to wake up. Also, having three starters on the IL isn't ideal. 10-6
6 Cubs 0 The Cubs played well against the Royals, and then the Cardinals series was postponed. With no evidence that any Cardinals players actually went to a casino or broke protocol more than any other team, I believe that fans making moral judgments against the Cardinals are wrong. Perhaps we shouldn't blame teams for getting a deadly disease during a global pandemic; getting the coronavirus is not a moral indictment. Let's be better fans and better people as the world is falling apart. 10-3
7 Indians +2 The Tribe pitching continues to dazzle - the rotation has put up a quality start in all but two games, one of which was 5.2 shutout innings. Meanwhile the bullpen has a sub-1 ERA if you take away a single nightmare outing by Brad Hand. The less said about the batting order the better, but there's no way they can rank dead last in BA and SLG all year, right guys? G-g-guys? 10-7
8 Rockies +6 The Rockies have the 2nd best run differential in baseball going into Sunday's games due in large part to their starting pitching. Their offense has been middle of the pack so far but that's with Nolan Arenado hitting about as poor as we've ever seen from him. Charlie Blackmon is the early favorite for NL MVP as he racks up a .446/.475/.679 slash. Last week: 5-2. This week: 3 vs AZ & 3 vs Texas. 11-4
9 Rays -1 A return to Dome Sweet Dome is what the Rays needed to right the ship, splitting the sox and winning a tight series with the Yankees. The bats still need to come around, you would think it'd be hard to stay ice cold in Florida and all. The most inspiring things for Rays fans this week were the retunr of Austin Meadows and having a non-Zunino catcher not only bat, but also get the clutch walkoff to send the Yanks home. Let us all pray Charlie Morton is ok and flap on. 8-8
10 Padres +1 The Pads scored every one of their fourteen runs in the Arizona series by way of the long ball. We got to see Luis Pattiño in some relief after being called up, and saw Hos return to action. Fernando Tatis Jr. is very good at baseball. This week we started against the Dodgers, then played the D’Backs, while looking ahead we play the Dodgers, then have a series against the D’Backs… 9-7
11 Astros -6 Our pitching is, for the most part, bad. Seriously, almost our entire bullpen is comprised of AA and A rookies with a handful of MLB appearances under their belt. When the pitching is not bad, our offense is bad and we can't provide enough run support. I've seen enough extra inning games this season. Hard to feel confident in the team right now, but hopefully the beginning of a homestand will turn things around. 6-9
12 White Sox +1 Eloy getting tangled in the left field netting is going to be on lowlight reels for a long time and his 0-20 slide makes it worse. Thankfully, we're looking at a 4 day weekend with the Cards series in doubt. If you told the fanbase in the spring we would be 8-8 after 16 games, most would be happy. A week of the offense averaging 2.5 runs makes 8-8 feel a lot worse. On the plus side, Giolito has looked like an ace again and Moncada is on a 20 game on base streak. 8-8
13 Brewers -1 Props to BeHereNow91 for stealing my lead in about Yelich this past week, short version Yelich is rocking a 1.400 OPS this week. A few other key players have been getting some really interesting BABIP stats. Hiura with his .333 BABIP and only .250 AVG and Gyorko with the .375 BABIP/.250 AVG split. 6-7
14 Reds +2 It’s a special kind of hell having the best rotation in the entire league and the worst bullpen in the entire league. Yesterday’s loss was a microcosm of the season: leading 2-1 going into the 6th inning and trailing 9-2 by the end of the 7th. Michael Lorenzen has surrendered 10 earned runs in 5.1 innings while the combination of Gray, Bauer, Disco, and Mahle have allowed the same number in 64.1 innings. If you remove Tejay Antone’s stellar mopup job against Chicago, the Reds’ bullpen has an unfathomably bad 8.32 ERA. In other news, they’re batting .203 as a team and got shutout by the Indians two nights in a row. 7-9
15 Nationals -5 The Nats did not respond well coming out of their break. They have played poorly against AL East power-team, the Baltmiore Orioles, and have not given a lot of reason for hope. However, Sean Doolittle is a national treasure and it is completely unacceptable to harass a human on Twitter for poor sports performance. If you logged into your account and tweeted or DM'd Doo, you should be ashamed of yourself and turn in your World Series gear because you don't deserve it. 4-7
16 Mets +4 This was an interesting week. Just when you think the Mets are in freefall they come back, and go 4-2, including taking 2 of 3 from "The Best Team in the League" (technically, at the time) Miami Marlins. On top of that Conforto is swinging a hot bat, the team has scored a couple of actual runs, and deGrom even got a win (two in a row!). However, Alonso is quickly turning into Adam Dunn with a better (at times) glove, and the bullpen is still shaky despite Jared Hughes being the bright spot nobody saw coming. Well, what's see what this next week brings... together :) #GiménezNLROY2020 7-9
17 Phillies 0 The Phillies didn't have all that bad of a week all things considered. After a week long break, they split a series with the Yankees and went 1-2 against the Braves. Harper and Realmuto have looked great, and the introduction of Spencer Howard a better (?) Arrieta means the Phillies might just have a servicable rotation. The bullpen is a different story. If they can somehow put together a not terrible bullpen, they should have a shot at the playoffs and maybe some more. 4-6
18 Marlins +9 What this team has been able to do with a bunch of replacement players is a testament to the coaching staff Miami has. Primarily, the bullpen. We may have even found a couple diamonds in the rough. That being said, replacement batters havent fared as well. After some initial success, solid Mets pitching has shown that the lineup sorely misses Ramirez, Rojas, Cooper and Alfaro at the plate. Once our guys come back from covid, this team should be able to finish out tough games like yesterdays. Wouldnt be a surprised to see them finish at or slightly above .500 this season. We got Blue jays and Braves this week. 7-3
19 Tigers +6 Don't look now, but Detrot is one half game off the lead for the AL Central, making these boys rather tough to rank. If the Tigers can continue to be competitive, look to find Casey Mize getting the call sooner rather than later to help shore up the back end of the rotation. This week: 3 vs. CWS, 2 vs STL (although this is unlikely), and 3 vs. CLE. 8-5
20 Orioles +4 It's week 4 and the Orioles are at .500. A miracle if you ask me. They get swept by the Marlins (probably to avoid COVID) and then should have swept the Nats. Can anyone explain to me why the Yankees got a rain shortened win earlier this year and the Orioles have their game suspended? Weird... 7-7
21 Angels -3 Sometimes, a single play captures a season perfectly. 5-11
22 Rangers 0 Wear a mask. Wash your hads. Started the weekend with the worst record in the AL, now 2nd place in the AL West with a playoff spot after a sweep of the Angels and still 2 games below .500. That's the Rangers way. 6-8
23 Blue Jays -7 The Buffalo Blue Jays are finally going home! The first MLB game at Sahlen field will take place on Tuesday, and the migratory birds will be able to settle in. Hopfully it will lead to the bats waking up. The Jays have been the 5th worst hitting team in baseball by wRC+, posting a pitiful line of .218/.277/.366. Good thing the pitching has been good. 5-8
24 Giants -3 7-10
25 Red Sox -2 Decent week for the Sox this time around. Our pitching staff came to play for once, however with impeccable timing the offense decided to disappear for a bit, leaving us with a respectable 3-2 record for the week. Of note is Verdugo, who had a standout game against Toronto with 2 HRs as well as robbing one from off of none other than Former-Red-Sock Travis Shaw. Calling it now, Verdugo 2022 AL MVP 6-9
26 D-Backs -6 D-backs continue to underperform their talent level as their streaky offense can't buoy a terrible, no-good pitching staff. MadBum hasn't looked like himself all year and is currently being evaluated for back issues in Phoenix, while Ray is as frustrating as ever. Zac Gallen and Merrill Kelly have looked legitimately fantastic, but it's hard to get by on two good starting pitching performances a week. 6-10
27 Royals +1 A winning streak and a sweep of the Twins? Really? That just happened? While Brad Keller helps the rotation, and getting rid of Jorge Lopez helps any pitching staff, let's not get ahead of ourselves here. This is still a rebulding team, and while the sudden show of competence is nice, the Royals are not suddenly going to contend for the postseason. Unless Lopez was that fucking useless... 7-10
28 Mariners -2 Justus Sheffield claimed his first career win this past week. Another bright light in a ridiculous season. Once baseball returns for real, the Mariners should be a force to reckon with as the new guys are looking fantastic. Evan White's glove is a beautiful thing. 6-11
29 Pirates 0 D̷̥̗̬͇͕̗͕̙̱̪̄̈́̆̃̔̂͆̍̆̒̓͛̑͝ȩ̶̣̞̣̻͈̲̰͉̰̪̏͛̅̅̈́͑̉̅̓̌̊͒͠͠a̵̡̡̙͚̭͕̳͕̖͔̫̪̘̐̓̿ͅr̸̡̧̢̙̞̤͙͍̭͕̦͙͈̀̍͋͋͜ͅ ̴̡̗̲̗͍̣̞̝̤̜̱̑͆͊͂͂̽̋̒̾͘̕͜T̴͈̝̥͚͂͘̚ẁ̶̢͎̱͈̳̘̜̙͆͐̈́͂͐̈́̔͊̂̕͠i̷̩̩̹̫̫̾́͌́̿͂̑͐͋͝͝n̶̡̧̠̘̝̟͔̩̫̩͈̰̍̔̽̈́̈́̕̚s̸͔̖̈́̈̇̐͘̚ͅ ̷̛͓͙̙͇͔̯̻̟͓̣̫͖͖͈͗̍̂͂͌̔̈́̽͊̐͋͒̇̕ͅǎ̴̢͎̪͇̬͔̻̼̯̀̀̋͂ͅn̵̳̩̰̠̱̳̯͕͊̔͐̿͛̇̊́̄͂͝d̵̡̹͓̣̺̪̦̺̗͊̈́͌̃̈́̆ͅ ̴̡̗̮̤̣͙̗̰̗̊͂͊̑̍͊̒̀̚͝T̵͇͍̯̄̑̈͛͗̉̅͂i̷̩̱̇̈́̈́g̴̡̧̣͈̪͉̹͈̞̺̜͖͕͇͋͐͒̿̚͝ͅe̷̮͊̌̈̃̔̂̇̊͌͘͜͝r̶̨̛̛̭̺͉͎͍̘̗͊̎̀͗͛̍͌́͊̉͒s̴̫̭͍͉̠̰̙̍̈́̋̕͝:̴̡̨͚̭̥͉͖͎͍̪͖͙͚̝͓̀̈́͂̄̌̾̒̂ ̶̨̢̢̫̱͉̣̥͈̈́T̸̡̧̢̩̖̼͈̮̙̟̬̹͕̈́̈̎͗͘͝h̵̢̥̳̣͔̜͈̝͎͎́̎̂̊́a̸̧̻̝̪̝͎̙̟͕̬̾͐̌̎̕ṅ̸̛͇̲̻͍̦͙̏̓͊̉̀͆̓̽̓̿̕k̵͍̳̰͉͑̑̊͌̆̃͒̚͠͝ ̶̛̱̮͈̙͖̫̉́͛̔̄͒̾͐͐̀̏͝ͅy̷̧̛̻̬͉̤̥͔̩̼̲͊̂̅͜ͅo̵͇̬͔̣̼̰̟̐̑͒̽͒̐̀̕̕ͅṷ̶̧̧̢̬̳͕̙̖̺̫̹̮̤̪̈́̌͂̒̔̽̉͂̅̇̕ ̶͇̻͓̱̘͔͚̙͙̟̉̋́̽͑̈́͌ͅͅf̵̛̮̈́͗͛̔̉̕͝ó̸̢̞̲͕̫̳͈͙͙̎̀̕͜͜ŕ̶̨͉̞̠̠̤̳̯̻̱̬̩̻̽̇̄̀̒̈͊̈͛͊ ̵̧̢̙̝͎͚̙̩̺̥̙̱̝̈͛̒̅̓̎͠ͅh̵̯̄̍͊e̷͍̗̞̬̪̣͙̦͇̲̓̈́̾̀̃̑́̽̀͌̀̍̚͝ͅl̵͈͖̰̭͐̂͑͝͠p̵̠͌͌̇͗̅į̷̨̡̱̻̭̮͖͗͐͗́͜͠ͅn̸̢̨̛̟̯̫̦̰̻̘̠̻̗̯g̸̢̥̯͊́̅͗̈́̉̇̿̈́͝ ̵̛̜̮̮̲̝͊́̀̄̈́̏̑͒͘͠t̴̤̥̓̐̾̄ḩ̴͖̼̞͔̱̦͎̞͆̇̋͆́͛́̓͘͝͝ė̷̛̥̠̏͌̎͗̀͒̃̓́̚͠ ̵̧͍̦͖̯͛̊̽͛͆̅͂̔̒́̇̿͘P̴̝̭̬̬̣̿̾͒̈́͌́̈í̵̡̭̠͈̦͕͕͓͚̲̓͋̎̈́͊̈̊̍̇͗͒̉͘͝t̶̢̨̡̩͚̖͇͍͍̥͈̀̒̀́̒͊̐̎͝t̶͍̪͚̻̭͍̩̼̮̰̺͌ş̵̨̠̮̱͔̪͕̜͎̻̳̱̆̇̈́̄͝͝͠b̸̡̮̝̯̗̥͋̓̾̃̈́u̵̳͂͌̈́͛̽̀̈́̾͝͝r̴͇̲̟̓̃̿͌̇̍̈͘͝͠ǧ̴̝̯̲̙̠̜̲̱͋͌h̷̢̢̡̛̬̹͈̠̰̼̼̭̤̹͂̑͗̂̌̈́̇͘͝ ̶̱̪̝̦̭̮͙̮̬͊P̸̢̤͈̰̠̟̹͕̐͂̋̃̌͌̓͝͠í̸̢͚̟͇̣̏̾̌ŗ̵̲͙͓͇͖̝̳̻̖̔̑̂̏̂̕͝ä̵͕̱̤̝̥̪͇̮͙̖́̑͒̈́͐ț̴̢̛̛͉͈̪̙̜̖͍͔͉͂̃̓̈́͛͒̋̆̈́͜͜ͅe̶͈̠̔̄̈́̐͒s̵̜͙͖͉̪̝̘̼̏̇̋̃͋̏͗̍̍͊̓͊̕̕ ̴̨̯̯̭̻͚͈̜̯̺̤̗̂͊͂̊̂̓̾̆̔͑̌̈́̕͝ồ̵̡̨̝̬͈̮̲̲̥́̽̆͂̅̓̽̄̈́̕̚͠͝ͅn̶̲͉͍̞̍̀̓̌̿͆͂̅̄̀̀̃͠͝ͅ ̷̳͖̭̤͓̹̞͚͉̥͔̟̱̣̍̂̽͜t̸̨̥̣̪͚̘̻͔̳̠̲̦̺̰͐̀̿̂͌̅͝ḥ̶̛͍͙̗͎̪̬̱̰̙̄͛̌͋̋ẻ̶͍̦͖̥͎͆́́͂̈́̚ͅḯ̸̢̜̖̖͍̭̙̱̙̘̫̙̂͑̀͒̓ͅr̷̼̯̗̙̞̼̄̈́ ̶̡̨̳͔̦̂̾̈͑͝͝ͅq̴̡̛̙͕̺̗̪̜͇͉͕̱̟̩̊͌̈́̐́̔͐̓͌́͛̈̏͝u̴̡̥͓͍̭̿̀̆̃̃̎̓̽̓͊̓͝͠ę̷͓̗͈͚͙̒̎͌͘̕s̶̡̝̮͚̜̣͚͇̖̭͖̓̈́̃̔͊̿͗̓̚̕ͅͅt̸̻̝̜̺̺̳͍̜͎̹͖̔̎̏̓̃̇̀̀̏̚̚ ̴̧̳̱̣̯͓̗̞̰̻̆͂̆̍̂͑̀͐̃̈̌͋̾͆͜f̵̣̻̝̹̖̱͍̂̽ơ̴̡̛͖̝̮͕̜̞̣̤̩̜̦̜̑̅̉͒̿̋̆̉͠r̸̨̙̹͚̰̣͓͐͆̋͆̓͂̆̃̓̃͂͛̌̿̃ ̸̢̨̙͓̱̫̯͉͙̘̙͙̻͇͆K̶͉̲̞̪̮̜̤͉͉̗̖̿̆́̂̀̄̍́͑ͅͅų̴̜͇͕͔̲̺̭͍̩͗̾̉̊̀̊̆̚ṃ̵̧̡̢̣̞̮͇͓̱̥̹̒̈ͅͅą̵͖̞̖̼̣̠̤̥̪͚͋͌̀̽̋͝r̵̢͚̬̺̍͒̂̒̽̏͝ͅ ̸̮̀̄̐̀͊̿̋͂͌̆̈̕͝R̷̡̨̬͚͙̫̻̱͍̬̭̅̿͒͋͒́̿̇̆̕ǫ̵̨̖̗̳͍̹͉̤̘̯̣͕͊̔̈̍̏͋̊͐̅͛͝ͅc̶͖̪̙̣̲̤̖͚̠̹̖̳̞͙̏̅̐͜ḵ̷̢̨̘̙̹͕̠̙͍̳͙̠͙͒͒̅̒ͅe̸̢̻̦̮̻͌̉̄̉̀̎̇́̇̽̑̓͂ŗ̴̗͙̲̝̱̠̭͙͕̮̯̱͠ 3-13
N/A, Quarantined Rank: 17||Cardinals|-2| 5 games lul |2-3
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Moderator(s) on R/Conservative REALLY doesn't like to be challenged with the TRUTH.

I attempted to post the letter (copied below) on Conservative.
It meets, as best as I can tell, ALL of the stated guidelines for their sub. (If you see anything that is uncivil, untrue, unsubstantiated, whatever, please inform me!)
They didn't post it. When I sent Modmail inquiring why, I received the following response telling me my post was "stupid" , and I was "banned" from submitting further Modmail.
Anyone know how I contact Reddit Administrators to appeal?

Post is awaiting moderator approval.This post is currently awaiting approval by the moderators of Conservative before it can appear in the subreddit.

>What would you WRITE to a Trump supporter? Or would I just be wasting ink?
I live in Sun City Arizona, a great Phoenix retirement community except for being very conservative, very pro-Trump.
A LOT of my neighbors have Trump signs.
Rather than vandalizing or stealing them, which I feel would be counter-productive I've considered writing a sincere letter and blue-taping it to every sign I see.
Trump is, in word and deed, neither fiscally NOR socially "Conservative." Look at his adulterous behavior! Look at his defense spending and the tax cut for the 2%!
I might point out that Trump referred to our veterans as "Losers and Suckers."
That Trump mocked a disabled reporter. (cruelty)
That he claimed "there are good people on both sides" referring to the Neo-Nazis in Charlottesville
That he has done NOTHING in response to reports Putin put a bounty on US soldiers (treason)
That he stiffed, and was sued by 3000+ contractors who worked on his casinos. (greed)
That he claimed to know more about ISIS than "all his generals" all of whom he subsequently fired. Virtually all of whom have spoken out against him.
(His expertise doesn't stop with ISIS:
That he's a serial adulterer who numerous women (25+) claim assaulted them, including a charge of defamation the result of him denying a rape that he can't seem to get away from. .
That his denial, and false claim that "This is their latest hoax" with regards to Democrats and COVID19 seriously slowed our nation's response, including his refusal to wear a mask and set an example, with deaths now exceeding 200,000 Americans.
But what, really, do you think pro-Trump conservatives would read, and not just wad up and throw away?
Isn't supporting Trump at this point proof that most Conservatives are in complete denial of reality? And live in such utter fear of "Migrant caravans" and "BLM burning cities down" that NOTHING could get through to them?
What criticisms, IF ANY, do you think Trump supporters could or WOULD accept?
The fact that he's anything BUT a financial "conservative" with his trillion dollar tax cuts for the rich?
Social Conservatism is rooted in Biblical teachings, is it not? The bible states in at least a half dozen places we are NOT to mistreat the illegal alien, the migrant living in our midst. Yet Trump's cruelty towards non-citizens is legendary, including removing children from their mothers and apparently doling out hysterectomies. Instead of leading a charge toward immigration REFORM, he instead seeks to make illegals live in terror of ICE and deportation
Deuteronomy 10:19 Therefore love the foreigner; for you were foreigners in the land of Egypt.
Should I start out with some "praise" of Trump to get hard-right conservatives reading, and gradually change direction?
I know that THEY don't think he's a pathological liar. The WaPo's documentation of his 20,000+ lies, that's just "fake news!"
DJT has broken most if not ALL of the Ten Commandments and continues to do so. Has stated he doesn't really feel he has any need to repent.
The only ammo I have is words, even the Bible, yet I feel these folks are "convinced" of his righteousness and suitability for office beyond rescue by any facts, logic, even direct, contradictory Trump quotes. Or Biblical condemnation of his greed, adultery, lust, lust for revenge, hatred of the migrant, etc.
What about that, just a list of Trump tweets that contradict himself. Perhaps a list of his biggest lies: "I did not sleep with Stormy Daniels and if I did I didn't pay her hush money?"
Maybe make the back of my printed letter Trump's top-ten bald-faced lies?
Suggestions? (including give up) (So far every single reply has suggested just giving up!)
Wade Nelson, Redditor, Christian, Registered Republican, Fiscal Conservative.
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[Post-Match] Phoenix Rising 5-2 New Mexico Utd.

FT: Phoenix Rising New Mexico United

Scorers: Parkes 5', Flemmings 18', Dadaşov 22', Cochran 52', Tinari 59', Flemmings 74', 86'
Competition: USL Championship Group C, Matchday 6/16
Venue: Casino Arizona Field, Phoenix, AZ
Attendance: few
Starting XI: Z. Lubin (GK); D. King, C. Whelan, A.J. Cochran (G 52'), O. Kontor (Sub 69'); J. Bakero (Sub 87'), K. Lambert (YC 58'), S. Stanton (Sub 62); S. Asante, R. Dadaşov (G 22', Sub 69'), J. Flemmings (G 18', 74', 86')
Subs: E. Dick (GK), J. Schweitzer (Sub 62'), J. Barmby, J. Farrell (Sub 87'), S. Moar (Sub 69'), J. Aguinaga, J. Calistri (Sub 69', YC 80')
Starting XI: C. Mizell (GK); A. Yearwood, K. Ryden, R. Tetteh (Sub 46'), J. Suggs; A. Tinari, J. Guzmán (YC 45+1', Sub 62'), A. Moreno (YC 87'), S. Muhammad (Sub 62'); C. Wehan (Sub 81'); R. Parkes (G 5', Sub 81')
Subs: P. Beigl (GK), S. Hamilton (Sub 46'), R. Williams (Sub 62'), D. Estrada (Sub 62'), S. Sergi (Sub 81'), D. Bruce, J. Ahlinvi (Sub 81')
0': Kickoff here in Arizona! For the fourth time we face off against Phoenix Rising, this time in a cross-group wildcard game. Both teams enter the game with identical records, and a win would either propel Phoenix to the top of group B, or cement our place atop group C for two more weeks. Notably, infamous traitor Santi Moar starts out on the bench, with few changes from either side's team in the previous match.
5': GOOOOOOAAALLL!!! IT'S ROMEO PARKES WITH A LOOPING HEADER OVER LUBIN! It's Moreno who picks out the pass, and Parkes spots an opportunity with Lubin a few yards off his line, and heads it from the edge of the box!! It's a flying start, and just how we'd like to start the game! Game on, PHX 0-1 NMU
18': GOAL FOR PHOENIX! JUNIOR FLEMMINGS DRAWS LEVEL! Jon Bakero plays Flemmings through who picks it up at the edge of the box, and he beats Tetteh to slot it past Mizell with a cool right-foot finish. After a quick start, we're back level. PHX 1-1 NMU
22': A QUICK SECOND GOAL FOR THE HOME SIDE! SOLOMON ASANTE FINDS NEW MAN DADAŞOV! The Azerbaijani continues his good form, latching onto a diagonal ball from the Ghanaian to turn it around. Now it's us who will chase the game, but there's a lot of football left. PHX 2-1 NMU
24': Good chance for Phoenix! Whelan plays Asante through and it ends up in the net, but not before the linesman calls offside.
45': 3 minutes added on.
45+1': J. Guzmán (NMU) recoeves a yellow card. It's not clear why, but probably an incident off the ball.
45+4': Someone just got fired from the grounds staff, as the sprinklers come on before a Phoenix corner!
HT: PHX 2-1 NMU After a bright start, which saw Romeo Parkes bag a goal and a fantastic celebration, we lost control. Phoenix piled on the pressure, sending a lot of quick attacking moves forward. They were rewarded with 2 goals in 4 minutes. Flemmings and Dadaşov both put themselves a little higher in the league top scoring chart, and that's how the half would finish. The second half will almost definitely see more goals, and maybe some substitutions. Lesesne would do well to add some width to the attack, maybe bringing Williams or Bruce into the midfield.
46': Second half kickoff!
46': NMU substitution 1/5. S. Hamilton replaces R. Tetteh, maybe looking for more flexibility of the defense in transition.
52': PHOENIX FIND A THIRD! A.J. COCHRAN GETS HIS HEAD TO A CORNER BALL! Asante again plays a part as he sends a high arcing corner in, and the big man hammers it home! There's some suggestion of fouling by the Phoenix players, but the goal will stand, giving United that much more to do. PHX 3-1 NMU
58' K. Lambert (PHX) sees yellow after entangling with Tinari.
59': GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAALL!!! ANDREW TINARI SCPRES HIS FIRST FOR THE CLUB! Yearwood drops a corner right in the middle of the 6 yard box, and after a brief scuffle Tinari backheels it in! It isn't pretty, but it'll do to cut the deficit back to 1! PHX 3-2 NMU
62' PHX substitution 1/5. J. Schweitzer replaces S. Stanton.
62': NMU double change, 2/5 and 3/5. D. Estrada replaces S. Muhammad in midfield. J. Guzmán makes way for R. Williams.
69': PHX double change, 2/5 and 3/5. O. Kontor makes way for J. Calistri. S. Moar (boo! hiss!) comes on for goalscorer R. Dadaşov.
74': PHOENIX RESTOREA 2-GOAL LEAD! BAKERO FLASHES IT ACROSS THE MOUTH OF GOAL, AND JUNIOR FLEMMINGS MAKES THE MOST! It's a brace for the Jamaican on the night and a brace of assists for Jon Bakero! Phoenix are asking questions that we haven't answered. PHX 4-2 NMU
80': J. Calistri (PHX) sees yellow for a shove on A. Moreno.
81': NMU double change, the last of the evening. J. Ahlinvi replaces C. Wehan, and S. Sergi comes on for R. Parkes, swapping out our front 2.
86': JUNIOR FLEMMINGS COMPLETES HIS HAT TRICK! SANTI MOAR (boo! hiss!) BEATS YEARWOOD DOWN THE LEFT, AND SLIDES A BALL IN FOR FLEMMINGS! It's a tidy finish into the roof of the net following a wide counterattack. We know all too well how good Moar (boo! hiss!) can be down the wing, and he notches an assist as Phoenix put the game, you have to say, beyond our reach. PHX 5-2 NMU
87': PHX substitution 4/5. J. Farrell replaces playmaker J. Bakero for the final few minutes. It's the final sub of the night for either side.
87': A. Moreno (NMU) sees the fourth yellow of the game.
90': 4 minutes added on.
FT: PHX 5-2 NMU You can see why they won the West at breakneck pace last season. We had some good moves, but Phoenix were quicker in transition, and the quality of their front 3 really shone through. Not a bad night for most players, including a first NMU goal for Andrew Tinari. Phoenix Rising best us for the first time in 4 matches, and the better team took the 3 points tonight. We go again at Colorado Springs on the 15th, and Phoenix host SD Loyal on the same day.
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What a USL D1 league might look like

TL;DR: Man with too much time on his hands goes deep down the rabbit hole on a concept this sub already didn’t seem that enthusiastic about. If you really want to skip ahead, CTRL+F “verdict” and it’ll get you there.
Two days ago, u/MrPhillyj2wns made a post asking whether USL should launch a D1 league in order to compete in Concacaf. From the top voted replies, it appears this made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move.
But I’ve been at home for eight weeks and I am terribly, terribly bored.
So, I present to you this overview of what the USL pyramid might look like if Jake Edwards got a head of steam and attempted to establish a USSF-sanctioned first division. This is by no means an endorsement of such a proposal or even a suggestion that USL SHOULD do such a thing. It is merely an examination of whether they COULD.
Welcome to the Thunderdome USL Premiership
First, there are some base-level assumptions we must make in this exercise, because it makes me feel more scientific and not like a guy who wrote this on Sunday while watching the Belarusian Premier League (Go BATE Borisov!).
  1. All D1 teams must comply with known USSF requirements for D1 leagues (more on that later).
  2. MLS, not liking this move, will immediately remove all directly-owned affiliate clubs from the USL structure (this does not include hybrid ownerships, like San Antonio FC – NYCFC). This removes all MLS2 teams but will not affect Colorado Springs, Reno, RGVFC and San Antonio.
  3. The USL will attempt to maintain both the USL Championship and USL League One, with an eventual mind toward creating the pro/rel paradise that is promised in Relegations 3:16.
  4. All of my research regarding facility size and ownership net worth is correct – this is probably the biggest leap of faith we have to make, since googling “NAME net worth” and “CITY richest people” doesn’t seem guaranteed to return accurate results.
  5. The most a club can increase its available seating capacity to meet D1 requirements in a current stadium is no more than 1,500 seats (10% of the required 15,000). If they need to add more, they’ll need a new facility.
  6. Let’s pretend that people are VERY willing to sell. It’s commonly acknowledged that the USL is a more financially feasible route to owning a soccer club than in MLS (c.f. MLS-Charlotte’s reported $325 million expansion fee) and the USSF has some very strict requirements for D1 sanctioning. It becomes pretty apparent when googling a lot of team’s owners that this requirement isn’t met, so let’s assume everyone that can’t sells to people who meet the requirements.
(Known) USSF D1 league requirements:
- League must have 12 teams to apply and 14 teams by year three
- Majority owner must have a net worth of $40 million, and the ownership group must have a total net worth of $70 million. The value of an owned stadium is not considered when calculating this value.
- Must have teams located in the Eastern, Central and Pacific time zones
- 75% of league’s teams must be based in markets with at a metro population of at least 1 million people.
- All league stadiums must have a capacity of at least 15,000
The ideal club candidate for the USL Premiership will meet the population and capacity requirements in its current ground, which will have a grass playing surface. Of the USL Championship’s 27 independent/hybrid affiliate clubs, I did not find one club that meets all these criteria as they currently stand.
Regarding turf fields, the USSF does not have a formal policy regarding the ideal playing surface but it is generally acknowledged that grass is superior to turf. 6 of 26 MLS stadiums utilize turf, or roughly 23% of stadiums. We’ll hold a similar restriction for our top flight, so 2-3 of our top flight clubs can have turf fields. Seem fair?
Capacity is going to be the biggest issue, since the disparity between current requirements for the second-tier (5,000) and the first tier (15,000) is a pretty massive gap. Nice club you have there, triple your capacity and you’re onto something. As a result, I have taken the liberty of relocating certain (read: nearly all) clubs to new grounds, trying my utmost to keep those clubs in their current markets and –importantly--, ensure they play on grass surfaces.
So, let’s do a case-by-case evaluation and see if we can put together 12-14 teams that meet the potential requirements, because what else do you have to do?
For each club’s breakdown, anything that represents a chance from what is currently true will be underlined.
Candidate: Birmingham Legion FC
Location (Metro population): Birmingham, Ala. (1,151,801)
Time zone: Central
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Legion Field (FieldTurf, 71,594)
Potential owner: Stephens Family (reported net worth $4 billion)
Notes: Birmingham has a pretty strong candidacy. Having ditched the 5,000-seater BBVA Field for Legion Field, which sits 2.4 miles away, they’ve tapped into the city’s soccer history. Legion Field hosted portions of both the men’s and women’s tournaments at the 1996 Olympics, including a 3-1 U.S. loss to Argentina that saw 83,183 pack the house. The Harbert family seemed like strong ownership contenders, but since the death of matriarch Marguerite Harbert in 2015, it’s unclear where the wealth in the family is concentrated, so the Stephens seem like a better candidate. The only real knock that I can think of is that we really want to avoid having clubs play on turf, so I’d say they’re on the bubble of our platonic ideal USL Prem.
Candidate: Charleston Battery
Location (Metro population): Charleston, S.C. (713,000)
Time zone: Eastern
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Johnson Hagood Stadium (Grass, ~14,700)
Potential owner: Anita Zucker (reported net worth $3 billion)
Notes: Charleston’s candidacy isn’t looking great. Already disadvantaged due to its undersized metro population, a move across the Cooper River to Johnson Hagood Stadium is cutting it close in terms of capacity. The stadium, home to The Citadel’s football team, used to seat 21,000, before 9,300 seats on the eastern grandstand were torn down in 2017 to deal with lead paint that had been used in their construction. Renovation plans include adding 3,000 seats back in, which could hit 15,000 if they bumped it to 3,300, but throw in a required sale by HCFC, LLC (led by content-creation platform founder Rob Salvatore) to chemical magnate Anita Zucker, and you’ll see there’s a lot of ifs and ands in this proposal.
Candidate: Charlotte Independence
Location (Metro population): Charlotte, N.C. (2,569, 213)
Time zone: Eastern
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Jerry Richardson Stadium (Turf, 15,314)
Potential owner: James Goodnight (reported net worth $9.1 billion)
Notes: Charlotte ticks a lot of the boxes. A move from the Sportsplex at Matthews to UNC-Charlotte’s Jerry Richardson stadium meets capacity requirements, but puts them on to the dreaded turf. Regrettably, nearby American Legion Memorial Stadium only seats 10,500, despite a grass playing surface. With a sizeable metro population (sixth-largest in the USL Championship) and a possible owner in software billionaire James Goodnight, you’ve got some options here. The biggest problem likely lies in direct competition for market share against a much better-funded MLS Charlotte side due to join the league in 2021.
Candidate: Hartford Athletic
Location (Metro population): Hartford, Conn. (1,214,295)
Time zone: Eastern
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Pratt & Whitney Stadium (Grass, 38,066)
Potential owner: Ray Dalio (reported net worth $18.4 billion)
Notes: Okay, I cheated a bit here, having to relocate Hartford to Pratt & Whitney Stadium, which is technically in East Hartford, Conn. I don’t know enough about the area to know if there’s some kind of massive beef between the two cities, but the club has history there, having played seven games in 2019 while Dillon Stadium underwent renovations. If the group of local businessmen that currently own the club manage to attract Dalio to the table, we’re on to something.
Candidate: Indy Eleven
Location (Metro population): Indianapolis, Ind. (2,048,703)
Time zone: Eastern
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Lucas Oil Stadium (Turf, 62,421)
Potential owner: Jim Irsay (reported net worth of $3 billion)
Notes: Indy Eleven are a club that are SO CLOSE to being an ideal candidate – if it weren’t for Lucas Oil Stadium’s turf playing surface. Still, there’s a lot to like in this bid. I’m not going to lie, I have no idea what current owner and founder Ersal Ozdemir is worth, but it seems like there might be cause for concern. A sale to Irsay, who also owns the NFL Indianapolis (nee Baltimore) Colts, seems likely to keep the franchise there, rather than make a half-mile move to 14,230 capacity Victory Field where the AAA Indianapolis Indians play and expand from there.
Candidate: Louisville City FC
Location (Metro population): Louisville, Ky. (1,297,310)
Time zone: Eastern
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Lynn Family Stadium (Grass, 14,000, possibly expandable to 20,000)
Potential owner: Wayne Hughes (reported net worth $2.8 billion)
Notes: I’m stretching things a bit here. Lynn Family stadium is currently listed as having 11,700 capacity that’s expandable to 14,000, but they’ve said that the ground could hold as many as 20,000 with additional construction, which might be enough to grant them a temporary waiver from USSF. If the stadium is a no-go, then there’s always Cardinal Stadium, home to the University of Louisville’s football team, which seats 65,000 but is turf. Either way, it seems like a sale to someone like Public Storage founder Wayne Hughes will be necessary to ensure the club has enough capital.
Candidate: Memphis 901 FC
Location (Metro population): Memphis, Tenn. (1,348,260)
Time zone: Central
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Liberty Bowl Stadium (Turf, 58,325)
Potential owner: Fred Smith (reported net worth $3 billion)
Notes: Unfortunately for Memphis, AutoZone Park’s 10,000 seats won’t cut it at the D1 level. With its urban location, it would likely prove tough to renovate, as well. Liberty Bowl Stadium more than meets the need, but will involve the use of the dreaded turf. As far as an owner goes, FedEx founder Fred Smith seems like a good local option.
Candidate: Miami FC, “The”
Location (Metro population): Miami, Fla. (6,158,824)
Time zone: Eastern
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Riccardo Silva Stadium (FieldTurf, 20,000)
Potential owner: Riccardo Silva (reported net worth $1 billion)
Notes: Well, well, well, Silva might get his wish for top-flight soccer, after all. He’s got the money, he’s got the metro, and his ground has the capacity. There is the nagging issue of the turf, though. Hard Rock Stadium might present a solution, including a capacity of 64,767 and a grass playing surface. It is worth noting, however, that this is the first profile where I didn’t have to find a new potential owner for a club.
Candidate: North Carolina FC
Location (Metro population): Durham, N.C. (1,214,516 in The Triangle)
Time zone: Eastern
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Carter-Finley Stadium (Grass/Turf, 57,583)
Potential owner: Steve Malik (precise net worth unknown) / Dennis Gillings (reported net worth of $1.7 billion)
Notes: We have our first “relocation” in North Carolina FC, who were forced to trade Cary’s 10,000-seat WakeMed Soccer Park for Carter-Finley Stadium in Durham, home of the NC State Wolfpack and 57,583 of their closest friends. The move is a whopping 3.1 miles, thanks to the close-knit hub that exists between Cary, Durham and Raleigh. Carter-Finley might be my favorite of the stadium moves in this exercise. The field is grass, but the sidelines are artificial turf. Weird, right? Either way, it was good enough for Juventus to play a friendly against Chivas de Guadalajara there in 2011. Maybe the move would be pushed for by new owner and medical magnate Dennis Gillings, whose British roots might inspire him to get involved in the Beautiful Game. Straight up, though, I couldn’t find a net worth for current owner Steve Malik, though he did sell his company MedFusion for $91 million in 2010, then bought it back for an undisclosed amount and sold it again for $43 million last November. I don’t know if Malik has the juice to meet D1 requirements, but I suspect he’s close.
Candidate: Pittsburgh Riverhounds SC
Location (Metro population): Pittsburgh, Penn. (2,362,453)
Time zone: Eastern
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Heinz Field (Grass, 64,450)
Potential owner: Henry Hillman (reported net worth $2.5 billion)
Notes: I don’t know a ton about the Riverhounds, but this move in particular feels like depriving a pretty blue-collar club from its roots. Highmark Stadium is a no-go from a seating perspective, but the Steelers’ home stadium at Heinz Field would more than meet the requirements and have a grass surface that was large enough to be sanctioned for a FIFA friendly between the U.S. WNT and Costa Rica in 2015. As for an owner, Tuffy Shallenberger (first ballot owner name HOF) doesn’t seem to fit the USSF bill, but legendary Pittsburgh industrialist Henry Hillman might. I’m sure you’re asking, why not the Rooney Family, if they’ll play at Heinz Field? I’ll tell you: I honestly can’t seem to pin down a value for the family. The Steelers are valued at a little over a billion and rumors persist that Dan Rooney is worth $500 million, but I’m not sure. I guess the Rooneys would work too, but it’s a definite departure from an owner in Shallenberger who was described by one journalist as a guy who “wears boots, jeans, a sweater and a trucker hat.”
Candidate: Saint Louis FC
Location (Metro population): St. Louis, Mo. (2,807,338)
Time zone: Central
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Busch Stadium (Grass, 45,494)
Potential owner: William DeWitt Jr. (reported net worth $4 billion)
Notes: Saint Louis has some weirdness in making the jump to D1. Current CEO Jim Kavanaugh is an owner of the MLS side that will begin play in 2022. The club’s current ground at West Community Stadium isn’t big enough, but perhaps a timely sale to Cardinals owner William DeWitt Jr. could see the club playing games at Busch Stadium, which has a well established history of hosting other sports like hockey, college football and soccer (most recently a U.S. WNT friendly against New Zealand in 2019). The competition with another MLS franchise wouldn’t be ideal, like Charlotte, but with a big enough population and cross marketing from the Cardinals, maybe there’s a winner here. Wacko idea: If Busch doesn’t pan out, send them to The Dome. Sure, it’s a 60k turf closed-in stadium, but we can go for that retro NASL feel and pay homage to our nation’s soccer history.
Candidate: Tampa Bay Rowdies
Location (Metro population): Tampa, Fla. (3,068,511)
Time zone: Eastern
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Raymond James Stadium (Grass, 65,518)
Potential owner: Edward DeBartolo Jr. (reported net worth $3 billion)
Notes: This one makes me sad. Despite having never been there, I see Al Lang Stadium as an iconic part of the Rowdies experience. Current owner Bill Edwards proposed an expansion to 18,000 seats in 2016, but the move seems to have stalled out. Frustrated with the city’s lack of action, Edwards sells to one-time San Francisco 49ers owner Edward DeBartolo Jr., who uses his old NFL connections to secure a cushy lease at the home of the Buccaneers in Ray Jay, the site of a 3-1 thrashing of Antigua and Barbuda during the United States’ 2014 World Cup Qualifying campaign.
Breather. Hey, we finished the Eastern Conference teams. Why are you still reading this? Why am I still writing it? Time is a meaningless construct in 2020 my friends, we are adrift in the void, fueled only by brief flashes of what once was and what may yet still be.
Candidate: Austin Bold FC
Location (Metro population): Austin, Texas (2,168,316)
Time zone: Central
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Darrel K Royal – Texas Memorial Stadium (FieldTurf, 95,594)
Potential owner: Michael Dell (reported net worth of $32.3 billion)
Notes: Anthony Precourt’s Austin FC has some unexpected competition and it comes in the form of tech magnate Michael Dell. Dell, were he to buy the club, would be one of the richest owners on our list and could flash his cash in the new first division. Would he have enough to convince Darrel K Royal – Texas Memorial Stadium (I’m not kidding, that’s its actual name) to go back to a grass surface, like it did from ’96-’08? That’s between Dell and nearly 100,000 UT football fans, but everything can be had for the right price.
Candidate: Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC
Location (Metro population): Colorado Springs, Colo. (738,939)
Time zone: Mountain
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Falcon Stadium (FieldTurf, 46,692)
Potential owner: Charles Ergen (reported net worth $10.8 billion)
Notes: Welcome to Colorado Springs. We have hurdles. For the first time in 12 candidates, we’re back below the desired 1 million metro population mark. Colorado Springs actually plans to build a $35 million, 8,000 seat venue downtown that will be perfect for soccer, but in our timeline that’s 7,000 seats short. Enter Falcon Stadium, home of the Air Force Academy Falcons football team. Seems perfect except for the turf, right? Well, the tricky thing is that Falcon Stadium is technically on an active military base and is (I believe) government property. Challenges to getting in and out of the ground aside, the military tends to have a pretty grim view of government property being used by for-profit enterprises. Maybe Charles Ergen, founder and chairman of Dish Network, would be able to grease the right wheels, but you can go ahead and throw this into the “doubtful” category. It’s a shame, too. 6,035 feet of elevation is one hell of a home-field advantage.
Candidate: El Paso Locomotive FC
Location: El Paso, Texas
Time zone: Mountain
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Sun Bowl (FieldTurf, 51,500)
Potential owner: Paul Foster (reported net worth $1.7 billion)
Notes: God bless Texas. When compiling this list, I found so many of the theoretical stadium replacements were nearly serviceable by high school football fields. That’s insane, right? Anyway, Locomotive don’t have to settle for one of those, they’ve got the Sun Bowl, which had its capacity reduced in 2001 to a paltry 51,500 (from 52,000) specifically to accommodate soccer. Sure, it’s a turf surface, but what does new owner Paul Foster (who is only the 1,477th wealthiest man in the world, per Forbes) care, he’s got a team in a top league. Side note: Did you know that the Sun Bowl college football game is officially, through sponsorship, the Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl? Why is it not the Frosted Flakes Sun Bowl? Why is the cereal mascot the promotional name of the football game? What are you doing, Kellogg’s?
Candidate: Las Vegas Lights FC
Location: Las Vegas, Nev. (2,227,053)
Time zone: Pacific
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Allegiant Stadium (Grass, 61,000)
Potential owner: Sheldon Adelson (reported net worth $37.7 billion)
Notes: Sin City. You had to know that the club that once signed Freddy Adu because “why not” was going to go all out in our flashy hypothetical proposal. Thanks to my narrative control of this whole thing, they have. Adelson is the second-richest owner in the league and has decided to do everything first class. That includes using the new Raiders stadium in nearby unincorporated Paradise, Nevada, and spending boatloads on high profile transfers. Zlatan is coming back to the U.S., confirmed.
Candidate: New Mexico United
Location: Albuquerque, N.M.
Time zone: Mountain
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Isotopes Park – officially Rio Grande Credit Union Field at Isotopes Park (Grass, 13,500 – 15,000 with expansion)
Potential owner: Maloof Family (reported net worth $1 billion)
Notes: New Mexico from its inception went deep on the community vibe, and I’ve tried to replicate that in this bid. The home field of Rio Grande Cr---I’m not typing out the whole thing—Isotopes Park falls just within the expansion rules we set to make it to 15,000 (weird, right?) and they’ve found a great local ownership group in the Lebanese-American Maloof (formerly Maalouf) family from Las Vegas. The only thing to worry about would be the metro population, but overall, this could be one of the gems of USL Prem.
Candidate: Oklahoma City Energy FC
Location: Oklahoma City, Okla. (1,396,445)
Time zone: Central
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark (Grass, 13,066)
Potential owner: Harold Hamm (reported net worth $14.2 billion)
Notes: There’s a bright golden haze on the meadow and it says it’s time to change stadiums and owners to make it to D1. A sale to oil magnate Harold Hamm would give the club the finances it needs, but Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark (home of the OKC Dodgers) actually falls outside of the boundary of what would meet capacity if 1,500 seats were added. Could the club pull off a move to Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium in Norman, Oklahoma – home of the Oklahoma Sooners? Maybe, but at 20 miles, this would be a reach.
Candidate: Orange County SC
Location: Irvine, Calif. (3,176, 000 in Orange County)
Time zone: Pacific
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Angels Stadium of Anaheim (Grass, 43,250)
Potential owner: Arte Moreno (reported net worth $3.3 billion)
Notes: You’ll never convince me that Rangers didn’t choose to partner with Orange County based primarily on its name. Either way, a sale to MLB Angels owner Arte Moreno produces a fruitful partnership, with the owner choosing to play his newest club out of the existing Angels stadium in OC. Another baseball conversion, sure, but with a metro population of over 3 million and the closest thing this hypothetical league has to an LA market, who’s complaining?
Candidate: Phoenix Rising FC
Location: Phoenix, Ariz. (4,857,962)
Time zone: Arizona
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): State Farm Stadium (Grass, 63,400)
Potential owner: Ernest Garcia II (reported net worth $5.7 billion)
Notes: We’re keeping it local with new owner and used car guru Ernest Garcia II. His dad owned a liquor store and he dropped out of college, which is making me feel amazing about my life choices right now. Casino Arizona Field is great, but State Farm Stadium is a grass surface that hosted the 2019 Gold Cup semifinal, so it’s a clear winner. Throw in Phoenix’s massive metro population and this one looks like a lock.
Candidate: Reno 1868 FC
Location: Reno, Nev. (425,417)
Time zone: Pacific
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Mackay Stadium (FieldTurf, 30,000)
Potential owner: Nancy Walton Laurie (reported net worth $7.1 billion)
Notes: The Biggest Little City on Earth has some serious barriers to overcome, thanks to its low metro population. A sale to Walmart heiress Nancy Walton Laurie and 1.6 mile-move to Mackay Stadium to split space with the University of Nevada, Reno makes this bid competitive, but the turf surface is another knock against it.
Candidate: Rio Grande Valley FC
Location: Edinburg, Texas (900,304)
Time zone: Central
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): McAllen Memorial Stadium (FieldTurf, 13,500 – 15,000 with expansion)
Potential owner: Alice Louise Walton (reported net worth $45 billion)
Notes: Yes, I have a second straight Walmart heiress on the list. She was the first thing that popped up when I googled “McAllen Texas richest people.” The family rivalry has spurred Walton to buy a club as well, moving them 10 miles to McAllen Memorial Stadium which, as I alluded to earlier, is a straight up high school football stadium with a full color scoreboard. Toss in an additional 1,500 seats and you’ve met the minimum, despite the turf playing surface.
Candidate: San Antonio FC
Location: San Antonio, Texas (2,550,960)
Time zone: Central
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Alamodome (FieldTurf, 64,000)
Potential owner: Red McCombs (reported net worth $1.6 billion)
Notes: I wanted to keep SAFC in the Spurs family, since the franchise is valued at $1.8 billion. That said, I didn’t let the Rooneys own the Riverhounds based on the Steelers’ value and it felt wrong to change the rules, so bring on Clear Channel co-founder Red McCombs. Toyota Field isn’t viable in the first division, but for the Alamodome, which was built in 1993 in hopes of attracting an NFL franchise (and never did), San Antonio can finally claim having *a* national football league team in its town (contingent on your definition of football). Now if only we could do something about that turf…
Candidate: San Diego Loyal SC
Location: San Diego, Calif. (3,317,749)
Time zone: Pacific
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): SDCCU Stadium (formerly Qualcomm) (Grass, 70,561)
Potential owner: Phil Mickelson (reported net worth $91 million)
Notes: Yes, golf’s Phil Mickelson. The existing ownership group didn’t seem to have the wherewithal to meet requirements, and Phil seemed to slot right in. As an athlete himself, he might be interesting in the new challenges of a top flight soccer team. Toss in a move to the former home of the chargers and you might have a basis for tremendous community support.
Candidate: FC Tulsa
Location: Tulsa, Okla. (991,561)
Time zone: Central
Stadium (playing surface, capacity): Skelly Field at H.A. Chapman Stadium (FieldTurf, 30,000)
Potential owner: George Kaiser ($10 billion)
Notes: I’m a fan of FC Tulsa’s rebrand, but if they want to make the first division, more changes are necessary. A sale to Tulsa native and one of the 100 richest men in the world George Kaiser means that funding is guaranteed. A move to Chapman Stadium would provide the necessary seats, despite the turf field. While the undersize population might be an issue at first glance, it’s hard to imagine U.S. Soccer not granting a waiver over a less than a 10k miss from the mark.
And that’s it! You made it. Those are all of the independent/hybrid affiliates in the USL Championship, which means that it’s time for our…
VERDICT: As an expert who has studied this issue for almost an entire day now, I am prepared to pronounce which USL Championships could be most ‘ready” for a jump to the USL Prem. A reminder that of the 27 clubs surveyed, 0 of them met our ideal criteria (proper ownership $, metro population, 15,000+ stadium with grass field).
Two of them, however, met almost all of those criteria: Indy Eleven and Miami FC. Those two clubs may use up two of our three available turf fields right from the outset, but the other factors they hit (particularly Silva’s ownership of Miami) makes them difficult, if not impossible to ignore for the top flight.
But who fill in the rest of the slots? Meet the entire 14-team USL Premier League:
Hartford Athletic
Indy Eleven
Louisville City FC
Miami FC
North Carolina FC
Pittsburgh Riverhounds SC
Tampa Bay Rowdies
Saint Louis FC
San Antonio FC
New Mexico United
Phoenix Rising FC
Las Vegas Lights FC
Orange County SC
San Diego Loyal SC
Now, I shall provide my expert rationale for each club’s inclusion/exclusion, which can be roughly broken down into four categories.
Firm “yes”
Hartford Athletic: It’s a good market size with a solid stadium. With a decent investor and good community support, you’ve got potential here.
Indy Eleven: The turf at Lucas Oil Stadium is no reason to turn down a 62,421 venue and a metro population of over 2 million.
Louisville City FC: Why doesn’t the 2017 & 2018 USL Cup champion deserve a crack at the top flight? They have the market size, and with a bit of expansion have the stadium at their own SSS. LCFC, you’re in.
Miami FC, “The”: Our other blue-chip recruit on the basis of ownership value, market size and stadium capacity. Yes, that field is turf, but how could you snub Silva’s chance to claim victory as the first division 1 club soccer team to play in Miami?
Pittsburgh Riverhounds SC: Pittsburgh sacrificed a lot to be here (according to my arbitrary calculations). Their market size and the potential boon of soccer at Heinz Field is an important inclusion to the league.
Saint Louis FC: Willie hears your “Busch League” jokes, Willie don’t care. A huge market size, combined with the absence of an NFL franchise creates opportunity. Competition with the MLS side, sure, but St. Louis has serious soccer history and we’re willing to bet it can support two clubs.
Tampa Bay Rowdies: With a huge population and a massive stadium waiting nearby, Tampa Bay seems like too good of an opportunity to pass up for the USL Prem.
Las Vegas Lights FC: Ostentatious, massive and well-financed, Las Vegas Lights FC is everything that the USL Premier League would need to assert that it didn’t intend to play second fiddle to MLS. Players will need to be kept on a short leash, but this is a hard market to pass up on.
Phoenix Rising FC: Huge population, big grass field available nearby and a solid history of success in recent years. No brainer.
San Diego Loyal SC: New club? Yes, massive population in a market that recently lost an absolutely huge sports presence? Also yes. This could be the USL Prem’s Seattle.
Cautious “yes”
New Mexico United: You have to take a chance on New Mexico United. The club set the league on fire with its social media presence and its weight in the community when it entered the league last season. The market may be slightly under USSF’s desired 1 million, but fervent support (and the ability to continue to use Isotopes Park) shouldn’t be discounted.
North Carolina FC: Carter-Finley’s mixed grass/turf surface is a barrier, to be sure, but the 57,000+ seats it offers (and being enough to offset other fully-turf offerings) is enough to put it in the black.
Orange County SC: It’s a top-tier club playing in a MLB stadium. I know it seems unlikely that USSF would approve something like that, but believe me when I say “it could happen.” Orange County is a massive market and California likely needs two clubs in the top flight.
San Antonio FC: Our third and only voluntary inclusion to the turf fields in the first division, we’re counting on San Antonio’s size and massive potential stadium to see it through.
Cautious “no”
Birmingham Legion FC: The town has solid soccer history and a huge potential venue, but the turf playing surface puts it on the outside looking in.
Memphis 901 FC: Like Birmingham, not much to dislike here outside of the turf playing surface at the larger playing venue.
Austin Bold FC: See the other two above.
FC Tulsa: Everything’s just a little bit off with this one. Market’s slightly too small, stadium has turf. Just not enough to put it over the top.
Firm “no”
Charleston Battery: Small metro and a small potential new stadium? It’s tough to say yes to the risk.
Charlotte Independence: A small new stadium and the possibility of having to compete with an organization that just paid over $300 million to join MLS means it’s best for this club to remain in the USL Championship.
Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC: When a club’s best chance to meet a capacity requirement is to host games at a venue controlled by the military, that doesn’t speak well to a club’s chances.
El Paso Locomotive FC: An undersized market and a turf field that meets capacity requirements is the death knell for this one.
Oklahoma City Energy FC: Having to expand a baseball field to meet requirements is a bad start. Having to potentially play 20 miles away from your main market is even worse.
Reno 1868 FC: Population nearly a half-million short of the federation’s requirements AND a turf field at the hypothetical new stadium makes impossible to say yes to this bid.
Rio Grande Valley FC: All the seat expansions in the world can’t hide the fact that McAllen Memorial Stadium is a high school stadium through and through.
Here’s who’s left in the 11-team Championship:
Birmingham Legion FC
Charleston Battery
Charlotte Independence
Memphis 901 FC
Austin Bold FC
Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC
El Paso Locomotive FC
Oklahoma City Energy FC
Reno 1868 FC
Rio Grande Valley FC
FC Tulsa
With MLS folding the six affiliates it has in USL League One, the league is a little bit thin (especially considering USSF’s requirements for 8 teams for lower level leagues), but seems definitely able to expand up to the necessary numbers with Edwards’ allusions to five new additions this year:
Chattanooga Red Wolves SC
Forward Madison FC
Greenville Triumph SC
Union Omaha
Richmond Kickers
South Georgia Tormenta
FC Tucson
Format of Assorted Leagues – This (like everything in this post) is pure conjecture on my part, but here are my thoughts on how these leagues might function in a first year while waiting for additional expansion.
USL Premier – We’ll steal from the 12-team Scottish Premiership. Each club plays the other 11 clubs 3 times, with either one or two home matches against each side. When each club has played 33 matches, the top six and bottom six separate, with every club playing an additional five matches (against each other team in its group). The top club wins the league. The bottom club is automatically relegated. The second-bottom club will enter a two-legged playoff against someone (see below) from the championship playoffs.
USL Championship -- 11 clubs is a challenge to schedule for. How about every club plays everyone else three times (either one or two home matches against each side)? Top four clubs make the playoffs, which are decided by two-legged playoffs. The winner automatically goes up. I need feedback on the second part – is it better to have the runner-up from the playoffs face the second-bottom club from the Premiership, or should the winner of the third-place match-up get the chance to face them to keep drama going in both playoff series? As for relegation, we can clearly only send down the last place club while the third division is so small.
USL League One – While the league is so small, it doesn’t seem reasonable to have the clubs play as many matches as the higher divisions. Each club could play the other six clubs four times – twice at home and twice away – for a very equitable 24-match regular season, which would help restrict costs and still provide a chance to determine a clear winner. Whoever finishes top of the table goes up.
And there you have it, a hypothetical look at how the USL could build a D1 league right now. All it would take is a new stadium for almost the entire league and new owners for all but one of the 27 clubs, who wouldn’t feel that their property would be massively devalued if they got relegated.
Well that’s our show. I’m curious to see what you think of all of this, especially anything that you think I may have overlooked (I’m sure there’s plenty). Anyway, I hope you’re all staying safe and well.
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New Mexico United @ Phoenix Rising FC | 8/8 8:30pm | Pre-match thread

New Mexico United @ Phoenix Rising FC | 8/8 8:30pm | Pre-match thread
On 2020/8/8 it all goes down. New Mexico United plays Phoenix Rising at Phoenix. Originally this match was to be played in Albuquerque but due real life issues, the match was moved to Casino Arizona Field.
In 2019 New Mexico United and Phoenix Rising played each other three times. The first encounter resulted in a 3-3 draw. The second encounter was a US Open Cup match, which resulted in a victory via penalties after the two sides played to a 2-2 draw. The third encounter resulted in a 2-2 draw at home.
If you have been keeping score, there has not been one victory within regulation time between these two clubs. And in those three matches, there has been something like 18 yellow cards between the two clubs. New Mexico United and Phoenix Rising don’t like each other very much.
Last season their supporters came into our house and among other activities, popped smoke in front of our supporters. Good times.

It doesn’t help that Phoenix’s players seem have a hard time staying on their feet.
Phoenix is currently, after five matches played, in 2nd place of Group B with 10 points. Last week they played to a 3-1 victory over El Paso Locomotive. I would say their club is loaded with talent. Including Santi Moar, who signed with them after playing for United last season. Personally I won’t be negative about Moar for his poor employment decisions; unless he celebrates a goal against United. Once that happens, the gloves come off.
New Mexico United is on top of Group C with 10 points after five matches played. Last week they had a terrific 0-3 team win over OKC Energy. It is great to watch the players starting to click. Huge shout out to the best keeper in the league, Cody Mizell. Without him between the sticks, New Mexico would have a much harder time playing with such a high press.
I think that a good part of the success off the pitch for New Mexico United last season was in part due to the exciting, offensive style of soccer that Troy Lesesne had United playing. I’m glad to see this style continue in 2020. This club does not have a CDL, so they should not be attempting to park buses.
PRO has not posted the USL assignments for this weekend, so my snarky comments about who might be overseeing this match will have to wait. I just hope they have a good eye for floppy behavior.
In closing:



Ways to watch/listen:
  1. In Person
  2. ESPN+
  3. Youtube (international viewers only)
  4. 101.7 FM The TEAM
  5. Local Businesses (Support local businesses that support local soccer. Wear your face coverings and practice social distancing please, and follow the State laws.)
Follow the match stats live at the USL Match Center and watch at all the pretty graphics.

Romeo Parkes vs OKC Energy
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USL Betting – Championship Top Games for Sept. 11 & 12 + Predictions!

USL Betting – Championship Top Games for Sept. 11 & 12 + Predictions!

USL Betting – Championship Top Games for Sept. 11 & 12

With the 2020 USL season rolling right along and teams across the league looking to make a push to reach the postseason, it’s time to find out who’s in action this coming week and which matchups are offering the best soccer betting value so you can set down your bets against their USL odds. Let’s get started.

2020 USL Championship Top Games of the Week, Highlights, and Predictions

Phoenix Rising FC (7-2-2) vs Las Vegas Lights FC (2-5-3)

  • When: Friday, Sept. 11, 2020 at 9:30 PM ET
  • Where: Casino Arizona Field
Phoenix is sitting atop the group B standings with 23 points. The Rising have scored a league-high 31 goals while conceding just 12 goals defensively. Las Vegas is in last place in group B with 9 points. The Lights have been limited to 15 goals while allowing 17 goals defensively. Phoenix comes into this clash riding the wave of a fantastic seven-game winning streak that includes a 2-0 win over Las Vegas on Saturday. Vegas has dropped two of three, including the aforementioned loss against Phoenix the last time out.


There’s no way Phoenix manages to lose this game to a club they just shutout the last time they met. Phoenix has a pair of genuine stars in league scoring leader Junior Flemmings (10 goals) and Rufat Dadashov (8 goals) and the pair will be more than enough to lead the Rising to the victory in this one.
Pick: Phoenix 4 Las Vegas 1

Pittsburgh Riverhounds (8-3-1) FC vs Hartford Athletic (6-2-1)

  • When: Saturday, Sept. 12, 2020 at 6:00 PM ET
  • Where: Highmark Stadium
Pittsburgh is in first place in Group F with 25 points. The Riverhounds have scored a league-high tying 31 goals while allowing just eight defensively. Hartford id in second place in group F with 19 points that have come on 18 goals scored and 15 goals allowed.
Pittsburgh has won three straight while not losing in their last five. The Riverhounds come into this matchup off a convincing 3-0 shutout win over New York on Saturday. Hartford has gone 1-1-1 over their last three games but managed to get past Loudon 2-1 on Saturday.


Pittsburgh thoroughly dominated Hartford in their 3-0 shutout win on Aug. 28 and the Riverhounds simply possess too much offensive firepower and too good of a defense, to lose to a Hartford team that is good, but not great. The Riverhounds are tied with a league-high six clean sheets and they could be looking at another in this affair.
Pick: Pittsburgh 3 Hartford 1

Sacramento Republic FC (6-1-3) vs Reno 1868 FC (8-0-2)

  • When: Saturday, Sept. 12, 2020 at 9:30 PM ET
  • Where: Papa Murphy’s Park
Sacramento is in second place in group A with 21 points that have come on 14 goals scored and eight allowed. Reno is sitting atop the group A standings with 24 points. Reno has scored 27 goals and conceded 10 goals defensively. Sacramento is on fire, having won five straight including a 2-1 win over Portland last Wednesday, but Reno has won four straight and comes into this affair off a resounding 7-1 win over Portland on Saturday.


I know Sacramento is playing their best soccer of the season coming into this matchup, but Reno has been consistently good all season long and I expect them to get the win in this one, though its’ going to be a knock-down, drag-out affair that ends in a one-goal finish. Reno ranks third in goals scored this season while Hartford is tied for 10t. In the end, Reno’s firepower will be just a bit too much for the Athletic.
Pick: Reno 2 Sacramento 1
Get all your betting odds and lines at MyBookie - Sign up today and receive a 100% Sign Up Bonus!
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The original Megathread got archived automatically by Reddit, so I've now re-upped it.
This megathread is to compile all the information into 1 place so that information can be accessed more easily and smoothly. Please post all questions/comments on this thread. This includes selling/buying tickets, meetup plans, etc. Any further posts about the tour, including questions, will be removed.
Please feel free to use the "#live-shows" channel on the subreddit Discord server to discuss and post about the tour.
Next, please use Reddit’s spoiler feature when discussing things about the tour that others want to be surprised about. As posted in the sidebar, you can now hide your text on Reddit, so please utilize this feature in posts and comments. Don’t ruin the fun for other members of the horde!


The tour will feature the brand new, highly-anticipated “Cube V3” – with new visuals completely designed by Deadmau5 himself!
NOTE: While the UMF 2019 set may spoil some things for the tour, Joel has confirmed on Reddit that there will be A LOT of changes for the tour - including new visuals and NEW MUSIC! Ultra was essentially just a way to test out the new system before tour season begins.

For those who cannot make it to the show, here's a recording of one of the shows in full (Though keep in mind the setlist changes each show)

Tour website:

  • Tour schedule
  • Buy tickets
  • Sign up for text updates

New merch website:

Tour Dates:

Set times, ticket prices, age restrictions, and other regulations vary for each venue, so your best bet for specific venue questions would be to visit venues' websites or call them.

The set length will be about 2 hours and 15 minutes, and the opening sets will each be about an hour long.


1) deadmau5 On Stage Experience:
-One Premium Reserved or General Admission ticket to the show
-One (1) Meet & Greet with deadmau5*
-One (1) Individual photo with deadmau5*
-The ability to watch the first 3 songs of deadmau5’s set, side-stage*
-Exclusive access to special VIP pre-show production tour (see the new cube up close and personal)*
-One commemorative VIP laminate
-One exclusive merchandise item
-Priority entry into the venue*
2) deadmau5 VIP Meet & Greet Experience:
-One Premium Reserved or General Admission ticket to the show
-One (1) Meet & Greet with deadmau5*
-One (1) Individual photo with deadmau5*
-Exclusive access to special VIP pre-show production tour (see the new cube up close and personal)*
-One commemorative VIP laminate
-One exclusive merchandise item
-Priority entry into the venue*
3) deadmau5 VIP Cube Tour Experience:
-One Premium Reserved or General Admission ticket to the show
-Exclusive access to pre-show production tour*
-One commemorative VIP laminate
-One exclusive merchandise item
-Priority entry into the venue*
* = no liquids permitted side stage (alcohol, soda, etc)*side stage locations will operate in a different format from city to city depending on local venue capabilities *production tour done in groups of 10*meet & greet and photo opportunity may occur after general doors have opened


No need to complain yet that you don’t see the city that you wanted. Joel also confirmed on Mau5Trap Radio Episode #28 that although this first part of the tour is United States only, they are working on plans for worldwide dates afterwards.
  • SOFI (Select shows only)
OPENERS: (In alphabetical order:)
  • BlackGummy
  • Callie Reiff
  • E̶D̶D̶I̶E̶ (EDIT: CANCELLED DUE TO VISA ISSUES - replaced by Bentley Dean & Julian Gray)
  • Getter
  • i_o
  • Jay Robinson
  • Justin Martin
  • k?d
  • Liquid Stranger
  • Mad Zach
  • Monstergetdown
  • No Mana
  • Sara Landry
  • Sian
  • Sysdemes


  1. Great Hall Stage: Testpilot, Layton Giordani, Rinzen
  2. Kings Hall Stage: ATTLAS, BlackGummy, MSTRKRFT, SIAN, Speaker Honey
  3. Lost Circus Stage: Todd Edwards, Jay Robinson, Gooey Vuitton


  • Special pop-up shop with an interactive art & music installation (powered by Specdrums from Sphero)
  • Buy exclusive merch
  • See special displays (i.e. mau5heads, McLaren 720s Spider, etc.)
  • Meet Mau5Trap artists & get stuff signed
  • Drink Corona
  • Sunset Strip - 1114 Horn Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90069
  • Thurs. September 26th to Sat. September 28th
  • 12:00PM - 8:00PM PDT
  • Deadmau5 signing from 3:00PM - 5:00PM PDT on 26th and 27th
  • i_o signing from 2:00PM -5:00PM PDT on 27th; 4:00PM - 6:00PM on 28th
  • Various Mau5Trap artists appearing/signing on 28th (including a Q&A panel from 1:00PM - 2:00PM PDT)


  • Special pop-up shop with an interactive art & music installation (powered by Specdrums from Sphero)
  • Buy exclusive merch
  • See special displays (i.e. mau5heads, McLaren 720s Spider, etc.)
  • Meet Mau5Trap artists & get stuff signed
  • Drink Corona
  • 2100 Larimer Street, Denver, CO 80205 (Intersection of Larimer & 21st Street)
  • Fri. November 1st to Sat. November 2nd
  • 11:00PM - 8:00PM MDT (both days)
  • Deadmau5 signing from 2:00PM - 4:00PM MDT (both days)
  • i_o signing from 5:00PM - 5:45PM MDT (Nov. 1 only)
  • Other Mau5Trap artists signing from 5:30PM -7:30PM MDT (Nov. 2 only)


  • Special pop-up shop with an interactive art & music installation (powered by Specdrums from Sphero)
  • Buy exclusive merch
  • See special displays (i.e. mau5heads, McLaren 720s Spider, etc.)
  • Meet Mau5Trap artists & get stuff signed
  • Drink Corona
  • 260 Johnson Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11206
  • Thurs. February 6th to Sun. February 9th
  • 12:00PM - 6:00PM EST (both days)
  • Deadmau5 signing from 3:00PM - 5:00PM EST (Feb. 7th & Feb. 8th only)


NOTE: Keep in mind, the below setlist compiles every track he's played at the shows so far in order - so therefore, he doesn't play ALL of these songs each show. Every show has a slightly different setlist.
BOLDED = Unreleased
  1. Deadmau5 - No Problem (Intro Edit)
  2. Deadmau5 - Where My Keys
  3. Deadmau5 - Infra Turbo Pigcart Racer
  4. Deadmau5 - Suckfest 9001
  5. Deadmau5 - Some Chords
  6. Deadmau5 - Some Chords (Dillon Francis Remix)
  7. Deadmau5 - Maths
  8. Deadmau5 - Maths (Cobra Effect Remix)
  9. Deadmau5 - Coelacanth (OV)
  10. Deadmau5 - My Pet Coelacanth
  11. Deadmau5 - Moar Ghosts ‘N’ Stuff
  12. Deadmau5 Ft. Rob Swire - Ghosts ‘N’ Stuff
  13. Deadmau5 Ft. Rob Swire - Monophobia
  14. Deadmau5 - Cthulhu Sleeps
  15. Deadmau5 - Imaginary Friends
  16. Deadmau5 - FML (Intro Edit + “I Remember” Vocal Edit)
  17. Deadmau5 – Fall
  18. Deadmau5 - Sometimes Things Get, Whatever
  19. Deadmau5 - Avaritia (“The Longest Road” Vocal Edit)
  20. Deadmau5 - Three Pound Chicken Wing (“The Longest Road” Vocal Edit)
  21. Deadmau5 - Where Phantoms Sleep ("The Longest Road" Vocal Edit)
  22. Deadmau5 Ft. Greta Svabo Bech - Raise Your Weapon [Featuring live vocals from LIGHTS]
  23. Deadmau5 Ft. Greta Svabo Bech - Raise Your Weapon (Noisia Remix) [Featuring live vocals from LIGHTS]
  24. Deadmau5 Ft. LIGHTS - Drama Free [Featuring live vocals from LIGHTS]
  25. Deadmau5 - Midas’ Heel
  26. Deadmau5 Ft. Shotty Horroh - Legendary
  27. Deadmau5 - Ban Hammer (cover of "Crockett's Theme" by Jan Hammer)
  28. Deadmau5 - Satrn
  29. Deadmau5 - Coasted
  30. Deadmau5 Ft. Chris James - The Veldt
  31. Deadmau5 Ft. Chris James - The Veldt (Eric Prydz Edit)
  32. Deadmau5 Ft. Chris James - The Veldt (Tommy Trash Remix)
  33. Deadmau5 - Strobe
  34. Deadmau5 - Speed, Violence, Momentum
  35. Deadmau5 - Nosedive
  1. Deadmau5 Ft. SOFI - Sofi Needs A Ladder (Legend Of Zelda Intro Edit) [Featuring live vocals from SOFI]
  2. Deadmau5 - Arguru (2019 Remaster)
  3. Deadmau5 Ft. Rob Swire - Monophobia
  4. Deadmau5 Ft. Kiesza - Bridged By A Light Wave


Here's a list of most of the Cube V3 "fun facts" shown on the cube before the show!
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Gila River casinos temporarily close as Arizona COVID-19 cases rise

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 69%. (I'm a bot)
Casinos under the Gila River Indian Community were planning to reopen during the COVID-19 pandemic with new safety measures on May, 2020.As of 2 a.m. Thursday, Gila River Hotels & Casinos shuttered all three of its properties for two weeks amid a recent rise in COVID-19 cases in Arizona.
Leaders at Gila River Hotels & Casinos declined The Arizona Republic's repeated requests to confirm the number of employees who have tested positive for COVID-19, saying that they will not disclose the information to "Protect the privacy" of their workers.
Like other tribal casinos across Arizona, Gila River's three casinos shut down because of COVID-19 in mid-March.
The Gila River casinos initially reopened May 15, the same day Gov. Doug Ducey lifted Arizona's stay-at-home order.
During the two week closure, casino officials will "Reassess its current safety standards" after evaluating its safety plan with the Gila River Indian Community Council and receiving "Feedback from its community and team members."
Unlike some other casinos in the Phoenix area, Gila River Hotels & Casinos were only requiring employees to wear personal protective equipment.
Summary Source | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: Casino#1 Gila#2 River#3 COVID-19#4 Washington#5
Post found in /Coronavirus, /arizonapolitics, /ChannitNews and /arizona.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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[Intro] Re-Intro Its been a crazy time and an re-intro is in order since Ive been away for awhile

Hello beautiful people!
My name is LsdAliceX9/StaceyLeia and Ive been a part of this community for 2 years now, although I have been off reddit for the most part of 6 months. Im introducing myself again for those who dont know me/dont remember and to give a little update as to what Ive been up to.
Im 40 now. whoa.. that feels so weird to say or think about because I am such a young at heart spirit and I never thought I would make it this far! lol.. I am living back in Tampa, Fl. now- I move around quite a bit and just recently spent 2 years in Phoenix. I missed Florida so badly that as soon as I got the chance I made it back to where I feel at home although I am originally from Michigan I have also spent time living in Minnesota and Wisconsin with short stays in Cali and in Pa.
I am in insurance agent primarily but worked for a little over year at American Express doing fraud prevention- that was a pretty cool job, but I am back doing work at home insurance sales currently. I have a 15 year old daughter that I have pretty much raised on my own and we have 2 pets- cats- a female orange tabby named Leo and a black and white male Playboy.
Ive never been married, but was in a relationship for 7 years that was at times abusive and very hard with someone who had some mental health issues. I never thought I would be free but 6 months ago we finally separated and I fell in love with my best friend at the time who had been there for me during some of those dark times. We have now been together for about 4 months and he moved to Florida with me. Im very happy and feel so loved.. its wonderful to have someone who is appreciative and caring, stable and loyal.
More on the sad side here now, my father passed away in June due to complications from advanced Parkinsons. He was only 65. It was hard, but I got spend time with him before he passed and I am grateful for that. My dad was my primary parent and he was by far the coolest guy in the world. Always kind and understanding, he was creative, a musician and played in bands, he had tons of cool hobbies that made my childhood full of experiences, like caving, Vegas, roller coasters, rockets, guns.. It was always fun times and I wish he would have gotten to have a healthy and full retirement. Sometimes terrible things happen to the best people, but this is life.
He left me some money through his life insurance and that money helped me move back to Florida and go on an adventure I had always dreamed of. I spent a month on the road in my Rv with my boyfriend, my daughter, her boyfriend, my daughters best friend and her boyfriend.
It was a crazy adventure! We spent 4 days in Vegas and got some affordable but beautiful suites to stay in. We stayed in a different casino each night- Next we visited New Mexico and Meowwolf- If you dont know what it is, look it up! It was an epic experience. We then went on to Colorado and participated in the legal recreations they have there for smoking while we visited some great campsites and Rv resorts. We had BBQ in Kansas City, Six Flags in MO., Mammoth cave in KY, Cedar Point in Oh. Visited family in Ohio and Michigan and then drove to New York city and went to times square. From there we made our way down the coast to have crab cakes and go swimming in Ocean City MD. We visited Savannah, Ga and ate gumbo at night at a quaint little old building by the river..and finally we got back to Florida. Me and my boyfriend took another short trip for his birthday down to the Florida Keys, saw the Coral Castle, went to fantasy fest and spent the day at Miami Beach.
Ive been back in town now for about 6 weeks and settled down in a big house in the middle of the city of Tampa. We have re-connected with all of our friends, we have been having the greatest time! The other two kids (18-19, so not kids really) that were my daughters friends went back to Arizona and we got some of our buddies here as roommates and now we are just doing the thing. Back to work, money has run out but we bought a car and furnished the house so all is well and normalizing now.
A few things that I like are sleep, dreaming, soft cuddly things, smells, incense, candles, I do astrology and tarot, I love movie worlds like Harry Potter, Marvel and Star Wars- as well as horror films and cult movies. I like psychedelics and things that are surreal or fringe. I love Graham Hancock and got to meet him twice in AZ. as well as David Icke- he is my hero. I LOVE animals, nature and beauty in all forms. I am into music like EDM, classic rock , blues and metal and my favorite "color" is holographic pastel pearl iridescence . One day I want to own a Hyundai Genesis and I want to visit the pyramids at Giza , Athens and Europe in the next 5 years.
I spend most of my time online, or watching movies it seems- kinda boring then spiked with very intense experiences. I hang out with a group of friends that are like burneravehippy types and we go to parties and festivals. I like to go out for drinks and dinners, although I am taking a dieting hiatus from alcohol and rich foods for a bit.I love to go to Amusement Parks, we got Busch Gardens passes as soon as we got here and we have already been 4 times. I cant wait to get my funds back up and got to Orlando to Disney and Universal again ! I love travel and novelty and to see new places. I love the beaches and the woods and just driving through cute little towns and feeling the vibe.
Life truly is an amazing adventure and I cant wait to experience more of it.
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[NA] Completely updated the CinemaScore discussion!

What is CinemaScore and how are the ratings determined?
It is a Las Vegas research firm that surveys audiences from different cities about their viewing experience off of a paper given by CinemaScore employees themselves.
There are 25 cities all across the North American region where these surveys are handed out, but only 5 are chosen to actually implement their data from each week for each new wide release.
For this set of data, I have compiled 3,177 films that have attained a CinemaScore. I will go through each score and determine the best and worst performances of a film that has received that score. Let's begin.


The almighty score that is worn as a badge of honor. A relatively difficult score to achieve as we look at 69 films since its lifetime.
Of every film that has reached this score, 40/69, or 57.9% have reached $100 million domestic with 62/69, or 89.85% having multipliers higher than 3x. The average multiplier stands at a 6.27.
Here's a chart of the best multipliers.
Movie Title Domestic Total Highest Weekend Multiplier Release Date Rating
Schindler's List $96,065,768 $4,703,730 20.42 12/15/1993 R
Dances with Wolves $184,208,848 $9,491,623 19.41 11/9/1990 PG-13
Titanic $658,672,302 $35,455,673 18.58 12/19/1997 PG-13
Beauty and the Beast $218,967,620 $12,239,650 17.89 11/15/1991 G
Driving Miss Daisy $106,593,296 $6,494,882 16.41 12/15/1989 PG
Forrest Gump $330,252,182 $24,450,602 13.51 7/6/1994 PG-13
Die Hard $83,008,852 $7,105,514 11.68 7/15/1988 R
Aladdin $217,350,219 $19,289,073 11.27 11/13/1992 G
Dead Poets Society $95,860,116 $9,102,459 10.53 6/2/1989 PG
When Harry Met Sally... $92,823,546 $8,846,522 10.49 7/14/1989 R
Now for the worst.
Movie Title Domestic Total Highest Weekend Multiplier Release Date Rating
Avengers: Endgame $824,365,940 $357,115,007 2.31 4/26/2019 PG-13
Tyler Perry's Diary of a Mad Black Woman $50,633,099 $21,905,089 2.31 2/25/2005 PG-13
The Best Man Holiday $70,525,195 $30,107,555 2.34 11/15/2013 R
Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married? $55,204,525 $21,353,789 2.59 10/12/2007 PG-13
Patriots Day $31,886,361 $11,613,765 2.75 12/21/2016 R
Unplanned $18,105,038 $6,382,298 2.84 3/29/2019 R
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets $261,988,482 $88,357,488 2.97 11/15/2002 PG
The Avengers $623,357,910 $207,438,708 3.01 5/4/2012 PG-13
Akeelah and the Bee $18,848,430 $6,011,585 3.14 4/28/2006 PG
Lone Survivor $125,095,601 $37,849,910 3.31 12/25/2013 R
Average Multiplier with $50M+ Highest Weekend: 4.06
Average Multiplier with <$50M Highest Weekend: 6.99
Nonetheless, if a film receives an A+, your film is destined to have fantastic legs, even for today's movie-going audience. Yes, the highest multipliers come from an awards season push. But even the worst possible situation isn't something to slouch on. Even if you are the biggest opening of all time.
Other notable films include:
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
The Lion King
Finding Nemo
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
The Incredibles
The Passion of the Christ
Monsters, Inc.
American Sniper
Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Toy Story 2
The Fugitive
The Polar Express
The Blind Side
A Few Good Men
Hidden Figures
The Help
Lethal Weapon 2
Girls Trip
Remember the Titans
Love, Simon
Black Panther
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
Incredibles 2


Of every film that has reached this score, 193/402, or 48% have reached $100 million domestic with 303/402, or 76% having multipliers higher than 3x. The average multiplier stands at a 5.31.
Here's a chart of the best multipliers.
Movie Title Domestic Total Highest Weekend Multiplier Release Date Rating
Top Gun $179,800,601 $8,231,279 21.84 5/16/1986 PG
Ghost $217,631,306 $12,523,295 17.38 7/13/1990 PG-13
Platoon $138,530,565 $8,216,207 16.86 12/19/1986 R
Fatal Attraction $156,645,693 $9,347,602 16.76 9/18/1987 R
Children of a Lesser God $31,853,080 $2,038,900 15.62 10/3/1986 R
Sense and Sensibility $43,182,776 $2,907,705 14.85 12/15/1995 PG
Hannah and Her Sisters $40,084,041 $2,707,966 14.80 2/7/1986 PG-13
Pretty Woman $178,406,268 $12,471,670 14.30 3/23/1990 R
The Cider House Rules $57,545,092 $4,066,251 14.15 12/10/1999 PG-13
Big $114,968,774 $8,216,190 13.99 6/3/1988 PG
Now for the worst.
Movie Title Domestic Total Highest Weekend Multiplier Release Date Rating
A Monster Calls $3,740,823 $2,080,051 1.80 12/23/2016 PG-13
One Direction: This Is Us $28,873,374 $15,815,497 1.83 8/30/2013 PG
For Colored Girls $37,729,698 $19,497,324 1.94 11/5/2010 R
Glee: The 3D Concert Movie $11,862,398 $5,961,231 1.99 8/12/2011 PG
Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married Too? $60,095,852 $29,289,537 2.05 4/2/2010 PG-13
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 $292,324,737 $141,067,634 2.07 11/16/2012 PG-13
Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns $41,975,388 $20,082,809 2.09 3/21/2008 PG-13
Sparkle $125,095,601 $11,643,342 2.10 8/17/2012 PG-13
Tyler Perry's Madea's Family Reunion $63,257,940 $30,030,661 2.11 2/24/2006 PG-13
Power Rangers $85,364,450 $40,300,288 2.12 3/24/2017 PG-13
Average Multiplier with $50M+ Highest Weekend: 3.32
Average Multiplier with <$50M Highest Weekend: 5.85
We have chipped a little bit from the coveted A+ score, but it appears that getting an A is something to be praised for as the lowest multipliers feature films that are some of the most frontloaded films ever. Tyler Perry and concert films always have this issue and A Monster Calls had some of the worst marketing and theatrical releases I've seen.
Other notable films include:
Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Avengers: Infinity War
Jurassic World
Furious 7
Avengers: Age of Ultron
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2
Star Wars: The Last Jedi
Beauty and the Beast (2017)
The Fate of the Furious
Iron Man 3
Captain America: Civil War
Transformers: Dark of the Moon
The Dark Knight Rises
Toy Story 3
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
Jurassic Park
Finding Dory
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
The Dark Knight
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
The Jungle Book (2016)
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
Shrek 2
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Spider-Man: Homecoming
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
Guardians of the Galaxy
Inside Out
Wonder Woman
Independence Day
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
A Star is Born
Bohemian Rhapsody
Captain Marvel
How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World


Of every film that has reached this score, 209/655, or 32% have reached $100 million domestic with 458/655, or 70% having multipliers higher than 3x. The average multiplier stands at a 4.46.
Here's a chart of the best multipliers.
Movie Title Domestic Total Highest Weekend Multiplier Release Date Rating
The English Patient $78,676,425 $4,340,950 18.12 11/15/1996 R
Moonstruck $80,640,528 $5,069,508 15.91 12/18/1987 PG
The Full Monty $45,950,122 $3,022,096 15.20 8/15/1997 R
Chicago $170,687,518 $12,708,956 13.43 12/27/2002 PG-13
Ruthless People $71,624,879 $5,434,671 13.18 6/27/1986 R
Dirty Dancing $63,954,274 $4,889,239 13.08 8/21/1987 PG-13
The Last Emperor $43,984,230 $3,398,662 12.94 11/20/1987 PG-13
Three Men and a Baby $167,780,960 $13,123,622 12.78 11/25/1987 PG
L.A. Confidential $64,616,940 $5,211,198 12.40 9/19/1997 R
As Good as It Gets $148,478,011 $12,606,928 11.78 12/23/1997 PG-13
Now for the worst.
Movie Title Domestic Total Highest Weekend Multiplier Release Date Rating
All Eyez On Me $44,922,302 $26,435,354 1.70 6/16/2017 R
Endless Love $23,438,250 $13,307,125 1.76 2/14/2014 PG-13
On the Line $4,365,455 $2,307,063 1.89 10/26/2001 PG
About Last Night $48,637,684 $25,649,011 1.90 2/14/2014 R
Miss Sloane $3,500,605 $1,844,972 1.90 11/25/2016 R
Black Nativity $7,018,189 $3,669,530 1.91 11/27/2013 PG
Battle of the Year $8,888,355 $4,603,177 1.93 9/20/2013 PG-13
Kevin Hart's What Now? $23,591,043 $11,767,210 2.00 10/14/2016 R
Tyler Perry's The Single Moms Club $15,973,881 $8,075,111 1.98 3/14/2014 PG-13
Extraordinary Measures $12,068,313 $6,012,594 2.01 1/22/2010 PG
Average Multiplier with $50M+ Highest Weekend: 3.29
Average Multiplier with <$50M Highest Weekend: 4.59
Once again, the better end of this list features films that had an awards season push. Blockbusters have always done well with this score, but smaller films that had poor marketing unfortunately get the short end of the stick.
Other notable films include:
Transformers: Age of Extinction
Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest
Despicable Me 3
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace
Alice in Wonderland
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
The Secret Life of Pets
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith
The Amazing Spider-Man
Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol
The Sixth Sense
Man of Steel
Kung Fu Panda
Mamma Mia!
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
Ant-Man and the Wasp
The Grinch
Mary Poppins Returns
The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part
Alita: Battle Angel
John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum
Pokemon Detective Pikachu


Of every film that has reached this score, 130/638, or 20.4% have reached $100 million domestic with 383/638, or 60% having multipliers higher than 3x. The average multiplier stands at a 3.72.
Here's a chart of the best multipliers.
Movie Title Domestic Total Highest Weekend Multiplier Release Date Rating
Crocodile Dundee $174,803,506 $10,560,827 16.55 9/26/1986 PG-13
American Beauty $130,096,601 $9,505,313 13.69 9/15/1999 R
There's Something About Mary $176,484,651 $13,740,644 12.84 7/15/1998 R
O Brother, Where Art Thou? $45,512,588 $3,647,208 12.48 12/22/2000 PG-13
Dangerous Liaisons $34,670,720 $2,840,201 12.21 12/23/1988 R
Pulp Fiction $107,928,762 $9,311,882 11.59 10/14/1994 R
Bull Durham $50,888,729 $5,111,244 9.96 6/17/1988 R
The Aviator $102,610,330 $11,364,664 9.03 12/17/2004 PG-13
Baby Boom $26,712,476 $3,052,491 8.75 10/9/1987 PG
Fargo $24,611,975 $2,812,662 8.75 3/8/1996 R
Now for the worst.
Movie Title Domestic Total Highest Weekend Multiplier Release Date Rating
Jem and the Holograms $2,184,640 $1,375,320 1.59 10/23/2015 PG
Life Itself $4,102,648 $2,123,463 1.93 9/21/2018 R
Warcraft $47,365,290 $24,166,110 1.96 6/10/2016 PG-13
A Good Year $7,459,300 $3,721,526 2.00 11/10/2006 PG-13
Lords of Dogtown $11,273,517 $5,623,373 2.00 6/3/2005 PG-13
Chasing Liberty $12,195,626 $6,081,483 2.01 1/9/2004 PG-13
Super Troopers 2 $30,551,330 $15,181,624 2.01 4/20/2018 R
Every Day $6,102,076 $3,016,149 2.02 2/23/2018 PG-13
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 $281,287,133 $138,122,261 2.04 11/18/2011 PG-13
Antitrust $11,328,094 $5,486,209 2.06 1/12/2001 PG-13
Average Multiplier with $50M+ Highest Weekend: 2.95
Average Multiplier with <$50M Highest Weekend: 3.74
The better end of the list features all-time greats and the opposite end features rather interesting installments...
Overall, the B+ range isn't exactly something to celebrate. Your film is destined to perform fairly average for today's movie-going experience.
Other notable films include:
Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides
Spider-Man 3
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Shrek the Third
The Da Vinci Code
Suicide Squad
The Matrix Reloaded
The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Justice League
The Lost World: Jurassic Park
Transformers: The Last Knight
War of the Worlds
The Revenant
Kingsman: The Secret Service
Ocean's Eleven
Mad Max: Fury Road
Edge of Tomorrow
A Quiet Place
American Hustle
Godzilla: King of the Monsters
Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald
First Man
The Meg


Of every film that has reached this score, 69/524, or 13.1% have reached $100 million domestic with 262/524, or 49.8% having multipliers higher than 3x. The average multiplier stands at a 3.37.
Here's a chart of the best multipliers.
Movie Title Domestic Total Highest Weekend Multiplier Release Date Rating
Sideways $71,503,593 $6,347,364 11.27 10/22/2004 R
Waking Ned Devine $24,792,251 $2,214,290 11.20 11/20/1998 PG
Wall Street $43,848,069 $4,454,390 9.84 12/11/1987 R
Raising Arizona $22,847,564 $2,451,750 9.32 3/13/1987 PG-13
Beetlejuice $73,707,461 $8,030,897 9.18 4/1/1988 PG
The War of the Roses $86,888,546 $9,488,794 9.16 12/8/1989 R
Elizabeth $30,082,699 $3,391,187 8.87 11/6/1998 R
Down and Out in Beverly Hills $62,134,225 $7,023,743 8.85 1/31/1986 R
The Shipping News $11,434,216 $1,306,653 8.75 12/25/2001 R
Traffic $124,115,725 $15,517,549 8.00 12/27/2000 R
Now for the worst.
Movie Title Domestic Total Highest Weekend Multiplier Release Date Rating
Winter's Tale $12,600,231 $7,297,694 1.73 2/14/2014 PG-13
Max Steel $3,818,664 $2,182,216 1.75 10/14/2016 PG-13
ATL $21,170,563 $11,554,404 1.83 3/31/2006 PG-13
Promised Land $7,597,898 $4,049,911 1.88 12/28/2012 R
The Girl in the Spider's Web $14,841,338 $7,810,112 1.90 11/9/2018 R
Elektra $24,409,722 $12,804,793 1.91 1/14/2005 PG-13
Code Name: The Cleaner $8,135,024 $4,244,142 1.92 1/5/2007 PG-13
The Last Stand $12,050,299 $6,281,433 1.92 1/18/2013 R
Against the Ropes $5,884,190 $3,038,546 1.94 2/20/2004 PG-13
The Fifth Estate $3,255,008 $1,673,351 1.95 10/18/2013 R
Average Multiplier with $50M+ Highest Weekend: 2.75
Average Multiplier with <$50M Highest Weekend: 3.39
A step down, of course. As long as your film doesn't completely fucking suck and isn't directed by Zack Snyder, you should be fine.
Other notable films include:
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
I Am Legend
Mission: Impossible II
The Day After Tomorrow
Sherlock Holmes
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Clash of the Titans
The Mummy
Snow White and the Huntsman
Independence Day: Resurgence
Gone Girl
Deep Impact
Fantastic Four
The Devil Wears Prada
Resident Evil: The Final Chapter
The Truman Show
After Earth
District 9
21 Jump Street
Gangs of New York
Tropic Thunder
12 Monkeys


Of every film that has reached this score, 17/368, or 4.6% reached $100 million domestic with 125/368, or 33.96% having a multiplier higher than 3x. The average multiplier stands at a 3.01.
Here's a chart of the best multipliers.
Movie Title Domestic Total Highest Weekend Multiplier Release Date Rating
Blue Velvet $8,551,228 $789,409 10.83 9/19/1986 R
The Hours $41,675,994 $4,644,924 8.97 12/27/2002 PG-13
The Color of Money $52,293,982 $6,357,877 8.23 10/17/1986 R
Match Point $23,151,529 $2,935,733 7.89 12/28/2005 R
Colors $46,616,067 $6,524,536 7.14 4/15/1998 R
The Ring $129,128,133 $18,488,259 6.98 10/18/2002 PG-13
Married to the Mob $21,486,757 $3,231,056 6.65 8/19/1988 R
Stealing Beauty $4,722,310 $721,008 6.55 6/14/1996 R
Babel $34,302,837 $5,558,095 6.17 10/27/2006 R
Spaceballs $38,119,483 $6,613,837 5.76 6/26/1987 PG
Now for the worst.
Movie Title Domestic Total Highest Weekend Multiplier Release Date Rating
Friday the 13th $65,002,019 $40,570,365 1.60 2/13/2009 R
Glitter $4,274,407 $2,414,596 1.77 9/21/2001 PG-13
Doom $28,212,337 $15,488,870 1.82 10/21/2005 R
Punisher: War Zone $8,050,977 $4,271,451 1.88 12/5/2008 R
Sucker Punch $36,392,502 $19,058,199 1.91 3/25/2011 PG-13
A Haunted House 2 $17,329,486 $8,843,875 1.96 4/18/2014 R
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein $22,006,296 $11,212,889 1.96 11/4/1994 R
All the King's Men $7,221,458 $3,672,366 1.97 9/22/2006 PG-13
Vampire Academy $7,791,979 $3,921,742 1.99 2/7/2014 PG-13
Tyler Perry Presents Peeples $9,177,065 $4,611,534 1.99 5/10/2013 PG-13
Average Multiplier with $50M+ Highest Weekend: 2.70
Average Multiplier with <$50M Highest Weekend: 3.01
Interesting Academy Award favorites versus frontloaded garbage. This score comes down to the quality to determine a film's box office performance.
Other notable films include:
Quantum of Solace
The Mummy (2017)
Jurassic Park III
Ocean's Twelve
Planet of the Apes (2003)
Robin Hood
Resident Evil: Afterlife
Scary Movie
Godzilla (1998)
Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets
Jupiter Ascending
Miami Vice
Saw 3D
10 Cloverfield Lane
Fight Club
Lady in the Water
The First Purge
The Curse of La Llorona
Welcome to Marwen
Mortal Engines
X-Men: Dark Phoenix


Of every film that has reached this score, 13/218, or 5.96% have reached $100 million domestic with 59/218, or 27% having multipliers higher than 3x. The average multiplier stands at a 2.92.
Here's a chart of the best multipliers.
Movie Title Domestic Total Highest Weekend Multiplier Release Date Rating
Throw Momma From the Train $57,915,972 $7,318,878 7.91 12/11/1987 PG-13
The Money Pit $37,499,651 $5,344,555 7.02 3/28/1986 PG
The Talented Mr. Ripley $81,298,265 $12,738,237 6.38 12/25/1999 R
All the Pretty Horses $15,540,353 $2,477,053 6.27 12/25/2000 PG-13
Vice $47,836,282 $7,791,044 6.14 12/25/2018 R
Now for the worst.
Movie Title Domestic Total Highest Weekend Multiplier Release Date Rating
Collide $2,280,004 $1,512,824 1.51 2/24/2017 PG-13
Texas Chainsaw 3D $34,341,945 $21,744,470 1.58 1/4/2013 R
Bad Moon $1,055,525 $607,081 1.74 11/1/1996 R
Hardcore Henry $9,252,038 $5,107,604 1.81 4/8/2016 R
Mortdecai $7,696,134 $4,200,586 1.83 1/23/2015 R
Average Multiplier with $50M+ Highest Weekend: 2.26
Average Multiplier with <$50M Highest Weekend: 2.79
Underwhelming films with large budgets are mixed with interesting indie flicks, but nowadays, these multipliers do not impress.
Other notable films include:
Fifty Shades of Grey
Shutter Island
Batman and Robin
Wild Wild West
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
A.I. Artificial Intelligence
Bad Teacher
Paranormal Activity 3
Superhero Movie
Pet Semetary
The Predator
Life (2017)


Of every film that has reached this score, 4/127, or 3.15% have reached $100 million domestic with 28/127, or 22% having multipliers higher than 3x. The average multiplier stands at a 2.75.
Here's a chart of the best multipliers.
Movie Title Domestic Total Highest Weekend Multiplier Release Date Rating
The White Ribbon $2,222,862 $177,780 12.50 12/30/2009 R
Adaptation. $22,498,520 $2,636,924 8.53 12/6/2002 R
Flawless $1,200,234 $181,910 6.60 3/28/2008 PG-13
The Wolf of Wall Street $116,900,694 $18,361,578 6.37 12/25/2013 R
Boogie Nights $26,400,640 $4,681,934 5.64 10/10/1997 R
Now for the worst.
Movie Title Domestic Total Highest Weekend Multiplier Release Date Rating
The Bye Bye Man $22,395,806 $13,501,349 1.66 1/13/2017 PG-13
Harsh Times $3,337,931 $1,968,505 1.70 11/10/2006 R
Blood and Chocolate $3,526,847 $2,074,300 1.70 1/26/2007 PG-13
Replicas $4,046,429 $2,375,325 1.70 1/11/2019 PG-13
The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death $26,501,323 $15,027,415 1.76 1/2/2015 PG-13
Average Multiplier with $25M+ Highest Weekend: 2.32
Average Multiplier with <$25M Highest Weekend: 2.80
Other notable films include:
The Last Airbender
10,000 B.C.
The Village
Alien 3
The Beach
Saw V
Piranha 3D
Ouija: Origin of Evil
The Nun
Unfriended: Dark Web


Of every film that has reached this score, none have reached $100 million domestic with 12/81, or 14.8% having multipliers higher than 3x. The average multiplier stands at a 2.50.
Here's a chart of the best multipliers.
Movie Title Domestic Total Highest Weekend Multiplier Release Date Rating
The Royal Tenenbaums $52,364,010 $8,512,122 6.15 12/14/2001 R
How Do You Know $30,212,620 $7,484,696 4.04 12/17/2010 PG-13
Magnolia $22,455,976 $5,694,588 3.94 12/17/1999 R
Raising Cain $21,370,057 $6,203,825 3.44 8/7/1992 R
Mimic $25,480,490 $7,818,208 3.26 8/22/1997 R
Now for the worst.
Movie Title Domestic Total Highest Weekend Multiplier Release Date Rating
Undiscovered $1,069,318 $676,048 1.58 8/26/2005 PG-13
Stay $3,626,883 $2,188,199 1.66 10/21/2005 R
Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones $32,462,372 $18,343,611 1.77 1/3/2014 R
Formula 51 $5,204,007 $2,817,719 1.85 10/18/2002 R
The Warrior's Way $5,666,340 $3,048,665 1.86 12/3/2010 R
Average Multiplier with $25M+ Highest Weekend: 2.39
Average Multiplier with <$25M Highest Weekend: 2.50
Good luck reaching profitability with this.
Other notable films include:
The Day the Earth Stood Still
Fantastic Four (2015)
Epic Movie
Meet the Spartans
Scary Movie 5
Hail, Caesar!
The Witch
Freddy Got Fingered
The Happytime Murders
Hotel Artemis


Of every film that has reached this score, none have reached $100 million domestic with 7/34, or 21% having multipliers higher than 3x. The average multiplier stands at a 2.49.
Here's a chart of the best multipliers.
Movie Title Domestic Total Highest Weekend Multiplier Release Date Rating
Punch-Drunk Love $17,844,216 $4,003,535 4.46 10/11/2002 R
Closer $33,987,757 $7,707,972 4.41 12/3/2004 R
Holmes and Watson $30,568,743 $7,411,522 4.12 12/25/2018 PG-13
The Thirteenth Floor $11,916,661 $3,322,416 3.59 5/28/1999 R
Hereditary $44,069,456 $13,575,173 3.25 6/8/2018 R
Now for the worst.
Movie Title Domestic Total Highest Weekend Multiplier Release Date Rating
The Order $7,660,806 $4,438,899 1.73 9/5/2003 R
Primeval $10,597,734 $6,048,315 1.75 1/12/2007 R
Battlefield Earth $21,471,685 $11,548,898 1.86 5/12/2000 PG-13
Marci X $1,648,818 $872,950 1.89 8/22/2003 R
Devil's Due $15,821,461 $8,308,220 1.90 1/17/2014 R
Average Multiplier with $10M+ Highest Weekend: 2.38
Average Multiplier with <$50M Highest Weekend: 2.49
Other notable films include:
Babylon A.D.
Chernobyl Diaries
The Circle
Blair Witch


Of every film that has reached this score, one film reached $50 million domestic with 3/24, or 13% having multipliers higher than 3x. The average multiplier stands at a 2.44.
Here's a chart of the best multipliers.
Movie Title Domestic Total Highest Weekend Multiplier Release Date Rating
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou $24,020,403 $4,547,181 5.28 12/10/2004 R
The Pledge $19.733,089 $5,765,347 3.42 1/19/2001 R
American Psycho $15,070,285 $4,961,015 3.04 4/14/2000 R
Jeepers Creepers $37,904,175 $13,106,108 2.89 8/31/2001 R
Supernova $14,230,455 $5,778,639 2.46 1/14/2000 PG-13
Now for the worst.
Movie Title Domestic Total Highest Weekend Multiplier Release Date Rating
Movie 43 $8,840,453 $4,805,878 1.84 1/25/2013 R
The Big Bounce $6,489,476 $3,336,374 1.95 1/30/2004 PG-13
The Snowman $6,700,035 $3,372,565 1.99 10/20/2017 R
The Last Exorcism $41,034,350 $20,366,613 2.01 8/27/2010 PG-13
Apollo 18 $17,687,709 $8,704,271 2.03 9/2/2011 PG-13
Average Multiplier with $10M+ Highest Weekend: 2.29
Average Multiplier with <$10M Highest Weekend: 2.48
Other notable films include:
It Comes at Night
The Avengers (1998)
The Counselor
One Missed Call
The Happening


Only one film in history managed to reach $100 million domestic and have a multiplier higher than 3x. The average multiplier stands at a 2.50.
Here's a chart of every multiplier.
Movie Title Domestic Total Highest Weekend Multiplier Release Date Rating
Vanilla Sky $100,618,344 $25,015,518 4.02 12/14/2001 R
Summer of Sam $19,288,130 $5,952,452 3.24 7/2/1999 R
The Ninth Gate $18,661,336 $6,622,518 2.82 3/10/2000 R
The American $35,606,376 $13,177,790 2.70 9/1/2010 R
Slender Man $30,569,484 $11,371,866 2.69 8/10/2018 PG-13
The Astronaut's Wife $10,672,566 $4,027,003 2.65 8/27/1999 R
Eyes Wide Shut $55,691,208 $21,706,163 2.57 7/16/1999 R
Dark Water $25,473,352 $9,939,251 2.56 7/8/2005 PG-13
Suburbicon $5,775,178 $2,840,246 2.03 10/27/2017 R
Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 $26,437,094 $13,223,887 2.00 10/27/2000 R
Skyline $21,393,620 $11,692,415 1.83 11/12/2010 PG-13
Willard $6,886,089 $4,010,593 1.72 3/24/2003 PG-13
Gigli $6,087,542 $3,753,518 1.62 8/1/2003 R
The rarest score to get, statistically. With the exception of Vanilla Sky, every other film has either fared decently, or crashed and burned.


No film with this score has reached $100 million domestic with 2/19, or 11% having multipliers higher than 3x. The average multiplier stands at a 2.34.
Here's a chart of every multiplier.
Movie Title Domestic Total Highest Weekend Multiplier Release Date Rating
Darkness $22,163,442 $6,163,306 3.60 12/25/2004 PG-13
Wolf Creek $16,188,180 $4,908,206 3.30 12/25/2005 R
Eye of the Beholder $16,500,786 $5,959,447 2.77 1/28/2000 R
Dr. T and the Women $13,113,041 $5,012,867 2.62 10/13/2000 R
The Wicker Man $23,649,127 $9,610,204 2.46 9/1/2006 PG-13
Disaster Movie $14,190,901 $5,836,973 2.43 8/29/2008 PG-13
mother! $17,800,004 $7,534,673 2.36 9/15/2017 R
fear dot com $13,258,249 $5,710,128 2.32 8/30/2002 R
In the Cut 4,750,602 $2,063,361 2.30 10/22/2003 R
Solaris $14,973,382 $6,752,722 2.22 11/27/2002 PG-13
Lucky Numbers $10,042,516 $4,536,625 2.21 10/27/2000 R
Killing Them Softly $15,026,056 $6,812,900 2.21 11/30/2012 R
Bug $7,025,810 $3,245,556 2.16 5/25/2007 R
I Know Who Killed Me $7,498,716 $3,506,291 2.14 7/27/2007 R
Lost Souls $16,815,253 $7,954,766 2.11 10/13/2000 R
The Box $15,051,977 $7,571,417 1.99 11/6/2009 PG-13
Silent House $12,754,783 $6,661,234 1.91 3/9/2012 R
Alone in the Dark $5,178,569 $2,834,421 1.83 1/28/2005 R
The Devil Inside $53,261,944 $33,732,515 1.58 1/6/2012 R
Bottom line, if your film gets this score without that Christmas release date, you're absolutely fucked.
Check out my initial post!
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Arizona Grand Resort and Spa - Phoenix, AZ - YouTube

This is a video discussing the top nightlife things to do in Phoenix Arizona. Basically you have four main areas. Downtown Scottsdale, Downtown Phoenix, West... Subscribe to the channel Hilton Squaw Peak Resort - book ... What is the best hotel in Phoenix AZ ? check the ratings made by travelers themselves. of hotels in ... Here's a video of Bally Mustang at Desert Diamond Casino in Arizona. This is a casino run by the Tohono O'odham tribe. They have more than one location, but ... A look at the Arizona Grand Resort and Spa. All the rooms are suite style and we stayed in a Queen Suite. There are multiple pools at the resort, a golf cour... Casino Arizona is the Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona area's favorite gaming and entertainment destination. Whether you're stopping by for your favorite casino game or watching the latest sporting ...