New Epiphone USA Casino with P90s Now Available

Epiphone casino p90 pickups

Hey i'm a huge fan of the sound of the beatles mid 60s so I just bought this epi casino and it says it comes with AlNiCo V P-90 Single-coil ..can I replace them with Gibson p90 pickups for a better sound?
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Epiphone Casino with New Lindy Fralin P90 pickups.

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Epiphone Elitist Casino p90 Pickup Replacement [QUESTION]

Hey guys, I recently stumbled upon a basically new Epiphone Elitist Casino body/neck stripped of all of it's hardware for a really dumb low price of $300. I've always wanted one of these so I snatched it up. Not my first rebuild, won't be my last I'm sure.
The only part I am having difficulty deciding on/sourcing are the pickups. I have played both an Elitist and one of the LTD John Lennon 1965's and those Gibson USA P90's sounded very cool. I'm not looking for the most aggressive tone of all time, but I also want plenty of mid-range and umph (not necessarily vintage). I can't seem to find a source fo the Gibson USA P90's anywhere. Seems like what I want are the Lollar p90's. But read on...
Due to the metric Japanese measurements plus the Epiphone/ES 330's unique cavity and top curvature, nobody seems to sell a direct aftermarket drop in. There is only one pickup set I've found that is drops-in by Kent Armstrong. I can't find a single video or review of them anywhere. Not outrageous price ($120), but too much for the risk imho. I'd never even heard of them until I started looking so I'm apprehensive.
The pickups everyone raves about either the Seymore Duncan Antiquities ($230+ for a set) or the Lollar p90's that already have my attention ($230+ for a set). Surprisingly the GFS p90 pops up a lot as being pretty great, for only $70 for the set. p90's are easy and relatively cheap to adjust as you can swap magnets in seconds, so that GFS set is tempting as hell. However none of these are direct drop in replacements. They would require drilling new holes, or shims, or both. Which I am not totally against.
As a final third option, several people offer rewinding services on p90's. I could grab a cheap ass set of the china Epiphone imports for $30 direct, and then pay somebody to rewind them properly. Lollar charges $230 for that, so it's basically the cost of a new set that I could then drop-in. I've found another indie guy that will do it for $90, to Lollar's specs. I just don't know if it's a good idea to start from such a crappy base.
Anyone have any experience or guidance for me? Thank you!
Edit* him to them
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[QUESTION] The neck pickup (P90) in my Epiphone Casino is too quiet all of a sudden. Any ideas on what's wrong?

I was just playing before and realised that my neck pickup had become too quiet all of a sudden. What could be wrong? Also, a detailed walkthrough would help if a solution has been found.
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[QUESTION]What's a good sub $1k guitar with P-90's?

I'm feeling the 'new guitar I neither need nor can really afford but GAS is real' itch. I've been toying with getting a Squier CV Jazzmaster or an Epiphone LP Modern, but I realize those pickups kinda replicate what I already have (MiM Strat, Nashville Tele, Epiphone Sheraton Pro II). I keep thinking I should look into something with P90's in it. I know I can buy something and do a pickup swap, but I'm kinda curious what I can get off the rack, as it were. What am I missing in the sub-$1k range with P90's?
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[QUESTION] Can someone lay down the law on the new epiphone 'inspired by gibson' line? Anyone have one?

I'm in the market. Itchy feet. The new epiphone inspired by gibson line looks fantastic for the price. What is the actual difference in these products vs what they were pumping out 6+ months ago?

What i'm realizing is that most of the line up, whether that be LP, semi hollow, etc all have the same pickups, mostly same hardware, everything. To me it just seems about what style/shape you want. Am I wrong in this?

One caveat is that the new casino is p90, and the 335/339 are burstbucker style. I'm leaning towards one of these 3 as the first one I'll get. Really the casino vs 335. Anyone have one of these? I'm so torn as I can't play anything in person right now. Part of me says casino for 'beatles' and minimal vs 335, but the 335 will have less feedback, iconic style.

FYI I'll mostly be playing at home and through multi fx/headphones or into computer.

On acoustic side, I can't find any information on how the construction is for their j45/j200. Are the bodies scalloped? X Bracing? Again, how are they difference than what they were producing before?
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Epiphone p-90r & t magnets

I'm thinking of buying a new epiphone casino and I can't seem to figure out what magnets are in the current epiphone casino does anyone know of they are alnico or ceramic magnets in the dog ear p90 r pickups?
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[Gear] My three Matsumoku guitars with my Helix. Love me some wood grain!
These are my three main guitars, a 1981 "Austin", a 1979 Vantage VS650, and a 1974 Epiphone Casino

Guitar 1: My main guitar is the 1981 "Austin". Austin is in quotations because it's not actually an Austin. I went through their catalogs from the 70s, 80s, and 90s and couldn't find a match for this guitar, as well as the logo font not matching any of their other logo. That said, this is my favorite guitar. It originally had four knobs and just the pickup selector, but I did a few modifications. I actually got this because I wanted a backup for the Vantage, but I ended up falling in love with it, so it is now my main.
Guitar 2: The Vantage VS650 was my first Matsumoku guitar, and it was the first time I was truly happy with my sound. It has the same wiring as the "Austin", but the switches and knobs are in different places. Basically, it's the prototype for my perfect guitar.
Guitar 3: The Epiphone Casino was my most recent grab. I saw it posted for sale locally, and I immediately knew I needed to get it. A little backstory on it, Epiphone moved their production to the Matsumoku factory in the early 70s, and made some changes to their guitars. This is only a Casino by name. It has humbuckers as opposed to the classic Casino P90s, and the neck is bolt on. That said, this thing SINGS. The neck pickup is super warm and full of sustain. The bridge pickup isn't working properly, but I have yet to really dig into that problem. I'll get to it.
Helix: I have so much to say about the Helix, but I'm not gonna get super into that right now (feel free to ask questions about it though). I love it, it does everything I need, and it's super practical for me.
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Ibanez vs Epiphone (Hollow Body) [Question]

I am in the market for a hollow body. My budget is $800. I mainly play Rock, Blues, and Jazz. I have been looking at Ibanez and Epiphone mainly. If you readers would be so kind, could you tell me the pros and cons of each, or even recommend another brand I am missing. Thanks!
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[GEAR] Just picked up this beautifull modded Korean Epiphone Casino

This is my lovely Casino I picked up Pictures
The guitar has been modded as you can probably see . It has gibson pots, a black pickguard and black pickup covers. The knobs are aftermarket as well. The pickup selector is a Gibson USA selector. he also added Gibson usa nickel klusons tuners. The seller also included a gibson Memphis Gigbag. It is an Korean moddel with the best neck i've ever felt on a cheaper "ish" guitar. I also got it for a absolute steal. What do you guys think of it? Any upgrades I could do in the future?
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Looking to buy a semi-hollow body epiphone. Help me decide which one to get!

As the title says, I'm looking to buy an epiphone semi hollow body, as Gibsons are a bit out of my price range. I like the ES 335 and 339 models, but I'm really looking for something unique, like maybe a signature model. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. My budget is right about €700
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[GEAR] Its my Cakeday So here is my Favorite Guitar of my Collection, My ES 330

I'm really shameless in this one, but in my 6 years as a Redditor, I have never caught my cakeday until today.
Here is my absolute favorite guitar. It's my 2018 Gibson ES 330 VOS in Cherry. It's from a limited run of 100 guitars made in Memphis for 2018.
2018 was the first, and now, only year that Gibson Memphis made the ES 330 on the regular production line and they did a fantastic job. The VOS treatment includes a slight relic treatment that you can see in the photos of the hardware and aged binding and pickup covers and a thin lacquer coating that makes an incredibly resonant instrument. I'm already wearing through the lacquer in the back this gets played so much.
For those who don't know the ES 330 is Gibson's equivalent to an Epiphone casino. It has a 16th fret neck joint as opposed to a 19th fret like an ES 335 ( some later 60s models for a short time did have a 19 fret neck joint these are typically called ES 330L's), two p90 pick ups, and a complete hollow construction with no center block, thus the trapeze tail piece.
They are true rock machines through than through.
With no further ado, here is the gallery
2018 Gibson ES 330 VOS 1/100 limited Run
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[Question]Which electric guitar should I choose?

I've been learning guitar on acoustic for a while now and am ready to dive into electric after listening to a bunch of Beatles. I've found two guitars on Gumtree that are similar to what Lennon used. I have the budget for either one, but I'm curious which one you guys think is betteworth it.
Option 1: Epiphone Casino - P90 pickups, hardly used, never gigged, 3 years old. $605 USD
Option 2: 2018 Epiphone ES-339 PRO - semi hollow body, near new condition, only purchased a few months ago. $462 USD
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WTS/WTT: ($270 Shipped) Squier J Mascis Jazzmaster Loaded Body

Looking to trade or sell this. It's a loaded body from the J Mascis Squier, with two sweet P90 type pickups. It's near mint, with just minor scuffs here and there. Included with it are the Squier neck plate, Trem bar, and an unused Fender strap. Just add 4 neck screws, and a Jazz or Strat neck with a rounded heel. $270 Shipped. I can add a basic hardcase $60 (also accounting for the increased shipping cost).
Selling would probably be the best route but I'm open to a few things:
-Marshall Class 5 Amp, head preferred but I'm open to the combo too
-Peavey 6505 MH Mini
-Epiphone Valve Junior Head or Vox AC4 Head
-Gibsons: I would really love a Double Cut LP, but I'm open to the basic models for Les Paul's and SG's. I've never had a Gibson so I wanna give it a go.
-Epiphone Casino Coupes
Obviously the values of these trades vary a bit. I'm open to receiving or adding cash where needed. I would like to keep the sale to reverb, and for trades to either use Reverb or PayPal for safety reasons. I have a couple dozen trades on letstradepedals and only one Reverb feedback under 5-stars (dude didn't like how his pedal sounded lol).
I'm located in Columbia, Mo. I prefers to deal within the Midwest, but I'll ship anywhere in the lower 48.
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[Discussion] How did you choose which electric guitar to purchase? Out of my 6 or 7 choices I’ve no idea which one I should get. Help?

More and more I’ve been moving in a music direction where an electric guitar is important to what I’m going for. I have a 1985 Les Paul Studio Standard and it’s a great guitar, but it is too heavy in both senses of the word, when I play it standing up I get a back ache after awhile and there is no getting around the fact that humbuckers put out a sound that is too heavy for what I like to play now. I plan on selling the Les Paul as these seem to be going for somewhere between £1100 and £1600 and putting that toward a new instrument.
I’ve no idea what guitar I want though. I did some research on what guitars were used on the records that inspire me like Bowie’s Young Americans, Station to Station and Berlin Trilogy, Mahavishnu Orchestra’s Meeting of the Spirits, Fripp and Eno’s No Pussyfooting, Cluster and Eno, Brian Eno’s Another Green World, Discreet Music and Music for Airports, Robert Fripp’s Exposure and God Save the Queen, The White Album and Rubber Soul etc. and it seems that all of the popular guitars were used to make music that I love so that wasn’t much help. I went to the guitar shop and tried a Fender Telecaster, Stratocaster, Jazzmaster, a Rickenbacker 330 and 620, an Epiphone Casino, Gibson Les Paul Special and SG Special and all I was able to ascertain is that the Les Paul and SG still sound too heavy, even with P90 pickups, I liked the rest a lot and I can see how they all might do the job. Further, I plan on purchasing a used and broken in instrument over a new one and of course I did not have my amplifier with my valves and my reverb tank and my tape loops, so I could not know how each would sound when I play at home or with my band.
How did you choose your guitar? What advice would you give me when it comes to making a choice? I’ve never had this issue with my acoustic guitars, as soon as I could afford it there was never a question that I wanted anything other than a Gibson J-200.
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[Question] about Epiphone Casinos

I recently got an Epiphone Casino that is dated August, 2016. I was wondering if anybody has any specs on these? I saw that the new Casinos have the P90 pro pickups, when were these introduced? Also does anyone know anything about the electronics in these? My guitar sounds and plays great, I just want so more details on it. I’ve also send mixed reviews going both ways regarding Chinese vs Korean ones. What are the differences in Casinos over the years?
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[Gear] How do the P90s on an Epiphone Casino sound in comparison to single coils on a solid body guitar?

I really want a hollow bodied guitar, but I am definitely a person who prefers single coil pickups and I am finding that pretty much no fully hollow electric guitars have them, aside from some models of the Gibson ES-175 and Fender Coronados made between 1966 and 1972, both are way beyond my budget. The Epiphone Casino has P90s which are closer to traditional single coils than humbuckers so I suppose that’s my first choice, but my guitar store doesn’t stock any guitars with P90s so I have no way of trying them, so that’s why I am asking. I play country music, my amp is a Fender Champ with the bass rolled down to 1 or 2 depending on if I’m playing fast or slow and the treble up to 9.
So how does the Epiphone Casino sound for me?
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[GEAR] Epiphone Casino sounds bad, but I don’t want to sell it.

My Epiphone Casino sound really muddy and too bright at the same time. I’ve tried raising and lowering the pole pieces, raising and lowering the action, tried multiple different amps and it sounds bad through all of them. I have tried other casinos and they sound clear and not at all muddy. Any suggestions?
Update: I tested the resistance in my pickups and it was 12 in the neck and 11 in the bridge. I probably just need new pickups, but for the next few days I’ll be considering whether or not I want to go through all the trouble it takes to get pickups that fit the casino, or just sell it off and buy something else. Thank you so much for all your suggestions.
Update 2: I have decided not to sell it but to replace the electronics and pickups. I tested the pickups resistance and it’s a little hot which would explain the muddiness. I’m just not sure what pickups to go with. In doing research I found that virtually no pickups are going to fit my guitar right off the bat because casinos have a weird spacing. I really like the idea of Duncan antiquity p90s because every pick up I’ve ever loved has had alnico 2 magnets in them and these are some of the few with alnico 2’s. But then Lollar is intriguing because I can just send in my old pickups and he’ll rewind it. Last thing I’m curious about is how hard it would be to test my new pickups with plastic vs metal cover. I’m not sure which I want to go with. Any suggestions are appreciated.
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[WTS]Rare 96 Epiphone Casino Metallic Black Hollow Body Guitar

Pics Here!
Rare 96 Epiphone Casino Metallic Black Hollow Body Guitar. $850 + Shipping
Rare 1996 Epiphone Casino Metallic Black (MB) Sparkle Hollow Body Guitar MIK Peerless Korea P90's
Up for sale is my Epiphone Casino hollow body electric guitar with an incredibly rare and beautiful metallic black finish. I have not seen another Casino in this color! The metallic finish is subtle in darker lighting but really shines through in brighter settings. The second picture was taken at sunset outside to really show the sparkle finish.
The guitar was made in 1996 at the very reputable Peerless factory in Korea. This 22 year old Casino is in great condition and sounds fantastic! There are a few small surface scratches and a few tiny dings, but nothing too noticeable. The frets are in great shape with very little wear. It is fully stock and equipped with two P-90 pickups. The guitar also comes with an original fitted Epiphone hardshell case.
You will have a tough time finding another Casino in this finish and in this great of condition. Don't miss out on this rare guitar! This item is sold As-Described, would prefer local pick up, but willing to arrange shipping.
Pics Here!
Edit: I believe I'm allowed to post this Reverb link because I have other descriptive text/pics in the post, but if I'm wrong I'm happy to edit. Here's a Reverb link to the sale. It's marked a little higher on there because they take a cut--would obviously rather sell to a Redditor! I've got some decent karma on my Reddit account, so you can tell I'm not a new user or burner account.
Edit 2: Item is now SOLD. Thank you!
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[Question] about Epiphone Casinos

I recently got an Epiphone Casino that is dated August, 2016. I was wondering if anybody has any specs on these? I saw that the new Casinos have the P90 pro pickups, when were these introduced? Also does anyone know anything about the electronics in these? My guitar sounds and plays great, I just want so more details on it.
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[OC] Review: Epiphone Riviera Custom P93

Wine red looks with golden Hardware and a "Licensed" Bigsby, I will review my experience with what has been my most expensive guitar so far!
The Epiphone Riviera Custom P93:
->Right out the box
I bought mine from Amazon, (I know.) Amazon and musical instruments especially handled by FedEx is best described by Ace Ventura.
Had to get it to my luthier, fret buzz and truss rod adjustment but it's winter here in Canada so I won't be too shabby about it.
->Looks and design
Anytime I pull out my 12" of Fretboard Radius and Big fat Red Wine hollow body with what can be described as Gold Plated Ornament, the only reaction you can expect is an honest wow. And yeah, that Bigsby is there to compliment the guitar but it's what makes the Riviera a jewel amongst others!
Maple body with the usual Mohagony neck. Tune-o-Matic bridge, always a preference! For me at least.
After a week of owning it, it's my only child now, it used to be my Fender but when I look at it now it looks too simple, Epiphone turned me in a man of tastes and will now make me spend more money on a better guitar only if it looks good.
The fretboard is smooth as a babies butt, maybe the Frets are too high but it's to be considered later on if you're not comfortable with high frets, easy shave.
This hollow body isn't Arched so the sound isn't specific, I can play jazz, blues, country but I don't think about Heavy metal and Rock too much, my amp can remedy to that concern but I stick to what the guitar looks like.
Weight is to be considered because at 8.8 lbs, that thing is heavy, stand and it will hurt. Sit but find that perfect weight dispersion and you're good to go.
There are 3 P90s pickups and I enjoy playing with them and finding what suits me best every day and its smooth turns, you can turn off the middle pick up thought you can always put a switch instead of a nob! 4 nobs, one of which is the master.
Pickups are really in the way some times, you will scratch them a little or if you're fingerstyle jazz, you will hit them time to times!
I'm having honest fun with it, it's my only guitar at the moment, the other will take the time to learn how to sound good and I'll maybe reconsider them.
If I could I'd price up my choice but for what it can offer It's in my top 3 guitars that I've played in my life, honest recommendation and hours of fun with all the features it offers!
And anytime I play and close my eyes, I'm in a casino and I play a funky jazz line while Bobby and Jack fight over Jessica.
Thanks for reading! Have a nice one!
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[GEAR][QUESTION] Will p90 Dogear Pickup Covers work for Humbucker Sized p90's like the p94's?

I have an Epiphone Sheraton II (Pro 2016) that I am looking to put Seymour Duncan Phat Cats in (humbucker sized p90's), and I've just got to have dogear pickups for aesthetic reasons.
A similar example is Epiphone's Gary Clark Jr. Signature Casino, which has Gibson p94's in the body, with dogear covers.
Are the dogear covers in the GCJr Casino sized differently than typical p90 dogear covers?
1) If they are the same size: will they work as drop in replacements for the Probuckers in my Sheraton II?
2) If they are not the same size: where can I find humbucker sized dogear covers (not dogear pickup rings). Google searches return regular p90 covers.
Thanks in advance!
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2010 Epiphone Casino VS p90 - YouTube Epiphone Casino Pickups Upgrade - YouTube Epiphone Casino Coupe Lollar P90 Bigsby DEMO - YouTube Great Blues Tone With Epiphone Casino p90 and Blues Jr ... P90 NECK AND BRIDGE EPIPHONE CASINO - YouTube Epiphone casino with upgraded pickups

Now if you have the budget for a midrange guitar with P90 pickups, you may want to think about this Epiphone Casino. After all, this is the guitar that contributed greatly to the sound of the Beatles. This is the guitar that you can hear in every Beatles recording session. Today, the P90's traditional combination of high output and brilliant tone is still considered a favorite among many top musicians. Known by such familiar nicknames as the "Soapbar" and the "Cobalt," the P90 still cuts through any type of music, all while displaying amazing tonal sensitivity for everything from blues and rock to mellow jazz riffs. It's perfect as a vintage replacement, and ... Hello all, I was considering getting a Wolfetone Meaner P90 pickup for the bridge position, but I have never changed pickups on a Casino and I wanted to make sure it would fit/work. Any help is appreciated. Thanks! And for you sticklers to detail, the new Epiphone P-90 PRO™ pickups also have tin plated brass base plates like used on 50's and 60's era Gibson P-90 pickups. They might be different, but the common Epi P90 is a winner by itself. Last edited: Jan 6, 2019. BGood, Jan 6, 2019 #2. Brian16sg Active Member. Messages: 193 Likes Received: 125. Joined: May 26, 2018. They sound good to me though im ... Amongst them is a new Epiphone USA Casino hollow-body model featuring P90 pickups; we first heard of this model during Winter NAMM 2020. But that’s not all: images that have turned up on an Epiphone forum suggest that a whole batch of other models might be about to launch too. If the images and information are genuine, the new models will be made outside the USA and offered at substantially ... Finden Sie Top-Angebote für Chrome EPIPHONE CASINO p-90 Gitarre Bridge Pickup-p90 bei eBay. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel! Epiphone USA Casino Features: Back to the Origin. Epiphone has re-manufactured the Casino, at least this new model, in the US from around 50’s. This model is equipped with Gibson P90 pickups. Like all Gibson / Epiphone US made Hollow Bodies, the body has a three-ply maple / poplar / maple front, back and sides. I have an Epiphone Les Paul 1956 Goldtop Reissue equipped with P90 pups (this is a seriously nice player!). Ive done lots o searching on line but cant find an answer anywhere - are the Epiphone P90 pickups different than Gibson P90s? If so, is the price tag of Gibson P90s going to bring a much be... The P90 Dogear is one of the most problematic pickups to determine which size a guitar needs. They also can be difficult to install and adjust. They also can be difficult to install and adjust. Some guitars have the strings higher off the body than others, if the neck joint is like a traditional archtop with a fingerboard extension, the guitar will often take a tall Dogear (my stock item). Yesterday i bought an Epiphone Casino Inspired by John Lennon model, Serial Number: 11061500276. I took off both pickups and i noticed they didnt said any gibson usa p90t and p90r inscription, instead there is a label inscribed with epiphone USA EP90. Are they really Gibson USA P90 or somebody ch...

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2010 Epiphone Casino VS p90 - YouTube

High Quality Audio - Straight forward demo of Neck, Middle, and Bridge positions. Casinos are super versatile. No pedals or anything and you get a really ni... Epiphone Casino with Tyson Tone 53 Wraptail Low Wind Dogear P90 Pickups, Fender Bassman, 50s Style Wiring, Modtone Dirty Duo, Keeley Hooke, Sinasoid Slate Ca... This guitar is lovely and sounds great. I highly recommend this model if you're in the market for a hollowbody Epiphone. This one needed a bit of clean up an... Lindy Fralin P90 Noiseless Pickups Review On An Epiphone Casino Turquoise - Duration: 10 ... Great Blues Tone With Epiphone Casino p90 and Blues Jr Demo - Duration: 1:07. JamesF 50,043 views. 1:07 ... The sound of a P90 as played in the neck and bridge position of an Epiphone Casino. Subscribe to hear more pickups as uploaded. Straight into a Fender Pro Junior.