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Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries postpones all Club Regent Event Centre shows taking place in the next month, table games suspended at both McPhillips Street Station & Club Regent Casino

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THE CULT - Club Regent Casino | Event Centre July 15th 8:00 pm

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The Castle of Cagliostro, and how creator Miyazaki explicitly, plainly, and demonstrably exposes the Rothschilds control over the world in this film. This is a big compendium post demonstrating not only a full expose on Rothschilds, but a brief history of Freemasonry as well, through Miyazakis eye.

In 1979, Hayao Miyazaki had just completed his first animated motion picture, The Castle Of Cagliostro. Known for having created much of the original series "Lupin the 3rd," the future genius of Studio Ghibli created, in what my opinion is the greatest work of animation in film history.
The Castle of Cagliostro follows protagonist Arsene Lupin the 3rd, and his prototypical mischief of thievery. The scene opens, and Lupin and sidekick Jigen have just escaped with billions of dollars from a massive casino. Upon further inspection of their newly stolen cash, Lupin is able to discern these bills as counterfeit. (1. This is the first instance, and I will return to this later.)
Lupin sends the counterfeit bills flying into the air, and his next journey is decided. To find and eliminate the source of the Counterfeit dollars.
His journey takes him to a tiny country somewhere in Europe, called Cagliostro. In this land, it is ruled by a form of monarchy, however the grand duke and his family have died, leaving control of Cagliostro under the hand of Count Lazare(2) Di'Cagliostro.
Count Cagliostro is the Lord regent, and a tyrannical tyrant in possession of advanced technologies, and seemingly endless supply of cash. His goal is to preform a ritualistic wedding ceremony to the sole survivor of the Grand Dukes branch of their family, Clarisse Di'Cagliostro. The goal of the Count, is to attain the secret treasure of the Cagliostro Family which can only be done by joining the two rings of the two branches of the Cagliostro Family together. There is no explanation as to how the ritual wedding will tell Cagliostro the secret of the Cagliostro Treasure, however I will explain that further down, as Miyazaki has not left us clueless.(3)
Lupin knows all of this mentioned above, and later explains to Inspector Zenigatta that the Cagliostro Family has ruled the world for the past 400 years through a system of counterfeit dollars. They used these dollars and instigated the French Revolution and the troubles of the Bourbon dynasty, they funded the civil war, WW1&2 and all other major conflicts, and even the stock market panic of 1927. Zenigatta attempts to inform the heads of state, only to find that they are all beholden to Cagliostro, and they do business with him regularly. They even state how the russians were buying counterfeit dollars, while the CIA bought counterfeit Russian dollars.
Upon learning this, Zanigatta teams up with Lupin to stop the Ritual. Once the ritual has commenced, we see hordes of wealthy people, fenced in a room by multiple men clothed in black KKK esq robes, carrying the cross blade of the templar knight, under the statue of a Rams Head. The rams head is the centerpeice, and a common occurrence around the count of cagliostro. We find Clarisse in a white dress, wearing a blue sash, as her wedding dress. The count wears a Rams head helmet, and a dark cloak. The day is saved when Lupin and crew stop the wedding, naturally.
Upon finding the location of the treasure, the Castle of Cagliostro is destroyed, Count Lazare has been literally crushed by the hands of time (clock tower hands crushed him), and the ruins of ancient Rome are revealed as the treasure.
I'm sure those reading may catch my gist by now, but I'm nowhere near ready to bake your noodle yet.
Now, in the American release English version of the film, the above story is exactly as I've told it.
However, this movie is different depending on the language chosen, and the release location. In my personal DVD copies of this film, the dollars are known as "Goat Bills". The Netflix version removed this from the film, as well as a horde of other information.
In fact, All of the information removed from the new US English dub, is all information that would lead to a Rothschild conclusion.
In the original Dub, the Count claims to be descended from a great family known as "the Goths". In real history, the Goths were the group of illegal immigrants who's immigration patterns and inability to assimilate culturally brought about the destruction of Rome, however I do not know for certain if a link exists there, and it is more likely that the name is simply a different way of saying "the Roth". I simply found the correlation interesting considering the contents of the Cagliostro treasure being Roman ruins.
There is much background and description of the family that has been removed from the original film, however that still isn't a perfect explanation for my certainty of this films contents.
What we have so far: Family, controlled the world goverments for at least 400 years, is bloodline concerned, controlled all world events and wars for the past 400 years, and lives in a tiny country where the Head organization of the Banking world is placed. In this country, the family controls the policing forces, by control of the royal guard, which allows them to remain undetected by authorities. This count is heavily involved In Magic, likely dark magic, but specifically Egyptian magic, which I will demomstrate. Not only that, but this family has access to advanced technologies, and in the Japanese translation, the count is accused of being a pedophile.
I just gave a perfect summary of both the typical depiction of Rothschilds; the family that controls Switzerland, the country where the IMF (International Monetary Fund) is, who are controlled by the Swiss guard, which is the guard who even protects the Vatican, who has been accused of practicing magic rituals among a satanic elite, where pedophilia and vice are prominent. The Rothschild are almost always accused of all of the things the count partakes in. The film even calls them "Goths", I'm not sure how much more obvious it could be, but don't worry, I'll make it even more interesting.
THE REAL Count Allessandro De Cagliostro was a real man, a supposed sorcerer, the founder of the Egyptian Rite in Freemasonry, accused of being in the real illuminati from the 1700s, and a good friend to many kings and queens and cardinals. Many kings and queens would attest to his magic, and he is even recorded as having predicted the death of the queen of Austria 5 days before it happened, and 3 countries away. Not much is known of him, as all of his writings were taken and burned by the church, however we have testament and recording from these kings and queens who had the sorcerer in their court.
It was sometime shortly before the French Revolution that the Cardinal De Rohan invited Cagliostro into his home.
Cagliostro had approached the Cardinal one day with a diamond as large as his fist, and told him that he had created this diamond of his own accord. This claim is of no surprise, as during that time the pursuit of the philosophers stone was the most important pursuit of the day(it still may be), however it seemed to the Cardinal De Rohan that Cagliostro had finally found it. Not long after, Cagliostro had a chemistry lab set up in the Cardinals castle, yet his expiriements are unknown. (Counterfeiting money?)
I am unsure of what crimes he committed, but years later he was banished from France, and went to England where he was inducted into freemason lodge 367, who would meet at the Kings Head tavern("at worlds end" fans out here?). Masons at the time were heavily influenced and involved in ritualistic magic resembling the magic of the book, Key of Solomon, as well as Cagliostro himself, so he took to the group easily. It was here that he began trying to teach to doctrines of the Egyptian faith to the freemasons, and how they needed to incorporate the Egyptian faith as he believed therein lied the one true religion, a crossover of the Cabala and Egypt's religion.
This is where the Egyptian influences of Masonry come in, as Cagliostro was extremely successful and spent the next several decades of his life travelling across Europe, and creating his Egyptian Lodges, until his supposed death or imprisonment under the Catholic Inquisition.
It is not known how Cagliostro died, as there is no record of his death, and he was moved from his first prison to San Leon and was never heard from again, and his texts and works were all taken with him.
It may be hard to find this information for some, as History took the side of the Inquisition, and naturally subsequent lies were produced by the Inquisition historian. Masonic orators kept this knowledge, and it can be found in the writings of honorable Henry Ridgely Evans 33°, in his short bio "Cagliostro and his Egyptian Rite of Freemasonry" 1919. There are several more sources, but they are all quoted and assimilated in HREs book, so there is no need to find them.
In this book, is a description of the spells and rituals Cagliostro practiced, and this brings us full circle back to the film.
This film depicts the Marriage Ritual with incredible accuracy to the original scrying rituals of Allessandro Cagliostro. I will try to post images in the comments or edit, to show the similarities.
Cagliostro was the first person to perform the common "Crystal ball" magic as we know it today.
He would take a young child of innocence and virginity, dress them in a white dress with a blue sash, and have them undergo 9 days of experiencing no feeling or indulgence (things that you do to feel happy, like drinking, drugs, cigarettes, unessential food, sex, etc.). This was done by locking them in a room, with very specific environment.
Always the room must contain the image of a pyramid, while the rest may depend on the desired ritual effect, consistently there must be a single light source in the centre of the room which must be round and secluded. Oftentimes images of a constellation are acceptable, an interesting requirement was that there must be an image of death, with an hourglass on his forehead, to symbolize time.
While the girl would be clothes in white dress with blue sash, the performer of the ritual, in this case Cagliostro, would dress in a dark hooded robe with many frivolent elements. Those onlooking must also wear this robe, and there was always the sword with a cross as it's blade in the ritual.
Every last element of this ritual is present in this film. All of it. I'm not exactly certain as to what ritual exactly they were performing, but it is certainly of the same origin. I wouldn't even be surprised if the intended ritual of the film was so that Clarisse would be able to look into the crystal ball and see the location of the treasure of Cagliostros Castle. It would make absolute perfect sense.
Lastly, the object of my current interest, has to do with the Philosophers Stone. Upon reading of Cagliostro, and old texts of the Masons, I've found that the Stone takes a much larger place in history than I realized. You may know the image of the philosophers stone, as it takes form as the logo of the deathly Hallows in Harry potter, or the logo of the four stones in The fifth Element (which btw the 5th Element is the philosophers stone. There were 4 base elements according to solomnic magic, and one last element created by God to be the perfect element to create the perfect being, ie Leeloo)
If one studies old Masonic texts, one will see that the masons goals were entirely the pursuit of the Stone, as they believed it was the fifth element to make them immortal or to do anything as they please. This was also Cagliostros goal, if one studies the accounts given by his disciples of the Egyptian Rite. Everything, up until maybe 1900, was in pursuit of the Stone. All world religions, governments, and royalty, sought after it and absolutely believing in its existence.
Lazare Di'Cagliostro
His name is French/Italian for Lazarus Of Cagliostro. Lazarus, the story of returning from the dead into youth eternal, Cagliostro, the man who supposedly found the Stone.
There is so much to be learned from Miyazaki and his works, and one would likely gain much if they comprehended all the things he is telling us In his films. If you've made it this far, thank you. This was not easy to type, and I appreciate your patients. I have been sitting on this theory for some time, and I can go much further if necessary, but here is my stopping point. I don't know how to end these thi
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Fictional Winnipeg Metro

Fictional Winnipeg Metro
Winnipeg has over 700,000 unlucky people living within it's limits. For a city of it's size, it surprisingly lacks a decent mass transit system. Sure, BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) is a start, but it's too little, too late. Much of the roads in Winnipeg are simply too small to handle more buses, and there just isn't the space to build dedicated bus lanes in much of the city. I think a metro system would be the best was to go. This is obviously however quite unrealistic as our city definitely couldn't afford, deal with, or complete the project within budget. If this were to go through, the system would face constant flooding, heating/air conditioning issues, and heavy opposition. I've seen a few of these maps around and decided to weigh in my opinion. Hope you like it.
Here's a line overview: Central Line: This route is the longest of the four with 26 stations. The line starts at the Club Regent Casino vaguely following Nairn at Cut 'n Cover level to St Boniface where it crosses the Red River under that Restaurant Bridge Which No One Knows the Name Of. Here, the line turns to a deep level system connecting to Union Station. The line then connects City Place, Colony (Portage Place/U of W) and Vimy Ridge Park before returning to Cut 'n Cover level. At Polo Park, the route splits. Alternating trains could take passengers either to the Airport via St. James, or UniCity following the Portage. The Downs station would only be used on special event days such as the Red River Ex.
The River Line:
This route follows the Red River from the U of M to Kildonan Park. It runs at Cut 'n Cover level along University Crescent and Pembina. Windermere would serve as a major hub in the area with connections to the Tuxedo LRT (TRT), and BRT. Another major hub would be at Osborne Junction where you could again transfer to BRT and TRT. Here it would turn deep level, and remain this way until Kildonan. City Place would connect passengers to the Central Line and Winnipeg Square would get people on the Northern Line. A station here would help re-vitalize the Square and Portage & Main. The rest follows Main Street until reaching the Park. This line could easily be extended North to what-ever's up there, and South to St. Norbert.
Northern Line: This route starts at Garden City Centre running at Cut 'n Cover along McPhillips until the Casino. Here it descends to a deep level system and serves HSC, Centennial, and Winnipeg Square. The line could easily be expanded South to a very under-served St Vital.
Tuxedo LRT: This would be a a Light Rail system originating in the new Seasons of Tuxedo, following the current train line and BRT to Union. More than likely, to minimize costs, the current BRT or rail line would be converted to a LRT system as much of the infrastructure is already in place.
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Sydney This Weekend(17th & 18th)

Outside shit
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Casinos of Winnipeg - YouTube Club Regent Casino and Event Centre Ultimate Escape At Club Regent Event Centre June 2 - YouTube Club Regent Casino & Event Centre - YouTube Snohomish Event Center Video Tour Epic Night #1 - Club Regent Casino & Event Centre - YouTube Club Regent Event Centre - YouTube Club Regent Event Centre Video - YouTube Club Regent Casino seating to flat floor automation

Club Regent Casino Showroom and Event Center. On May 19th and 20th this year, the Regent Casino Showroom and Event Center opened its doors to two sold out performances of the Grammy Award winners Huey Lewis and The News. This beautiful Multipurpose Gala Venue system designed by Number Ten Architects in close collaboration with the Team at the Manitoba Lotteries Corporation (MLC) and Gala ... * Plus taxes and fees. Club Regent Event Centre accepts no liability for tickets purchased via the secondary ticketing market. Guests are strongly recommended to only purchase from the Club Regent or McPhillips Station Casino Box Offices, or Ticketmaster. ** Accessible seats are available for all shows set up on Ticketmaster. To purchase ... Club Regent Casino Event Centre, poker revenue, trinity gambling for high stakes imdb, promo codes for reel deal slots. Macedonia. Prize pool: 1st deposit PLUS 10 Free Spins every day for 20 straight days!! 75% 2nd Deposit, 50% Third deposit AND a 50% Fourth Deposit bonus. Hungary. Gamble Responsibly BeGambleAware.org-775. 30x. 100%. 620 * T&C. Dream Vegas Casino - Welcome Bonus 25x. 2. 10 ... Das wichtigste Kriterium, um die Seriosität eines Casinos festzustellen, ist die vorhandene Glücksspiellizenz. Für die beiden letzten Punkte muss Kontakt mit dem Support aufgenommen werden. Dadurch wird den Spielern viel Sicherheit beim Spielen geboten und dem Casino selbst verleiht dies eine Menge Seriosität. Club Regent Casino Builds ‘The Event Centre’ Concert Hall In Winnipeg News September 5, 2013 by Cliff Ritter. Club Regent Casino, one of two government owned casinos in Winnipeg, is building a new concert hall that will be the largest concert-specific facility in Manitoba. The concert hall is proving divisive in the community as some businesses recognize the merit behind the facility ... Club Regent Event Centre accepts no liability for tickets purchased via the secondary ticketing market. Guests are strongly recommended to only purchase from the Club Regent or McPhillips Station Casino Box Offices, or Ticketmaster. In fact, players can join craps games with online casinos using only two bets and a basic knowledge Regent Casino Event Centre Seating Chart of craps rules! Best for Small Bankrolls Jade Wins. 98.66%. Live Baccarat 1,400. 18,739,700. Join now Login. Banking options (2) Mystic Wolf ... Club Regent Casino: EVENT CENTER BUFFET & ELVIS SHOW - See 219 traveler reviews, 3 candid photos, and great deals for Winnipeg, Canada, at Tripadvisor. Club Regent Casino: Show at Event Center - See 219 traveler reviews, 3 candid photos, and great deals for Winnipeg, Canada, at Tripadvisor. Club Regent Casino Event Centre Theme Suites Kids Theme Rooms CanadVantage Rewards Program About Canadvantage Rewards Login To Your Account Check Your Balance Online Create a Canadvantage Account Redemption Offers Membership Offers CanadVantage Corporate Rewards Terms and Conditions Canad Inns Gift Cards About Canad Inns Gift Cards Purchase Gift Cards Reload Your Card Reservation Policies Play ...

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Casinos of Winnipeg - YouTube

Epic Night #3 - Club Regent Casino & Event Centre - Duration: 32 seconds. 140,574 views; 1 year ago; 0:56. Play The Field - Duration: 56 seconds. 266 views; 1 year ago; 1:15. Club Regent Event ... Check out the newly renovated Club Regent Event Centre, including the lobby and bar, the 1400-seat auditorium, and back stage. At Club Regent Event Centre June 2. Ultimate Escape has performed for thousands of fans at fairs, festivals, theatres and Casinos, and has always left audien... Get ready for an epic night! a number TEN project video http://www.numberten.com/ The Club Regent Event Centre is the place to plan your next event. http://www.clubregent.com/eventcentre Club Regent Casino and Event Centre. Club Regent Casino and Event Centre. Skip navigation Sign in. Search. Loading... Close. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue. Remove ... Club Regent Casino & Event Centre - Duration: 1:32. Number TEN Architectural Group Recommended for you. 1:32. Small Event Venue Houston TX - Duration: 2:13. DanceSport Club 1,840 views. 2:13 . How ... Watch as the rows lower to the same level and the seats flip under the floor. As an alternative to the casino you could try and make your fortune in the stock market. Here are three of my ... The new Club Regent Event Centre is easily transformed into a variety of seating and floor configurations through the incorporation of innovative spiral lift...